Chapter 79: Study? Sightseeing? But first…

“This shouldn’t be viewed as a remarkable occurrence.
When we pray to the divine, we all have some sort of aspiration.
However, you didn’t have any ‘demands’ from God.
Despite the fact that God may ignore self-centered desires, any wish can be fulfilled…and that’s exactly what happened in your case.
Your wish was granted, and as a consequence, the stones that both of you were wearing were safeguarded to a certain extent.”

King Poleinia praised us for something great while we sat across from him in the reception room with Auglia-sama.
Despite the good news, I was unsure of what expression to make.

Hillian remains silent except for interpreting.
While I thought it would be beneficial to learn more about the gods of the Kingdom of Poleinia, I feel that the king’s explanation was adequate.
Despite traveling to a foreign land, I have conflicting feelings about dedicating time to studying religion.

“So, I’ll just accept it as is.”

“I agree with Auglia-sama.
Let’s take it as such and spend some time exploring the sights afterward, shall we?”

The one who was taken aback by this was King Poleinia, who opened his eyes wide and jiggled his big belly, bursting into boisterous laughter.
He had a heartwarming laugh that suited him, and though he appeared somewhat charming, he was still a king, and one could sense that in his bottomless mirth.

“Certainly, certainly.
The Kingdom of Baratonia… to be candid, I was curious about the character of the monarch of a nation that instigates wars.
I have heard tales from the commoners and during commerce.
If I were the king of Baratonia, I would have done the same thing.
With that said… you exhibit remarkable abilities.
I will arrange for someone to escort you around our land.
Please feel free to explore.”

“Thank you very much.
I will broaden my knowledge.”

“Thank you very much, Your Majesty King Poleinia.”

As Auglia and I rose to pay our respects, we noticed King Poleinia nodding in agreement.
A servant near the doorway declared, “Please follow me.” It seems he will lead us to our tour guide.

The wooden corridor is lined with plush carpets, and it seems that the custom of walking without shoes is observed here.
Even high-heeled shoes are comfortable to wear.

We were brought to a side door, and as I assumed a guide would be waiting, the servant opened the door to reveal a spacious fitting room.

“When traveling throughout the country, you may find it somewhat challenging to traverse in the attire of the Baratonia Kingdom.
If you please, feel free to change into a more comfortable outfit here.
If you require any assistance, the maid will be at your service.
And don’t hesitate to utilize the interpreter.”

“Thank you for your gracious offer.
Auglia-sama, let’s take advantage of this opportunity and change our attire.”

“Yes, it’s always wise to dress appropriately for the surroundings.
Hillian, let’s switch our attire as well.”

“I agree.
Wearing the traditional garb of Sinn Fe may make me stand out too much.
I will heed your advice.”

Hillian, who courteously performed the Sinn Fe bowing for the servant who guided us, entered the changing room along with us.

The right side seemed to house women’s attire while the left side appeared to hold men’s clothing.
There were also various sizes of shoes available.

I think the reason we don’t know about the northern country is that Baratonia was always facing the Faithnum Empire.
Maybe they have a strong relationship with each other.
It’s clear that the clothes being borrowed are for foreign visitors and not meant for regular use.

There were plenty of different sizes and hues to choose from, but none of them had the same cut or design as the garments in the Faithnum Empire or the Baratonia Kingdom.

I was shown various women’s attire by a maid, but I am not well-versed in what suits me or what hues flatter me.
Melissa and Gwenna were absent from the meeting with the king, so they might have changed into similar attire as the maids during that time.

Interestingly, even the servants have different attire styles.
They wear matching cuts, but the colors are vivid, and I find it elegant that their faces are veiled.

“Pardon me, I am not particularly fashionable and would like to wear something that won’t bring dishonor to Auglia-sama.
Could you suggest a harmonious outfit for me?”

When I spoke fluent Poleinian, the maid guiding me was surprised and placed a hand on her chest, seeming slightly relieved.

“Fantastic, you can speak our language, making it easier for me to guide you.
I apologize for the delay, I am responsible for this room, my name is Nigel.”

“I am Claire, the Crown Princess of the Baratonia Kingdom.
Please call me Claire, Nigel.
I do not wish to bring shame to Auglia-sama.”

“You two are truly newlyweds.
That affection is incredibly charming.
Claire-sama has a porcelain complexion, with hair and eyes close to white, giving her the appearance of a pearl, a symbol of beauty and good fortune.
The blue dress she wears today complements her well.
In Poleinia, the sun and mountains represent men, and the moon and rivers or water’s edge embody women.
But for this special occasion, let’s switch up the image a bit.”

“Is there another color that would suit me besides blue?”

“Everything is a discovery.
However, I won’t select anything too flashy, so don’t be concerned.
Let’s see, here, let’s tie this sash around your waist, drape this shawl from your shoulder, and match the shoes with the same hue…”

I couldn’t comprehend the process at all, but I couldn’t help but find Nigel’s struggles amusing as she compared similar fabrics and tried to decide which one to choose.

It seems that even in this place, women still fuss over small variations.
I can’t distinguish between them myself, but I am certain I will look much better than if I had made the selection on my own.

I decided to focus on standing in front of the fabric designated for my body, adjusting my appearance.




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