Chapter 77: The Royal Palace and The Temple of the Kingdom of Poleinia

“Greetings, Crown Prince and Princess of the Baratonia Kingdom.
It’s a pleasure to finally meet you.
I thank the heavens for this happiness.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty, the King of Poleinia.
We are grateful for accommodating us during our honeymoon.”

“Going on a honeymoon to another country was something I never even dreamed of.
Do you believe this is a step towards a more united world? If it’s okay with you, In the near future, we would like to pay homage to your God as well.”

The King of Poleinia was an elegant individual with a bright and jovial demeanor, a rounded physique, and a neatly trimmed mustache.

He donned a crisp and well-tailored long coat that was neither military nor priestly in appearance, with luxurious embroidery, but a unified color scheme.

“We don’t have a religion, but do you think your country’s god will look favorably upon us?”

Hillian translated Auglia-sama’s words with ease, performing his role as the front-line interpreter with excellence.

As a member of the royal family of the Faithnum Empire, a repository of knowledge, I had the opportunity to learn as much as I desired.
However, it was peculiar how Hillian acquired his skills and knowledge.
I considered asking later, but I was wary of Auglia-sama’s reaction if I disturbed another person during our honeymoon trip.

After much contemplation, I decided to delay my action until the end of the trip and felt a sense of relief as I saw King Poleinia joyfully conversing with Auglia-sama, while maintaining a cheerful expression.

“Of course, our deity is also benevolent to guests.
If you do not mind, please pray for a safe journey.”

“With gratitude, I offer this souvenir as a token of my appreciation.
I hope you will find use for it when the opportunity arises, Your Majesty.”

“How thoughtful of you.
We are in the process of transferring your luggage to your chambers, so allow me to escort you.”

Upon hearing the king’s offer to personally guide us, Hillian and I exchanged glances.

An assistant took charge of a glass souvenir box and we trailed behind the King of Poleinia.

The architecture in the Kingdom of Poleinia consisted entirely of single-story structures, including the palace and temple, which were made of wood.
The palace and temple were adorned with red paint and wooden carvings, known as “ranma carvings,” to allow for ventilation and light.

The direction of architectural design was vastly different.
Despite its antiquity, the wooden structures were sturdy and safe.

“There are towns with multi-story buildings… but that is not a place I would recommend to the newlyweds of the royal family.
It is a leisure district, you see.”

“Haha… and what’s the reason for that?”

“In some areas, single-story buildings are seen as places where women of the night are treated without respect.
On the other hand, palaces have proper security measures, so a single-story building might be a safer option.
However, there are also regions with low public safety, which is why tall buildings are favored.”

This conversation was not appropriate for newlywed royal couples from other nations, but I couldn’t help but ask about the reasons for the design and construction materials while walking.

I must admit, I have a certain fascination with this topic.
In the Seanapse Kingdom, they are known as songstresses (divas) and flower princesses (hana-hime), who are highly esteemed prost*tutes.
In this country, they are referred to as courtesans, and there are also women known as geishas who sell their artistic talents without selling their bodies.

My curiosity was piqued, but I didn’t think it was suitable for a wife to be interested in the entertainment district during her honeymoon.
So, I suppressed my curiosity and simply replied with a casual, “Oh, really?” I plan to purchase a lot of materials from a bookstore after returning home.

Auglia-sama, who could read my expressions and thoughts, had a slight smile as if trying to hold back laughter.

I felt embarrassed and my face turned red, so I stopped asking questions like “What’s this?” and “What’s that?” and King Poleinia suddenly declared, “We have arrived,” and came to a halt.




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