In the strictly utilitarian society of the Faithnum Empire, Sinn Fe is a nation where people alter their lifestyle through interaction with nature.

It must have been quite dull.
The oppression was enforced through the power that allowed one to do whatever they liked in areas that were not related to the ruler, without any consideration or respect.

Though no one has actually denied it, you cannot bring yourself to feel any positive emotions towards the parent who would say such a thing to the daughter.
And now, to add to that, his respected boss is working happily with the daughter and has even been approached to discuss religion.

“I apologize, Hillian.
No, I didn’t seek your aid because of my status as the crown princess.
This is not a command, I simply wanted to know out of personal curiosity.
I don’t hold fondness for my father or the Faithnum Empire… nor am I particularly good at them in that regard.”

Although I couldn’t mention that “I was nearly killed by them”, my face displayed a lonely smile.

Hillian was momentarily speechless, then paused to think before speaking.

“I understand… but what I am about to say is just a monologue.
Please don’t respond.”

As I wondered if I should acknowledge, Hillian continued.

“Your honeymoon will be tumultuous.
Surprisingly, it will be based on a different faith, a different branch with roots similar to your homeland, seeking you out… I understand it sounds unfavorable, but please keep it in mind… I will not delve deeper into my religion.”

With the utmost bow, Hillian joined the sleeves of his homeland’s attire and respectfully said “Please”.

I recited every word of his monologue flawlessly, and after respectfully bowing before the door, I departed from Hillian’s place.

This was the result of his best effort to compromise, his generosity, and his personal consideration towards me.
I had no choice but to accept and depart.

However, the situation felt ominous.
It was like a form of prophecy, but if natural elements, such as time and space, could be involved, then it was possible.

Yes, in the holy scriptures of the Four Gods religion, it was referred to as “divination”.

It was limited to making predictions.
I needed to conduct some research about the honeymoon destination that Auglia-sama and I would be embarking on.

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