Chapter 9 – Sleepy Translations

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Gray’s face was not the mask she had always seen but the raw appearance hidden inside.

“Yeah, you felt that your position was in danger.”

He got angrier.
He has to feel more unfair and resentful.
Long for her more.
Gray will want her more and more.

She was satisfied with Gray kneeling in front of her and shaking his body with his fists clenched.
She laughed at his patience to get what he wanted.

“What are you doing, Carl? Hurry up and say goodbye to Sir Gray.”

She approached Gray and pulled him up by the shoulder.
Gray’s eyes were even more confused.
She smiled, as usual, pretending to love him as if she were Mary.

“Gray, can I look forward to it?”

“Yes, Princess.”

“Okay, I wish I had Gray by my side.
But as you know, I’m very fickle, right? There’s not much time left until I die.
You understand how I want to be with someone who loves me, right?”

“Of course…”

Parting his lips that did not fall, he put on the mask again.
But the kind eyes that contained her were no longer visible.

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‘Yeah, it’s not fun if you just curl up.
Reveal your claws so that you will feel more unpleasant when I destroy you, right??’

Carl said he would guide Gray.
He seemed to want to refuse.
She can’t believe he knelt the same way as an escort in front of her.

But he won’t be able to refuse her favor because he has to look better to her now.
He has to pretend to love herself more than before and try to catch her eyes.

It was only when Gray completely disappeared from her gaze that she exhaled for a long time.
As expected, she’s been outside for too long.
She felt chills on her body.
She tried to enter the palace with her arms wrapped around herself.

“I think I saw an interesting scene.”

“Grand Duke Arthur.”

She shivered.
She didn’t even feel the sign of him approaching.
To avoid embarrassment, she lifted the corners of her mouth as much as possible and loosened her expression.

Perhaps because it was dark, she couldn’t see his face well.
However, one thing could be known.

‘As expected, it’s not easy.
I didn’t expect you to follow me.
Even if I showed interest, I didn’t think he’d come out right away.’

She felt him staring at her and approaching her slowly and very slowly.

Like a beast crouching in the dark and waiting for prey, he moved slowly, hiding and waiting for her words.
As if, if he didn’t like it, he was about to bite her neck.

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“Are you interested in it?”

She asked back naturally.
They are alike.
She’s sure he thinks so, too.

They look so much alike.
As if the role was set from the beginning.
As he recognized her, she recognized him.

They were so similar in this novel.
He’s a villain, so they’re bound to be similar.….
It cannot be denied that he would be reading her thoughts.

“I don’t really want to be a toy replacement.”

“Arthur, are toys all the same?”

“Of course, it depends on the toy.
But I think it’s going to be a loss-making deal.”

Arthur, who finally appeared in front of her, smiled faintly in the dark.
Even if he said so, he seemed to find this situation quite interesting.

His slightly folded eyes bent beautifully.
In the strange atmosphere he exudes, she took a step back.

‘This is dangerous.’

She felt like the alcohol that she drank up earlier was coming back.
Looking at him makes her feel thirsty without realizing it.

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“The wine I drank earlier was strong, but it was good.….”

The red lips contrasted with his pale face caught her eye: black hair, black eyes, and red lips.

She felt like the energy around Arthur was freezing.
The chills have gotten worse and worse.

She couldn’t take my eyes off his lips without realizing it.

She looked away and looked into his eyes.
It was still full of interest.
He had similar eyes to a cat who found an interesting toy.

Jaguar rather than a cat.
He looks good with more dangerous animals like jaguars.

“Don’t you want to have me, Grand Duke Arthur?”

She tried to stretch her body and smiled sensibly at him.
Arthur shrugged with a deeper smile on his smile.

“I’m not lacking enough to want to have a woman who only has the day to die.”

That’s right.
I was mistaken.”

That was right.
She has nothing to be desired.
The interest he shows her is just because of something small that didn’t happen in everyday life.
Initially, he would have enjoyed drinking quietly listening to people’s swear words at the party.

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As usual, as usual.
Just like a boring daily life.

“Then, wouldn’t it be fun to watch me like that? Wasn’t it a moment when you were bored?”

“I don’t think it’s something to say in front of a dying person, but it can be seen as that.
Unless I strike this empire.”

She narrowed her forehead slightly to what he said casually about death.
It’s a funny thing.
Why does Arthur, neither Gray nor Carl, respond to her death? It’s good for her, but she shouldn’t have given that much more attention.

“As you saw earlier, Gray doesn’t love me.”

“So, what do you want from me?”

Arthur brought up the main point as if not to talk back.
It was an attitude that he was not interested in other people’s love stories.
His eyes looked deeper than before.

There’s only one thing she wants.
To get rid of him and die quietly enjoying her life.
Additionally, revenge.

“Grand Duke Arthur, get engaged with me.”

“I don’t want to.”


He thought about it, right? She looked at him with an absurd look in embarrassment.

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