-In the entire Don city, the Gun family were known as one of the most richest amongst all.

-The Gun family consisted of Mr. Gun and his wife Mrs. Gun. They both had three; first born was a girl Gun lay, their second born and first son Gun tharn and their second son and last son Gun Gun

– Gun wasn just then last son and child of the gun family. He was also known as the shame of the Gun family because of his character and restless behavior

-He was short-tempered and would react to the smallest things.

-Things went out of hand when one day he almost plucked a boys eyes off his face for calling him stupid.

-Because of that he was expelled from the school, but his parents didn scold him or punish him all they did was send him to another school.

-He was transferred to a middle school called, kum nikap it was a big school with alot of students.

Gun grew to live being famous and popular, so he spent most of his free time hanging out with some cool kids.

One day, his classmates were playing a game called ”truth and dare ” and he played along with them, until a girl dared him to kiss a boy.

-The boy that she had pointed to was actually a new student who had just came today.

-He was soo cute with his big uniform and fat glasses. Gun wanted to laugh at the sight of him, but something about the boy made him feel happy for some reason.

-He wanted to refuse but did not want to be called a pu**y so he did it anyway

-He kissed a boy, he kissed the boy but two minutes passed, five minutes passed and before he knew it he kiss the boy for over ten minutes before his friends separated them.

-The boy who he kissed blushed red, he was like a tomato with his big glasses and small face. he was really cute.

-That day was when Gun realized that he actually liked guys and so he pursued alot if boys his age and kissed them too but none of the kisses where ever as magical as the one that he had with the new kid.

-He was reported to principal and the principal told his parents. that was when his parents finally had it with him.

-He was ruining the family reputation and they could not take it anymore. So they sent him abroad to live and study, but that still did not stop him from liking guys.

-He even started dating guys from junior high, to highschool from highschool to college and now that he his a graduate and a man he was still dating guys.

>In Domp airport,

-Coming out of the elevator was a stall and skinny man. He was fair skinned and had the most captivating brown messy heir and beautiful green eyes.

-He wore a crazy looking shirt and jeans. He wasn really paying attention to were he was going because he had one hand rolling his box and the other with his phone.

-He looked to random that anyone who saw him would think he was the son of a driver but no one could have known that he was the son of one of the most richest family in Don city.

-Walking towards the exit he was welcomed by six beautiful cars awaiting his return. A wide smirked appeared on his face.

he was back, Gun Gun was back to Don City.


In Lisa hous,

-Waking up was Gun, he robed his hands on his face to clear his face. He then got down from the bed and walked towards the bathroom. he splashed some water on his face to clean it up.

-Gun then went downstairs, towards the kitchen island, he saw a glass cup full of lemon juice covered. He then walked towards it and saw a note beside the cup. The note was from Lisa.

NOTE : Gun you came home drunk last night so I made some lemon drink for you. I know you are feeling some head ache so don forget to drink it. I am off to jug be home in an hour see u.

-Upon reading the note, a sweet smile appeared on Guns lip. Gun couldn help but think about Lisa and how he met her.

-After his parents sent him to leave in abroad, he stayed with his uncle and aunt. Lisa was their oldest daughter and his cousin. He and Lisa attended the same boarding school, highschool and college. Among everyone in his family Lisa was the only one understood him.

-He drank the cup of lemon juice and went upstairs to shower and get dressed and cool off, because some of the alcohol he drank last night was still affecting his head.

-Last night, Guns friends were having a school reunion so they all played a game in which the loser had to finish one bottle of wine.

-And Gun wasn really good at games like that and ended up losing which cost him ten bottle of wine. Thinking about it made him even more mad ”Argh. ”

After Gun was done showering he wore a casual outfit and came downstairs. He then sat on the couch playing with his phone when the door dashed open and a woman came in, she wore a jugging outfit with her white sneakers.

-She tied her chestnut brown hair in a ponytail and had some gloves in her fair hands, and the woman was no one other than Lisa, Guns cousin.

-Entering into her house, Lisa walked towards the kitchen, opened the fridge and took a bottle of water to drink.

-Entering the kitchen, Gun hugged Lisa from the back which surprised her a little.

~ ”you little idiot! don touch me. ” removing Guns hands Lisa pushed him away.

~ ”Aww don tell me you are still angry with me

~ ”off course am angry, you came home really drunk last night, it was as if you just had a break up with one of your boyfriends again. ”

~ ”ok am very very sorry ok. ”

~ ”fine, I forgive you but it shouldn repeat itself again ok. ”

~ ”ok, yes maam. you are the bessst!. ”

~ ”Whatever, just go sit and wait for breakfast ok. ”

-Gun was really lucky to have someone like Lisa, but things were just about to get interesting.

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