“Thank you for coming! Let us raise a glass to Lady Claire’s marriage into our country!”

When I sat down at the seat of honor in the banquet hall, people had already gathered.
Most of the dignitaries are gathered today and are sitting next to His Majesty and the Queen, along with His Highness Aglia.

I realized I hadn’t properly greeted the king and queen, so I attempted to rise to do so, but was stopped.
I was told that because it was an informal gathering, I could remain seated.

“I am honored to make your acquaintance, Your Majesties.
Please accept my apologies for failing to greet you yesterday.
My name is Claire, the Second Princess of the Fatenam Empire and the bride-to-be… Um, please excuse my ignorance, but may I inquire as to why you are so welcoming?”

I guess everyone knew it was an informal party, but everyone was raising their glasses.
“Cheers to Crown Princess Claire!” was said here and there throughout the seating area.
I’ve lost track of the number of toasts being made.

“Very well, but really, we’re delighted to have you here, Lady Claire.
As you may be aware, our country has gained independence, but we are still lacking in reconstruction and future development… And in order to do so, we need knowledge.
I believe you’ve heard from Aglia that there are spies in our country, my lady, and you were frequently mentioned in the information we obtained.
In our country, you are called… A person with overflowing knowledge.”

“I see…”

Because there are no books here, development is limited to the craftsmen’s techniques and education, which can be passed down by word of mouth.

Things can progress from there if even one thing can be done.
However, the Kingdom of Vallatenear was originally a colony.
It’s been a few generations now, so while there are a few books on their country’s history, etc., many of the stories are likely to have been left out due to a lack of paper-making technology.

I finally understood.
That’s why I was very welcomed.
I have, at least, most of the Fatenam Empire’s knowledge in my head.

Perhaps my father sent me to this country because he believed they only wanted our country’s blood, and while I do love my motherland… I don’t have much love for my family.

“Father, if you said it like that, she would misunderstand.
–Claire, we’ll talk about this later.
The reason I wanted you.”

“Hahaha, that’s true, too.
I was planning to criticize and make them change it if they sent anyone other than Lady Claire.
That aside, my country welcomes you, Lady Claire.
Aglia, in particular, was enthusiastic.”


Does His Highness Aglia have any other reason?

It’s enough for me to know why I’m not being killed or mistreated, and I’m relieved that I’ll be able to live in peace, but I wonder, when we’ve only just met, what other reasons could there be?

When I unconsciously looked at the prince, he smiled as if to get out of this situation.
A smile from such a good-looking person is bad for my heart.

Well, I am safe and needed anyway.
This should work out well for me in this country.

With that sense of relief, I tipped the glass that was in my hand and began to get to the food.

I spent the day enjoying the banquet, conversing with Her Highness the Queen while His Highness Aglia conversed with His Majesty.

I think I was right not to wear a corset today.

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