The Brothers Widow

Remembrance Ceremony 2

They were happily married, for over two years if you wanna be precise but tragedy wasn far behind.

Caspian had to leave for some work in a village at the South and Veronica not knowing that this might be the last time she would ever see her husband, ended missing his leave and he left before she could see him go.

Few days later, news came in to the Palace and the next place she found herself in was at the holy temple, wearing a white and plain dress.

In just few days, she had turned from being a wife and Crown princess of Phoenix Empire, to a widow.

The death of their crown prince placed a big scar in the hearts of the people of Phoenix Empire including the Emperor, Empress and princess.

And over everyone, the one who was more hurt by this news was Veronica.

After Caspians death, she secluded herself in her chambers and never came out.

No one heard any news about her for a whole year. It was also part of their tradition that a widow was to stay in plain clothes for a whole year but she didn just wear plain clothes, she refused to see or talk to anyone except her personal maid Alice

So that was literally her story, want to know more, keep on reading then.

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It was a cold dark Night and walking the corridors was a girl with black long locks. She wore a beautiful evening dress which matched her beautiful pearl like skin.

She was assisted by two maids who followed her quietly from the back until she finally stopped in front of a door.

A hug one at that and upon seeing Their princess, the two guards who stood in front of the door greeted her and opened the door to let her in.

She was no one other than Clarissa Whitlock The princess of Phoenix Empire, daughter of the emperor and empress and lets not forget the little sister of Caspian.

Upon entering her mothers chambers, Clarissa took a seat and said, ”Greetings mother. ”

Hearing her daughters voice, Empress Vivian smiled slightly before then saying, ”Carissa, I was wondering when you are gonna arrive. ”

She said as she took a seat opposite her daughter, ”Privacy. ” She said majestically and all the maids and servants left the room.

With them finally alone, Carissa could finally relax, ”Mother, how was your day today? ” She asked as she sipped the tea that was placed on the table.

”It was normal as usual, I just had alot to do with the remembrance day coming soon. ” She replied with a rather sad tone.

Hearing that, Clarissa expression changed to a sad one, ”Yah, brother remembrance ceremony right? time flies so fast doesn it? it has already been a year. ”

Nodding to her daughters words, Vivian said, ”Hmm it has surely passed-by really fast. ”

Clarissa said, ”Do you think that sister-in-law will attend the ceremony? ”

Hearing that, Vivian sadly said, ”I hope she does because I want to see her, since Caspian died I haven seen her and it hurts me to see her in so much Pain. ”

”Same with me to mother, but I think that she would be so much surprised when she sees Elder brother tomorrow. ” Carissa said with a slight smile.

”Yes, she is going to see Alexander tomorrow…and if you get a chance, try to talk to her and explain to her who Alexander is before she takes him to be Caspian. ” Vivian said.

Nodding her head to her mothers words, Carissa said, ”Mhn..I Will. I literally can wait to see him. ” she said smiling.

”Me too. ” And with that, the conversation ended.

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In the northern border, different horses could be seen matching fort. They all carried the flag of the Phoenix Empire so it was supposed that they were knights of the empire.

In their mist was Alexander, he had a cold expression plastered on his face as usual.

He was on his way to the place everyone called home but to him it was more than that.

Everything changed for him a year ago when he was told that he had a family and that his father and mother were no one other than the Empress and the Emperor.

It was more than surprised, he was flabbergasted and what shocked him the most that he was told about the death of his twin-younger brother.

Everything came as a surprise to him that he didn know what to feel. Did they expect him to feel sad for death of some he knows but knew nothing about him.

Well did it matter anyway, no he was on his way to the empire. Now that he is the only son of the empire, his fate was already decided and there is nothing he could do about it.

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