Chapter 74: Eve of the trip

“Claire, finally, the day we set off has arrived…”

“Yes, I’m looking forward to it, Auglia-sama.”

Despite shedding tears earlier, I quickly soothed my eyes with an ice pack and touched up my makeup, keeping my grin intact during dinner.

“What are you looking forward to? You seem so troubled, do you wish to cancel the trip?”

My body jolts as Auglia-sama, who usually radiates a cheerful disposition, now sports a stern expression.

It’s no use pretending anymore.
I resign and furrow my brows, casting a troubled gaze.

“Claire, it doesn’t matter if it’s a difficult topic to discuss.
I have learned to always wear a smile, that’s why I married you.
There are no secrets between us, especially not for important things.”


“In front of you, I don’t just smile.
I worry, I grieve, I get angry too.
But I want to be by your side with a grin on my face…so, please share with me what’s weighing on your mind.”

Auglia-sama’s large and warm hand gently caresses my cheek.
He tenderly tucks away the stray hair from my face with his fingertips and lovingly smooths out the wrinkles formed between my eyebrows due to my distress.

I close my eyes as a result of the ticklish sensation and when I reopen them, Auglia-sama is there, beaming with a smile.

I’m not confident in my speaking skills.
If I have to speak, I’ll have to convey everything.
I’m still unsure if it’s appropriate for me to burden Auglia-sama with this responsibility and I hesitate, my gaze wandering, as I look at the desk.

The keepsake I received when I purchased a lute still resides in the drawer.
I stand up and retrieve two small boxes from the drawer.

“These are gifts I bought in the castle town that I’ve been meaning to give you for a while now… I acquired two pendants with complementary charms.
They have a hue similar to our eyes, so I thought we could exchange colors with one another…”

“Oh, I see.”

“… Will you share this burden with me? I still struggle to grasp the meaning of being a married couple in this country.”

In the Faithnum Empire, the relationship between my parents, who are husband and wife, is formal and transactional.
Their conversations only revolve around political matters, and it appears to me as though they have a boss-subordinate relationship.

However, Auglia-sama and I got married in the Baratonia Kingdom.
The relationship between my father-in-law and mother-in-law is warm and heartwarming to observe.
Of course, there may be topics we don’t discuss, but we still maintain a positive relationship with each other, working together to govern the country.

We’re husband and wife, and besides, didn’t you make the law? According to the terms of the marriage agreement.”

“To aid and have faith in each other…”

If Claire lacks faith in me, there’s no point in further communication and no means of providing assistance or support.
That’s why, in that regard, could you place your trust in me and offer your help and backing?”

We are no longer children.
When you require assistance, you must state, “Help me.” You cannot request help without having faith.

Despite being the one who made that law, I have not requested anyone’s assistance or trust,  Auglia-sama can’t do anything either.

“I will reveal everything.
I should have more faith in Auglia-sama than anyone else, but I do not.”

If it comforts you.
Furthermore, it’s a lovely talisman to use during our journey.
Let’s listen while admiring this.”

While admiring the gems arranged in the opened box, which serves as the talisman, I shared everything with Auglia-sama, including the Wegrain’s Lina Religion faction, as the gems glimmered in the light of the candle stand.





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