Chapter 84: ‘Curiosity’ and ‘Caring

Later that evening, Auglia-sama and I were given adjacent rooms, connected by a central door.

King Poleinia was feeling rather lonely, but Auglia-sama consoled him, saying that we would have more opportunities for closeness and connection in the future.
Thus, our first stop on our honeymoon was spent in peace.

Auglia-sama entered my room, dressed in his pajamas, and I greeted him in my own.
We chatted about memories of the Poleinia Kingdom while feeling a bit of solitude.

“Claire, I’d like to personally express my gratitude to Dullahunt.
How about you?”

“Yes, I would like to show my appreciation to Dullahunt as well.
He has been a constant guide for us.”

“I was thinking, leather products aren’t very prevalent in this country.
The art of dyeing cloth has advanced and the results are light and vibrant…”

“That’s true.
I haven’t seen many people wearing leather.
Perhaps it’s not a common practice to wear leather on a daily basis.”

The technology for dyeing cloth has advanced, but despite the availability of thick cloth, leather products are not frequently worn.

“I noticed that he wields a sword, wouldn’t black gloves made of smooth leather be a useful gift?”

“That’s a fantastic idea.
Let’s prepare them and present them as a gift when we return home.”

“That’s wonderful… could it be that Claire’s inquisitiveness has rubbed off on me? While I was absorbing the tale of Dullhunt, I couldn’t help but think that he should wear gloves to protect his hands.
The sword glides easily on cloth and I figured that leather gloves would be a better option.”

“… Auglia-sama, that’s not inquisitiveness.”

Sitting side by side on a long bench, I spoke while sipping sweet tea.
I placed the teacup on the table and entwined my hand with Auglia-sama’s.

“That’s, consideration.
Of course, being intrigued by another person or by something is called curiosity.
But considering what is beneficial for someone before being curious is called consideration.
I may lack it a bit… but I believe for Auglia-sama, consideration comes before curiosity.”

Even in the dim lighting of the night, his eyes radiate a warm hue, and he still wears a gentle smile today.
As I gazed into those eyes, I couldn’t help but feel grateful to have become this person’s spouse.

I have heard stories that during travel, one’s partner’s negative traits may come to light.
But my honeymoon with Auglia-sama has been nothing but delightful.
It has also allowed me to witness Auglia-sama’s thoughtfulness firsthand.

Ever since I met Auglia-sama, he has been overflowing with consideration.
He treated me with the utmost kindness and gave me ample freedom.
If anything arose, he would follow up and always make sure I was content.

“…I’m grateful that we were able to embark on our honeymoon together.”

“Claire…, same here… Anyway, we must depart early tomorrow.
Let’s get some good rest.”

Goodnight, Your Highness Auglia.”

“Goodnight, Claire.”

Of course, there were also nights where we were not given such warmth in a foreign palace like this, but tomorrow we’ll bid farewell to this castle.

After exchanging tender kisses, Auglia-sama and I retired to our respective chambers, finding solace in our rest.




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