Chapter 75: Finally, departure

“Farewell, Father-in-law, Mother-in-law.”

“With souvenirs in hand and a trustworthy guard by our side, we’ll leisurely make our way there.”

Along with Auglia-sama, I greeted Father-in-law and Mother-in-law, and Melissa and Gwenna are also among the maids accompanying us.
And Hillian, who has Lord Balk’s full confidence, is also accompanying us as an interpreter.

The escort comprises knights with a special duty to protect the royal family, even among the Royal Guard.
Gordon and John, who went with us to purchase gems, are also present, and I feel relieved.

And apart from Auglia-sama, Melissa, Gwenna, and myself, no one is aware of the Shadows of Nejia accompanying us.

Among the knights, there are those who are disguised, those responsible for carrying the luggage, and those who pretend to be someone else and trail behind us.
Despite this, I am informed by Gauche that the Shadows of Nejia is composed of elite members.
So, do not fret about their presence and simply enjoy the journey.

The Shadows of Nejia is unknown to many people.
They are not recognized for their achievements, but they are compensated for their services.
Loyalty does not pay the bills.

The Royal Guard knights, referred to as knights, and those who become guards, specialize in combat and continuously hone their skills.
They claim that they would never do anything that would tarnish their dignity.

Auglia-sama listened to all the stories from the previous night and after giving it some thought, he appeared relieved to learn about Gauche’s plan for the breakdown of our horse-drawn carriage and Hillian’s presence (I also mentioned his role as a priest in his homeland).

“Claire-chan, be careful.”

“And the same goes for Auglia-sama.
Traveling entails uncertainty, but at the same time, it is crucial in terms of fostering relations between nations, especially now that trade is unrestricted.
Ensure that you protect Claire.”

I felt uneasy as I was being overly concerned, but Auglia-sama has been grinning since morning.

Then, he audaciously embraced me in front of others.
When I lifted my gaze in surprise, Auglia-sama’s face was beaming with joy and devoid of worries.

I recall my words, “”Be strong so that you can always laugh.” Auglia-sama embodies them.
I must be deficient in smiling.
In Auglia’s arms, I was finally able to relax and smile.

“It’s alright.
My mentor is Lord Balk, and I have never neglected my training.
Besides, the sword sharpens itself when it’s for protecting Claire.
Although politically, it seems that Claire is the one protecting me… right, Claire?”

“Yes, I will perform my diplomatic duties to the best of my abilities!”

Although I was flustered, Auglia-sama’s words brought comfort to my mind, which was plagued with anxiety about my role.
I was securely shielded by his large hands and broad arms.

Alongside me stood Auglia-sama, behind me were the trustworthy guards and the Shadows of Nejia, and there were also accompanying maids and servants.

I wouldn’t be left to face this alone.
I would fulfill my responsibilities safely.
And most importantly, I would savor the unfamiliar land I was visiting, with Auglia-sama by my side.

The baggage was carefully loaded onto the carriage, and the servants boarded as well.

Auglia-sama and I then boarded the carriage, and finally, we set off.

Our first destination was the distant Kingdom of Poleinia.
We planned to present them with glasses made of both diamonds and pink diamonds.

As we settled into the cushioned long-distance carriage, the honeymoon journey of Auglia-sama and I officially began.




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