The Brothers Widow

Remembrance Ceremony 1

Veronica de Venus is the third daughter of the count Venus family. Her family were the counts of the Phoenix Empire.

Although they weren nobles of the topest hierarchy, they were still well respected.

On a bright sunny day, Veronica assisted her father to the Region Empire, one of the strongest and biggest empire of the fourth region.

Her father had important work to do so he left her with the maids and went for his work.

Veronica being a girl of high energy and spirit couldn stay still in a place for too long, and so we found her walking the grounds of the royal garden.

Being new there, she didn know the sides and exits so she ended up getting lost. Trying to find her way through, her ears caught the sound of something pleasant and captivating.

As she followed the sound of the music, she landed her self in a more beautiful part of the garden.

Their was a nice lake and beautiful tress with glamorous flowers, it was truly splendid.

As she turned her head to the other side, her eyes widened in shock at what or who she say there.

It was a boy, a very handsome one at that. He had the most beautiful hair that fell down his back, his skin was as white as snow and she could guess that they were soft too.

He had the most beautiful feminine face that could capture the heart of any girl at anytime. She walked closer towards him and she could see what he was doing.

He was playing a nice flute made with bamboo and he seemed really good at it.

As he blew the holes of the flute, she could feel his seriousness and compassion for the song and it was overwhelming.

She walked closer and closer and when he finally stopped playing, her little hands couldn help but applaud.

Meanwhile, Caspian who was taken by surprise to see the little girl with cute face in front of him, he couldn help but blush.

”W-who are you? ” He asked shyly.

Hearing that, Veronica then realized that she had just appeared out of nowhere and he was probably surprised, ”Right! umm…my name Veronica de Venus, Im twelve and its nice to meet you. ”

Hearing that, Caspian said, ”Venus you say, i suppose that you are the daughter of the count Venus? ”

Hearing that, Veronica nodded, ”Yes! my father is here for business so I followed along, hehe. ”

Caspian said, ”Is that so, well my name is Caspian, its nice to meet you too. ”

He said and upon hearing that, Eun-woo thought Caspian? that name sounds familiar somehow…where have I heard it before

Wait a second, there was only one person in the whole empire region who had the name Caspian and that was no one other than the crown prince of the Phoenix Empire.

Ah! That means that he was the crown prince. Panicking, Veronica said, ”Y-your highness, please forgive my ignorance, I didn know that it was you. ”

Hearing that, Caspian said, ”Its ok… its not like it changes anything. So why don you tell me why you are here in this garden, this is my secret garden and its not easy to find so I wanna know how you found it. ”

Hearing that, Veronica said, ”Well I was wondering around so I ended up getting lost hehe….and trying to find my way out, I ended up here. ”

She said with an awkward laugh and upon hearing that, Caspian said, ”Is that so, well then, do you need my help in getting back..I could guide you through but if you wanna stay and listen to me play more, I won mind. ”

Upon hearing that, Veronicas face brightened up and she quickly said, ”Mhn! I would love to. ”

And that was how they both met, to them it was just coincidence but little did they both know that it was all destiny.

After spending the whole day with one another, they both became good friends.

Caspian seemed to find her personality interesting and the part that she preferred reading and learning instead of making herself look beautiful seemed to have enticed him.

She finally went back home and him thinking that that would be their final meet ended up swallowing his words when they met again at the academy.

She had worked hard and headed getting into the same academy as him. Although he was shocked to see her, another part if him felt like he had been expecting her.

As the years they both learned and studied together, from friends became admirers and from that lovers.

If always wanting to be with one another and understanding one another wasn love, I don know what else is.

After graduating they finally did it, they both got married and from being a merchants daughter, she became the Crown princess of Phoenix Empire.

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