Chapter 85: Premonition of a plot

As we departed the royal palace of Poleinia, the king and queen graciously came to bid us farewell, along with Dullahunt.

At that moment, it was hard to restrain our giggles when we discovered that Gauche, who had been driving our carriage during our previous visit to Poleinia, was now the coachman of our traveling carriage.

We climbed aboard the carriage, acting as if we were unaware of the situation (we did not inquire about the previous driver’s whereabouts), and stored our belongings.
Our first stop was the kingdom of Baratonia.

However, the carriage suddenly halted just outside the capital, and upon peeking out the window to investigate, we saw a cavalry blocking the road.

Based on their attire, it was evident that they were not from the kingdom of Poleinia.

Auglia-sama and Hillian disembarked the carriage and after ensuring that it was safe, summoned me outside.

A young man, who had dismounted his horse and was now kneeling in the middle of the road, claimed that he was delivering a letter from the neighboring kingdom of Wegrain.

“Please follow me, I will guide you to the kingdom of Wegrain,” he stated.

It would be impolite to decline the invitation, especially since we were the one visiting.
However, as the request was unexpected and we had already informed them of our arrival, both Auglia-sama and I were puzzled and exchanged puzzled looks.

When I glanced at Gauche, he merely shrugged, as if to say “this is just how it is.” Despite his unenthusiastic expression, this discrepancy could not be helped.

Initially, we had planned to briefly pass through Baratonia and be delayed for a few days due to a broken-down carriage.
But now, our plans have been changed and we have to expedite our journey.

Refusing with a letter bearing King Wegrain’s seal would be impolitic, and there are more pressing concerns beyond religious matters.

I apologize, but I will need your guidance.
Our stay will also be extended…”

“Yes! Rest assured, all expenses will be covered by us.
Please feel free to extend your stay in the Kingdom of Wegrain at His Majesty’s request.”

I shall take you up on your offer.”

The messenger from the Kingdom of Wegrain spoke in the elegant Baratonia language.
It was a message for a high-ranking official, which meant that someone of great importance had come to visit.

Under his guidance, we set off from the kingdom of Poleinia, accompanied by the carriage and the escorting cavalry, and headed towards the Kingdom of Wegrain.

I felt a sense of unease within me.
The report from the Shadows of Nejia, which was supposed to reach the Faithnum Empire a few days ago, had not yet arrived.

The land of Baratonia is vast.
Yet, if we were to enter the Kingdom of Wegrain as planned, it seemed like we would receive a report on the way from Poleinia to Baratonia.

What could be the reason for the delay? I lament my lack of knowledge about religion.
I may not be completely insensitive, but I do sense a growing unease… or so I think.

Adhering to the directives of them, the carriage progressed steadily through the tranquil landscapes of the kingdom of Poleinia.




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