in a confused tone while turning her head to look at Gun, who also seemed confused.

~ ”well…Guns girlfriend of course. ”

Hearing that Gun, was alittle shocked, ”WHAT!. ”


Hearing what his mom said, Gun was alittle confused, ”Ma, what do you mean by girlfriend. ”

~ ”oh common, you can lie to me or are you telling me that since you became an adult you haven dated anyone. ”

-Now realizing what his mom meant, Gun said, ”Oh, Ma you just got me a little confused there, yeah I have dated alot of people but Ill get you a son in-law sooon ok (Chuckle ). ”

~ ”Son in-law, what do I want with a son in-law. your sister is already married or do I have another daughter. ”

-Feeling alittle confused, Mrs. Gun toke sometime to think it through before realizing what Gun meant, ”no. no., this cannot be happening, I thought you have already given up on being with boys, why are you saying this now. ”

~ ”well Ma, as you can see I haven given up on boys ( chuckle). ”

~ ”The main reason why me and your father sent you to abroad to study, was because we thought that you being here was bringing bad influence on you so… ”

~ ”Ma, are you telling me that you sent a spoiled child, to the kingdom of spoilt children, and anyway Ma I don understand why you think that a boy and boy being In love is a bad thing, I even have a friend who is already married to his boyfriend. ”

~ ”Enough! I don want to hear it, just leave. ”

Annoyed, Gun left the living room for his mom and sister.

~ ”Mom, you shouldn be too rude to Gun. ” Gun lay said in a worried tone.

~ ”What are you talking about, don you feel ashamed for his behavior. ”

~ ”Mom, I know its alittle weird but Gun is your son and my brother, we just have to accept what makes him happy, whether or not he likes boys or girls. ”

~ ”Even you don understand, come take me too my room, Im a little tired. ”

-Standing up, Gun lay took Mrs. Gun to her room to rest while giving her baby to Aunt Bo.

-That night Gun didn eat dinner, instead he stayed in his room all day, the next day he Left to go see his dad in the hospital, but he was still unconscious so all he good do was look at him.

-On his way back, he discussed somethings with Mr. Jim, his father secretary and then came back home.


-In a nice apartment in the west of of Don city, inside were two girls contemplating what their friend was going to wear to work tomorrow, it was her first day.

-Yiwha friends where helping her to pick the right cloth to wear to her first day of work tomorrow.

-They choose a white big shirt and big Long trousers with a black hair wig and a big pier of glasses, tomorrow was going to be a very nice day.

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