Chapter 70: Another souvenirs

“What do you think could be inside this box? I’m so curious!”

“Take it easy, Claire.
I’m just as thrilled.
Rufus, would you do the honors and open the box?”

As my excitement continued to grow, Auglia-sama gently nudged my shoulders, causing me to plop back down onto the sofa.

Rufus, who had been observing our reaction with a smile, replied affirmatively and opened the other box.

“Well… I can’t believe it, really? It still exists…?”

“Yes, I managed to obtain it from the oldest workshop in Synapse in exchange for the precious gem from the Dragnate kingdom.”

The box contained two pairs of stunning glasses, ranging from pale pink to crystal clear.
These were rock glasses used for sipping on distilled liquor.

No additional embellishments were necessary as they were crafted using techniques and materials that were believed to have been lost.

“…This time, I think it would be best to ask Rufus.
What are these glasses?”

“These are diamond rock glasses made from a mixture of pink diamonds and diamonds.
This raw material was once considered a legendary stone and was recorded in the Faithnum Empire’s catalog, but it has since gone missing and was secretly transported to Seanapse where it was turned into these rock glasses.
These two glasses are cut from ‘the same raw stone’, meaning a large and rare stone composed of both pink diamonds and diamonds was mined a long time ago and was used to create these glasses.”

I attentively listened to Rufus’s words and was entranced by the rock glass in my hands.

It was a colossal diamond, too large to be used as a whole, but it had been transformed into a glass with remarkable transparency by cutting it to its limits and carefully polishing it.
However, the process of transforming diamonds into glass is incredibly difficult.

Furthermore, pink diamonds, like the one in my hands, are rare finds.
With its unique blend of diamonds and a beautiful gradient, it was cataloged as a legendary gem.
If my memory serves me correctly, the discovery was made about five hundred years ago.

The Seanapse kingdom has always been known for its advanced technology, but if they have had the technology to produce such a gorgeous glass for so long, it may be worth considering strengthening diplomatic relations.
But what can the Baratonia kingdom offer to Seanapse in return?

I regained my composure beside Auglia-sama, who was conversing with Rufus while admiring the glass.
My thoughts quickly shifted from a romantic getaway to political matters.
No, this is a souvenir, I must pay attention to the details of this item.

Auglia-sama received an explanation from Rufus and placed his hand on his chin, deep in thought.

“However… wasn’t the ‘Eternal Spring’ stone supposed to be different, but the ‘Spring’ was the same pink diamond? The rock glass made with this gem as a counterpart for ‘Spring’ seems excessive, but… “

“That ‘spring’ is now a nearly extinct, rare pink diamond in its raw form.
It’s impossible to recreate this masterpiece of glass.
It deserves to be admired and utilized, not left to slumber.
When it comes to transferring this long-dormant work of art to the hands of foreign royalty, it’s an exchange for the finest materials currently available.
Even the most established workshop in Seanapse wouldn’t refuse it.”

Today, diamonds as grand as the ‘Spring’ are rarely excavated.
The more they are mined, the fewer valuable stones remain.
They may be formed again over time, but in comparison to human time, it takes an extended period for them to fully mature.

Before obtaining the finest material available, it is only reasonable for artisans to present their finest work of art that has been resting in their workshop.

It is one of the few chances to showcase the techniques that have been passed down for generations.
A piece of craftsmanship that should not have been put to sleep in the first place.
As thoughts of politics start to emerge with closer exchanges with Seanapse, I consciously push them aside for the moment.

“Thank you, Rufus.
This is the finest souvenir.
I will ensure its safety.”

“No need to thank me, it’s my pleasure to serve.
Next, I will attend to the timekeeping devices (pocket watch) for His Majesty and Her Royal Highness.”

“You seem quite confident.
But, since you’re here, you may as well go around the city and make the necessary adjustments.
I’m looking forward to them being put on sale soon.”

Thank you very much.”

With that, Rufus and Auglia-sama bid each other farewell with a firm handshake, and the three of us rose from our seats.

Our souvenirs have been collected, and our destination has been determined.
Lord Balk is in charge of selecting the escorts, and the maids are responsible for packing.

In three days, we will embark on our honeymoon to two nations north of the Baratonia Kingdom: the Kingdom of Poreinia and the Kingdom of Wegrein.

Although Hillian expresses a hint of apprehension, my excitement prevails.
However, every time I glance at Auglia-sama after Rufus departs, she greets me with a warm smile and reassurance.

“Even though it’s exciting, there’s also a little bit of unease in Hillian’s words, but when I look up at Auglia-sama after Rufus leaves, I’m greeted with a worry-free smile.”

I am confident that this trip will be unforgettable.

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