Chapter 60: Habitual Customers and Habitual Merchants

“Well, I am very sorry that you had to come all the way here today.
We are afraid to send them out of the country because of the quality of the goods… We collect only the finest.”

As usual, I can’t read the face of someone who is a merchant.
They seem to be very cheerful and we are welcomed into a luxurious reception room, but the chairman of the Chamber of Commerce in the Dragnate Kingdom, who is sitting far away from us, is on the other side of a long desk.

Hillian doesn’t seem to want to say anything at the moment.
That’s right, in this kind of situation, the representative, that is me, should do the greeting.

“Thank you for your kindness in accommodating me, I am truly grateful.
I believe that the quality of gems and gold and silver in the Dragnate Kingdom is impeccable, and I came here to have the best artworks made in Seanapse.
Of course, it is natural for me to come since we are dealing with top-notch products.”

After a brief bow and greeting, a maid brought tea.
Melissa and Gwenna in the reception room should also be entertained.

What came out was tea that seemed to be a mixture of green tea and black tea divided in two.
It was fermented without grinding the tea leaves, and had a strange color that could be described as brown or green.

Now I know.
I am not taken seriously at all.

This is tea from the Sinn Fe Kingdom.
There are also confectioneries such as mooncakes that go well with the tea.
The reason for the tea cup without a handle is because the tea from the Sinn Fe Kingdom is not brewed with hot water.

Maybe it was a feeling of wanting to surprise and delight with an unusual tea and confectionery, but the timing of the tea being served was late.
In other words, Hillian seems to be the one who is welcoming today as a business partner.
I am considered a young girl who doesn’t even know the value of things.

I had forgotten because the Baratonia Kingdom was too comfortable, but originally, trade and contracts are indeed the work of men.

Not only the occupation, but also the knowledge that should be acquired is different.
So I interpreted that the following message is contained in this tea.

‘Stay out of it, you little girl.’

“Oh, mooncakes with Sinn Fe tea? You have something rare… I guess it was purchased two years ago from the scent.
It is well preserved because it is not stale.
The mooncake is also very famous as a local confectionery, I wonder if it has a familiar sweetness for Hillian?”

“No, Baratonia Kingdom trades with the Faithnum Empire, so these delicacies often come in, Your Royal Highness.”

“Yes, then today you can relax and choose your treats.
I also often drank green tea in the Faithnum Empire, so I feel very at ease with the long-awaited aroma and taste.”

I want to praise Hillian who kept a straight face in this exchange, but it was probably the Chamber of Commerce President who had a black-and-white gaze.

I may be a bride offered from the Faithnum Empire, but I may have failed in my education as a lady, but I am proud of my knowledge, curiosity, and memory that stand out.
Although it was very helpful in the Baratonia Kingdom, after all, being looked down upon in a foreign country is still a thing.

My skillful use of chopsticks to bring the filling under the thin clothes without spilling it to my mouth, and the way I drink Sinn Fe tea, no matter how much of a failure my education as a lady may be, shows that I am used to it.

As for Hillian, it goes without saying.
Although he follows the order of eating after I touch the food, he is grateful for being able to taste the flavors of his hometown for free because of being laughed at by me.
I seem to see a smile on his lips.

The Chamber of Commerce chairman of Dragnate may have wanted to see how much we know about things.
As a manner, it is the way of Sinn Fe to take a sip of tea and sweets with your mouth.
However, if there is a paper called fukusa under the mooncake, only drink tea and take the sweets home.

It seems that this time the response was good.
The chairman of Dragnate, whose expression changed, leaned forward and changed his expression.

“… I’m very sorry.
I apologize from the bottom of my heart for making a move that tested the customer.
Again, I am Randy Bogwarts, who is in charge of all the chambers of commerce in the Dragnate Kingdom, and I hold the Marquis position.
It’s true that I have good manners.
Shall I proceed with the delivery right away, or would you like to enjoy some tea first?”

In other words, they are saying that they have prepared a product that is so good that it should not be placed on the same table as food.

“Since you went through the trouble of getting it for me, I’ll eat it after.
My name is Claire.
Next to me is Hillian, the negotiator.
Nice to meet you, Lord Bogwarts.”

I smiled and replied.

The grip seemed to be okay.
Anyway, I moved the chopsticks to eat the mooncake that was filling my stomach.

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