Chapter 82: Poleinia Royal City Sightseeing 2

The tourist days in the Kingdom of Poleinia were truly rich with experiences.

First, we headed to the shrine of the spirits located in the capital.
It was also for the purpose of visiting, but there was a place called the shrine office that was not in the castle, where you could do various things such as drawing omamori or omikuji, which are fortunes written by the gods.
That was the explanation of the culture.

However, before visiting the shrine, we first paid a visit to Lord Yoten no Mako, then enjoyed a small talisman in the form of an embroidered bag along with incense and drew our fortune at the shrine office.

The fortunes were divided into positive and negative categories and written on each slip of paper.

Apparently, there was no difference between the contents of the fortunes and the box, and it was simply a matter of taking the beautifully tied, thin, long paper (known as washi, with its unique texture and durable thin paper) in hand and reading it alone.

Unfortunately, only Dullahunt and Hillian were able to understand the language of Poleinia, leaving me as the only one unable to comprehend.

I was able to read my own fortune, but Hillian read Auglia-sama’s, Dullahunt read Melissa and Gwenna’s, and then taught me their contents.
Gauche seemed disinterested in the fortunes and was waiting outside the torii gate.

Individuals expressed their sentiments towards the information with either delight or disappointment, but I didn’t have a strong opinion about it being positive or negative.
Although I took the writing seriously as it had revealed some extraordinary events.

The phrases “the journey will be tumultuous” and “there is a scarcity of familial connections” written on my fortune slip caught my attention, and the saying “the one who waits will return” also bewildered me, as I comprehended the words but not the significance.

Being curious about the phrase “there is a scarcity of familial connections,” I mentioned to Gauche that I would visit a bookstore on our way back, and he offered to accompany me as my companion, leaving us alone.
The rest of the group seems to have gone to a cafe named “sweet shop.” I am fond of sweets, but I am also interested in books and the contents of the fortune slips, making this the perfect opportunity for me.

“Gauche, is there anything perilous for you?”

“It’s tranquil at the moment.
What’s wrong?”

After a momentary hesitation, I confided in Gauche about the fortune slips’ contents.

“It says here that there’s a scarcity of familial connections.
It’s not like anything happened to my older brother, sister, or younger sister, right? So it must be something dangerous that you’re involved in, Gauche…”

“There’s nothing amiss with me.
As for family connections…, I’ve been on guard since we returned Emperor Faithnum with the assurance of the mediator’s safety.
Oh, I’ve heard that Princess Bianca has been feeling a bit under the weather and hasn’t attended any social events.”

While Gauche conversed with the guards, keeping a vigilant eye on his surroundings, I think he didn’t see me when I opened my eyes wide for a moment and stiffened.

Bianca, my sister, never misses a social gathering, even when she’s feeling a bit ill.
She was raised to never show weakness.
Even if she had a high fever, she would hide her complexion with makeup and maintain her charming smile at a women’s gathering.

Is she truly unwell, or is there something even the Shadows of Nejia can’t see?


My voice must have betrayed my suspicion that something was amiss.

I’ll dispatch someone to investigate and I should have a report by the time we return.”

It’s only been a few days since we left on this trip.
If Bianca is that sick, it’s strange that she wouldn’t send even just a short update by letter.

“Please… I have a foreboding feeling about this.
When I departed from the kingdom, there was no indication of this severe ailment… it’s hard to imagine.”


“It’s imperative that we act swiftly.
——I rely on you.”

This hushed conversation took place in a less crowded bookstore.
One of Gauche’s subordinates, who had posed as a patron, quickly exited the store as soon as the door opened.

I am aware that the Shadows of Nejia is fast on its feet, especially during the extreme winter land.
By the time we leave the kingdom of Poleinia, the investigation should be concluded and the report should reach me.

What does “scarcity of familial connections” imply? If that refers to Bianca, why haven’t I been notified?

While pondering over Bianca, I purchased a stack of books and encountered Auglia-sama and the others outside the carriage, holding heavy paper bags in my hands.




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