Chapter 90: Reunions

After getting off the carriage, I, along with Auglia-sama, Hillian, Melissa, and Gwenna, who were toting trinkets, proceeded directly to an audience with His Majesty, the King.

Our stay here will extend for over a week, starting today.
Initially, it was slated for a mere three days as planned by Gauche, but due to the strain from the palace, it has been extended to a week… all because of Bianca’s influence.

You can tell that she has already taken control of the place.
Even the flowers that adorn the entrance, the furnishings, and the candleholders are brand new.

The butler led us to King Wegrain’s presence.
The audience chamber was said to be located near the entrance.

The fact that we were directed to the audience chamber instead of the salon or reception room speaks volumes about how King Wegrain perceives us.

The door guards guarding the audience chamber opened the door, revealing a staircase of about ten steps leading up to a red carpet.
On a high platform, a grand and embellished throne awaited, and it was evident that King Wegrain was seated upon it at a glance.

Along the walls, servants and maids stood in neat rows, being scrutinized as if we were all under scrutiny, while I, Auglia-sama, Hillian, three steps behind, and Melissa and Gwenna even further behind.

We, Auglia-sama and I, knelt at a location far from the staircase, followed by the three individuals behind us who also lowered their heads.

“Raise your heads.
Well done, Prince Baratonia and Princess Baratonia.
Let me extend my sincere apologies for disrupting your journey with my caprice and offer you a warm welcome.”

We rose to our feet, straightening our knees, and when we looked up, we were met with a sight that was… Though he was robust in build, he had an unkempt appearance with excess fat, and his face and physique were not particularly appealing.

His voice held authority, and the noblemen, standing in line, applauded in unison at his words, indicating that he was indeed respected as the king.

However, the expression on his face conveyed condescension, making us feel insignificant.
Although he is a young king, that may be understandable, but his eyes held a crazed infatuation with something beyond power.

Speak up.”

“Thank you.
I apologize in advance if I make any mistakes, as I am a newcomer to this compared to my wife, so please allow Hillian to translate.”

Auglia-sama delivered his dignified greeting in the Faithnum Empire language, which Hillian translated into the concise Wegrain Kingdom language, to which the king simply replied, “Understood.”

“Thank you for permitting us to visit as newlyweds.
This is a premium treasure from Seanapse, brought as a memento.
Please accept it.”

After Auglia-sama spoke, Gwenna approached gracefully and presented them with a box.

She opened the lid with her hands, and the distinguished noble from the front row stepped forward to receive the box and ascend the stairs to display the item to the King of Wegrain.
I saw with my own eyes that he was astounded, his eyes wide with amazement.

“Wow…, this is an extravagant gift.
Nevertheless, as the high-ranking nobles and some servants here in my kingdom are aware, I also recently wed.
This piece of jewelry is sure to bring joy to my wife.”

I feigned surprise and then smiled, and gave a ladylike bow.
My conviction that “she truly is the one,” was becoming more and more solidified.

I pray for the enduring prosperity and everlasting bliss of the Wegrain kingdom.”

“Congratulations, Your Majesty, the King of Wegrain.”

After exchanging polite salutations with Auglia-sama and myself, the King of Wegrain, who was supposed to keep his queen under wraps, summoned her.

“Allow me to introduce you to the crown prince and princess of Baratonia.
——Come forward.”

The King of Wegrain called forth “Bianca”, who I believed was the person, and showed another individual who left me stunned and speechless.

It wasn’t just Auglia-sama and myself who revealed our thoughts on our faces.
Hillian seemed unaware, but Melissa and Gwenna appeared to have restrained themselves by briefly lowering their heads, as if they were about to react.

“This is Bianca, my wife, the Queen of the Wegrain Kingdom and the heir to the bloodline of Lina God.
She is a true sibling to the Crown Princess.
It would be lovely if you could share tea during your tour.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Your Highness the Crown Prince of Baratonia.
And, it’s been a while, Claire.
Congratulations on your wedding.
I offer my best wishes as well.”

Bianca, dressed in a stunning and beautiful gown, with sparkling ruby eyes, beautifully styled golden hair and tiara, and adorned with glittering jewelry, was indeed a sight to behold and froze the body.
I hadn’t heard her voice in a long time, but there was still a hint of venom in it.

However, I was even more disturbed now.

Standing quietly behind Bianca, dressed modestly as a noble’s maid, and gazing at us emotionlessly was Millie.

“I would like to extend my congratulations once again on your wedding, to the beautiful Queen of the Wegrain Kingdom.”

Auglia-sama was the first to stand.
I simply lowered my head even further in response to his words.

“Thank you, Your Highness the Crown Prince of Baratonia.
Enjoy your honeymoon.
And, thank you for the lovely gift.
I will ‘use’ it with care.”

We brought a piece of jewelry as a token of appreciation, even though it is so valuable that even I am hesitant to utilize it, but she declared her intention to use it as a functional item.

Having self-awareness is crucial for those of royal status, but it is apparent from their demeanor that King Wegrain and his consort, Bianca, look down upon us without discretion.
And with King Wegrain being both her spouse and the supreme ruler, he fails to reprimand Bianca’s behavior.

Rather, both of them are behaving in a very disrespectful manner toward a state guest.
The king does so unconsciously, while Bianca does so consciously, not even attempting to conceal it.

I fear for my safety and well-being, as I am convinced that my stay in this kingdom will not be a pleasant experience.

With the cold and emotionless gaze directed towards me, I was overwhelmed with confusion due to Millie’s presence here.




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