The Brothers Widow


The day for the remembrance ceremony of the crown prince came and everyone was getting ready for it.

The servants and maids were all running around with the decorations and the cooks were all making different meals for the special occasion.

Different Kings and queens from far away kingdoms were coming for the remembrance too since they wanted to show their support to the empire.

So it was gonna be a big day, well to everyone except someone we could all call Veronica

Up in the Palace, in a room that was as tall as Rapunzels tower, inside was as dark as night as all the curtains were shut tight.

Not a single ray of light could be seen but if you looked closely, you could see a woman… actually you could see two women from afar.

One was seated facing her dressing table and the other was standing at her back and she seemed to be brushing her hair.

And the woman seated opposite the mirror was no one other than Veronica

Staying quiet for sometime, she then asked Alice, ”Alice, how is the ceremony preparations coming along. ”

Hearing that, Alice smiled and said, ”Its going quite well, everyone one in the whole capital is gonna be there. They are all gonna set lanterns for his late highness, including myself. ”

She said with outmost confidence, hearing that Veronica felt a little happy and relieved. it was nice to see that everyone still treasured Caspian even with him six-feet below the ground.

Just then, Alice asked, ”Your highness, a-are you gonna attend? ”

Upon hearing that, Veronica just kept quiet before then saying, ”Me being there is of no importance so you don have to worry about me. ”

Standing up, Veronica walked towards the closed curtain and said, ”I made a vow that until I know who cursed his death, I won experience anything like joy or happiness again. ”

She said with a rather sad tone and upon hearing that, Alice just bowed her head in understanding. After all, she was used to Veronica after serving her for over three years.

”That would be all for now, you can leave since I know you are gonna attend the ceremony with christen. ”

Hearing that, Alice blushed slightly and then said, ”Yes your highness, Ill take my leave now. ” She bowed in courtesy and left the dark and gloomy room.

x x x x x xx x xx x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Before everyone knew it, time flew by and evening came. People from the capital were already coming into the Palace and all seemed to be setting their lanterns in their spot.

Meanwhile, up on the palace, the emperor seat and that of his empress were kept beside one another and lets not forget the seat of the princess and Veronica.

But since Veronica wasn coming, it was empty. The civilians who came of course bowed to greet their sun and moon but soon later, sounds of horses matching in was heard.

It was Alexander and his men, they had finally arrived after a journey of 72 hours. Ah! it wasn easy.

He got down from his horse and walked towards the emperor and empress with a rather cold expression.

The civilians who saw him were all surprised and shocked. He looked exactly like their crown prince, the only difference was that rather than a delicate body and sweet expression.

He looked like a man who was born in the middle of a war as different scars were around him and he wore a armor suit with a sword hooked on his belt.

He was totally not Their crown prince.

Some people couldn help but gasp, someone mistakenly even called him Caspian but he didn pay any mind to them.

Of they they were surprised to see someone who was totally identical to their crown prince. its not like they knew that their prince was a twin.

As he walked closer to the emperor and empress all eyes were on him. Standing in front of them, he bowed in respect for his emperor and after that he stood back straight.

As he was about to turn around and leave, the sweet voice of the empress was heard, ”How was your trip? ”

”Good. ” he answered coldly before then turning around to leave. Upon seeing that, Vivian just bowed her Head in sadness, ”He hates me. ”

She said and Carissa said, ”No Mother, Im sure his just tired, he did go a long way from the northern side after all. ” She said to calm her mother down.

Hearing the words of her daughter, Vivian smiled but she was still hurt. Her son hated her and she didn blame him. He probably didn even see her as his mother.

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x


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