A fish with a familiar appearance came into view.


To be exact, it was a fish that looked the same as the one whose tail was torn but had a slightly different color.


‘Did you bring a new doll? For me…?’


I lifted my head with eyes filled with emotion.
Mamela sat next to me and smiled.


“Aryl is a baby, so I kept several of them just in case.
I did a good job, right?”


I guess that’s right.
Guess you brought it for me!




I bit the new doll fish and dug into Mamela’s arms.
Mamela giggled and patted me on the back.


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After all, it was clear that Mamela was the nicest human being in the world.



Finally, my body recovered enough to be able to move actively. 


I happily ran around Mamela’s room and played.
I jumped and attacked each unfamiliar object in front of me, and then ran again as if hunting, knocking down everything.


I flipped over what was standing and rolled what was upside down.
It was so much fun!


“It’s very distracting…” Mamela said in a sullen voice. 


The brown-haired woman next to Mamela nodded her head.


From what I’ve observed, she was a human being who always followed and helped Mamela.
Was her name ‘Jonah’?


Jonah looked around the messed-up room and she said, “The doctor said it would take months for the cat to get better, but it’s only been three weeks.”


“I think he was a quack.”


“Oh, my lady! Where did you learn to say such vulgar words?”


“Why? My brother used it.”


“The Master…”


Jonah, who had muffled her speech, let out a brief sigh.


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“Lady, you shouldn’t learn anything bad from the Master.”




I ran with a ball of wool in my mouth to ask Mamela to throw it. 


It was the moment when Mamela tried to receive the ball with a smile.
Jonah said, “Lady, have you finished your homework?”


“Oh, I think there’s a bit left…” Mamela answered.


“Since there’s not much time left until class, homework comes first.”


I’m sorry, Aryl, let’s play later.”


Mamela only stroked my head sadly.
I smiled brightly as I shook my head.


‘Mamela, play with me!’


I handed a ball of wool over, but Mamela only pulled out her hand.
She scuttled away from me and sat down at her desk.
Jonah watched the scene and left the room.


I still looked at Mamela with the ball in my mouth.


Come to think of it, she spent most of her time at her desk, except playing with me and reading books.


‘What is she doing?’


Why does she always lose energy when she’s just holding the pen?


I watched Mamela foolishly and started playing ball by myself.
She looked busy, but I didn’t want to bother her.

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