Chapter 59: Guards and negotiator

Lord Balk chose two particularly large men from the Royal Guard, and brought along three men.
There were two guards and one negotiator.

The two guards were a middle-aged man with three white eyes and scars on his face and body, and a friendly man with brown hair and a scar on his cheek.
The one negotiator was a man with black hair, white skin, and wearing a long coat with a fastener like an unknown ethnic costume.
He wore glasses and had his hair neatly tied up and hanging down.

“The eldest is Gordon, John is the one who is a bit nervous, and Hillian, who I raised in the General Affairs Department, is the negotiator.
He is originally from a foreign country and speaks Dragnate Kingdom language.”

The Dragnate Kingdom is geographically not under any country, but because of trade, both Faithnum Empire language and Baratonia Kingdom language are understood, but it has its own language.
I can listen and speak a little bit, but Hillian, who was introduced as the young man, is linguistically talented, as Lord Balk chose him.

“Gordon, John, take care of the guard.
Hillian, I’m not good at negotiations.
Can I leave it to you?”



In response to the enthusiastic reply from the two guards, Hillian looked at me with a cold gaze.

It was a look that indicated I was being looked down upon or being judged.
I could tell from his attitude.

“…I will do my best.”

His voice did not sound like he was putting in much effort at all.

Perhaps he is angry that Lord Balk has been removed from the project I entrusted to him.
Perhaps he’s upset about having the country’s budget moved for a honeymoon trip for a little girl like me, or dragging and using a capable person like Lord Balk.
It seems like he has a crush on Lord Balk.

I am used to being looked down upon, but it’s Hillian’s thinking that it’s time for a change.

Ignoring his disgust for me, I urged him to go to the carriage and said, “Well, let’s go.”

He had a little bit of a sulky face.
Lord Balk seemed to understand and was suppressing his laughter behind Hillian.
I’ll scold him about the progress of the work when I get back… no, he’ll probably come up without me saying anything.

The guards followed us full of enthusiasm and rode their horses alongside the carriage.
In the carriage, there was me, Hillian, Gwenna and Melissa.
Gwenna was next to me, Hillian was across from me, and Melissa was next to him.

“If you don’t want to be reported to Lord Balk for not delivering results by slacking off, I suggest you start working.”

Gwenna and Melissa probably didn’t understand what I said, but Hillian was the only one who stared at me with wide-open eyes.

It was easy to guess from Hillian’s attire that he was from Sinn Fe, a subsidiary of the Faithnum Empire, his birthplace.
He seemed to have forgotten that I was once the second princess of the empire.

…I heard later that what surprised Hillian was the fact that the second princess could speak a foreign language.

The carriage started moving smoothly, and the inside remained silent as the two-day buying trip began.

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