The day after the party, I spent the entire day in bed because I couldn’t move at all.
I ate and drank too much.
The physician told me to stop eating too much, so I drank a digestive decoction to help me digest the meal fast.

Melissa informed me that a banquet day like this occurs whenever there is a special occasion.
As one might expect, the guards and commoners could not celebrate it equally, but the soldiers would be given liquors and feasts on different days, and the commoners would have a week of festivals to commemorate the occasion, which is held twice a year.

“I wonder if you and the others also have anything similar to that, Melissa…?”

“We’ll go to town during the festival week to have a good time.
We will also receive payments and have alternate days off.”

“That’s good, then,” was what I thought, as I drank up the decoction and dozed off to sleep.

The following morning, I got dressed right away after waking up feeling refreshed.
I’ve been spoiled since I arrived in this country, but I’m going to be the crown princess, so I’ll have to work hard on my bridal training.

First, I visited the king’s office, where the prince was also present.

“Please excuse my interruption— Please allow me to reintroduce myself, Your Majesty.
My name is Claire, and I’ve recently arrived from the Fatenam Empire to become the prince’s fiancée.
I will do everything in my power to serve this country.”

“Ah, Claire, you can ease up on the formalities.
Feel free to treat me as your father-in-law and my wife as your mother-in-law.
Aglia, what is Claire’s schedule?”

His Majesty calmly nodded and spoke warmly to me.
He then turned to the prince and inquired about my schedule.

Huh? Why the prince? If it’s my schedule, I’m sure the maids knew I’d be focusing my efforts on my ladylike education from now on…?

“Yes, Father.
First, after inspecting all departments, we will ask Claire to establish a new department.
Depending on what is inspected, this will be the critical position to fill in the areas where this country is lacking.
I’ll delegate full authority to Claire, but Lord Balk will fill in with the necessary knowledge of our country.”

“Mhm, Lord Balk certainly will be a perfect escort.
Although it would add a little more work for us.”

“May I ask you to wait for a while?”

I couldn’t resist interrupting.

Key positions in an enemy country… Moreover, someone from the country that had treated this country as a vassal state, no matter how many wars we had lost… Me? Key positions? No, no, considering the feelings of those working in the field, isn’t this a bad decision…

Furthermore, an escort who also doubles as an aide? They called him lord, that means he’s a nobleman, right? Why?

I thought all I needed was bridal training.

“I thought all I needed was bridal training…?”

I couldn’t stop myself from speaking my mind.

The king and prince looked at me, surprised, but it was I who should have been surprised.

“Is there really anything else you need to get better at when you’re already such a wonderful person?”

“That’s right, you have good manners and conversational skills.
What are you concerned about when you also maintain an impeccable demeanor?”

I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I was nicknamed1 “The Defeater of Ladylike Education” in my homeland.


After seriously considering whether the standards in the Fatenam Empire and the Kingdom of Vallatenear differed, I changed my mind.
If that is what is needed in this kingdom, I will do whatever is required of me.

“I understand.
I will act according to the plan.”

“If you believe something is incorrect or that something should be done differently, please discuss it with the department head.


“Don’t flirt with Lord Balk, okay? Tonight’s dinner is at seven o’clock.
We’ll have tea after that.
Please take Lady Claire to Lord Balk.”

You don’t have to be concerned about me cheating on you after you proposed the day before yesterday! I wanted to scream at him, but I knew I’d be busy after this.

I bowed, a bitter expression on my face, and one of the bureaucrats escorted me to Lord Balk.


The raw is 蔑称 (besshō), which means insult or derogatory term.

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