Chapter 83: Poleinia ‘Nobleman’

From the following day, we embarked on a journey via horse-drawn carriage and visited villages that grew plants utilized for producing the renowned dyes in the Kingdom of Poleinia, workshops of furniture makers who process wood, and structures that were over a century old, albeit made of wood.

“Isn’t it odd? Won’t the nails in the wooden structures eventually deteriorate?”

At my query, Dullahunt gave a slight, proud smile.

“We don’t use nails.
Here in the Kingdom of Poleinia, we construct wooden buildings using a unique method that doesn’t require nails.”

“Really?! That’s incredible.”

I can sense the exceptional level of architectural expertise in the Kingdom of Poleinia, but when I visited the bookstore the other day, I couldn’t find any books on architecture.
The presence of a bookstore indicates a high level of literacy, but it appears to be recorded in writing.

“Carpenters in this country hold a high regard.
They undergo training from a young age, starting with how to use a hand plane, and even though the roof may appear flat, it is actually high, so they learn to balance their bodies and, of course, construction techniques on the job.
They even learn about the age and quality of the wood by experience and through oral tradition, and that’s how they become first-rate carpenters.
As for measurements…well, it’s considered a secret of the Poleinia Kingdom, so I won’t be able to provide any information on that this time.”

When I posed the question to Dullahunt, he provided me with a thoughtful answer.
This highlights the significance of the carpenter profession in the Poleinia Kingdom and how deeply ingrained it is in the lives of the people.
The preservation of technology through oral tradition was a new and fascinating experience for me.

“I was astounded by the advanced technology of the Poleinia Kingdom.
The palace, as well as the decorative spaces between the beams of this building, are breathtaking.
The engravings on the columns are remarkable as well.
Wooden architecture is not as advanced in my home country.
As our country’s diplomatic relations continue to grow, there may be those who wish to migrate to the Poleinia Kingdom as technicians.”

When Hillian translated Auglia-sama’s words for Dullahunt, a joyful smile graced his face for the first time on this journey.

“In that case, I would be honored.
I have learned so much from the Kingdom of Baratonia and have been contemplating it throughout this trip.
Although I have no authority, I will make sure to convey this to His Majesty.”

Dullahunt, with his toned physique and lack of a belt sword, has a complexion as white as his hair color and red eyebrows.

His laughter is a sacred and blissful sight to behold.

Today marks the conclusion of our tour of the Poleinia Kingdom, and we will be treated to a farewell dinner before departing the Kingdom tomorrow morning.

Thus, on the return journey to the palace, I approached Dullahunt.

“Apologies for asking a rude question, Dullahunt.
You do not appear to be of noble birth, is that correct? However, serving as a guide for both the city dwellers and us, does it hold some significance?”

“Well, actually… I was a bit apprehensive at first because I thought you might be asked, but thank you for your consideration.
I am a person born with a congenital lack of pigment, which is considered lucky in this country.
White is revered as the color of sunlight, but I was born at a shrine, so it’s especially so for me.
Also, my eyes are supposed to be red, but for some reason, only my eyes have pigment, so I paint my eyebrows red.
My face and hands are white, not because I wear makeup.”

“I see, so in the Kingdom of Poleinia, albinism individuals are held in high regard, but I would have thought that their lack of pigmentation would make them weak to sunlight.”

There are even individuals who live their entire lives indoors.

“In my birthplace, the Faithnum Empire, we refer to it as Albinism.
It is believed to be susceptible to sunlight from birth, but…”

As a child, even a brief exposure to sunlight would cause me to break out in a sunburn.
I honed my martial arts skills with my father and older brother at the dojo located in the shrine attached to our family home.
Being born in a shrine, I had a natural ease with reading and writing.
As I grew older, my eyes turned to a light golden-brown color, and I developed some immunity, allowing me to move around comfortably in long sleeves.
Given the difficulties of constantly being outdoors, I now serve as a civil servant at the palace.
My desire for knowledge drives me to pursue a career as a diplomat, and my unique appearance often serves as an ice-breaker in starting conversations.”

The lighthearted conversation between Dullahunt and myself was interpreted by Hillian and listened in on by Auglia-sama, yet they remained silent.

They tend to listen to information they are unfamiliar with, letting it sink in and process before responding.
It appeared that they were attentively listening with this approach.




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