Chapter 92: Hillian’s question

“I’m shocked… why is Millie here?”

We were told that we had the entire eastern wing of the palace for the duration of our stay.

Although we had another audience scheduled with His Majesty upon our return, we would be dining in the palace dining room.
The attendants who accompanied us would be given separate quarters on the first floor to use as their workspace.

Additionally, Lord Warg was waiting in the first-floor study, and we were instructed to speak with him if we desired to go on a sightseeing tour.

Auglia-sama and I were assigned the same bedroom, and there was also a sitting room on the second floor.
After the audience, we gathered in the sitting room, where Melissa made us tea.
We relaxed on the sofa with a cup of tea and some baked goods that Hillian had deemed safe after testing for poison (apparently, poison testing is part of their training).

At present, there was no distinction between master and servant.
Regardless, we were all tired from the journey and the pressure of the King and Queen, so we were enjoying tea together.

“Millie, is…who is she?”

“She was one of the maids along with Melissa and Gwenna.
However, she was also an assassin who was covertly controlled by the Emperor of Faithnum to kill me.” 

Hillian raised a skeptical eyebrow at my explanation, as if asking why she was still alive.

“I knew she was alive, but… in exchange for letting the Faithnum emperors go home.
But I can’t quite understand… why did she become attached to Queen Bianca?”

“In terms of her abilities, she is more than capable.
If she is kept close, she can also oversee security.
I can understand why Millie might have sought freedom and joined Queen Bianca’s service after she married into this country.”

“Pardon me, but what do you mean by overseeing security?”

It might be best to give Hillian a complete rundown of the situation.

Melissa and Gwenna were both looking at me with permission, so I let them handle the explanation.

“I assume Hillian-sama is familiar with the circumstances surrounding Claire-sama appointed handmaidens.”

“Claire was well received by the general public and the royal family, as well as the main nobles and officials.
But there are likely those who dislike her… or more accurately, there should be those who harbor hatred for her…”

At Melissa’s words, Hillian looked slightly uncomfortable and coughed, averting his gaze.

“Alongside Claire-sama, Melissa and I served as her attendants, while Millie acted as the attendant of the Queen of the Wegrain Kingdom.
The three of us underwent a year of rigorous training and are well-versed in weapons and self-defense techniques.”

“The selection criteria for attendants were based on physical strength and athletic ability, but Millie had a tragic background.
She lost her mother to illness and her father in battle.
Driven by desperation, she attempted to assassinate Claire-sama on behalf of the Faithnum Empire, using poison and a weapon when she was at her weakest.”


Hillian interjected, her expression one of disbelief.
“I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

“Claire-sama outwitted Millie and the intermediaries from the Faithnum Empire who were plotting to kill her and start a new war with the Faithnum Emperor.
In exchange for their safe return to the country, Claire-sama showed mercy and granted them the opportunity to live normal lives and work in the Faithnum Empire.”

“Do you have candy in your brain?”

Hillian, who had been listening, suddenly spoke in a manner that seemed rude and upset, but I simply gave him an enigmatic smile, unwilling to give in to his insults.

As a second princess who may be in a position where I can’t avoid becoming a weapon of war for my homeland once again, I am saddened that I have caused the war to start.
I held no ill will towards someone like Millie.

During the conflict, I had lived comfortably as the princess of the ruling kingdom in a peaceful location, eating meals and never losing any family members.
My priority was to ensure that I wouldn’t be utilized as a tool for war when I was eventually married off.

I understood that my actions might not be comprehended.
It didn’t matter if I was referred to as “sweet.”

That was simply what I wanted to do.
There was nothing more to it.

“Hillian-sama, your words are too harsh…and yet here she is.
So, in the end, the Faithnum Empire took her in, but I didn’t expect to see her here again.”

There are no regrets here.
It might prove challenging to find topics of conversation during this reunion, and Melissa and Gwenna may struggle to connect with Millie.

When I attempted to explain it to Hillian, I acknowledged that this reunion was unanticipated, but I also understood that Hillian would become upset if he learned the truth.
I tried to sugarcoat the situation, foolishly believing that I could avoid the consequences.





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