Fake and Truth (9)

“What I’ve been serving and what I have to continue to serve.”

The hand fell down with a snap.
She felt Carl’s head was leaning against her shoulder, but soon he hugged her and pulled her with one hand.

“Always alone in a lonely place…..
shouldn’t you be there?”

“I’m not the Mary you loved.”

“I know.
Throughout my time, I noticed that you were not Mary.”

“But why?”

“But you are still Princess Mary Anastasia to me.”

Tears flowed from her eyes without realizing it at Carl’s words.
Even though she was embarrassed by tears, she didn’t know why.

Holding him in her arms, she closed her eyes pressing down on the hot emotions filling her throat without saying a word.

“Whether or not it’s the princess I loved, nothing will be unacceptable to me.
I will always be here by your side.”

Now she fully understands what he meant by not being greedy.
Carl’s intention to not leave her side…….

“I’m going to live as if I didn’t know.”

“Why did you ask me to tell you the truth now?”

“Can’t I be greedy at least once?”

Just that much, that’s how greedy Carl was.
Telling her honestly what Arthur and others know.

“Nothing will change.
I’m your escort and only the woman in front of me is Mary Anastasia, the only princess of the Arpen Empire.”

“Aren’t you curious?”

“When I am just with the princess and my job is over, then…….”

Carl’s throat clumped the end of his speech.
She, who was in his arms, tried to turn her head, but she couldn’t move because of Carl, who was gripping her.

“So don’t hide it from me from now on.
Shouldn’t I know everything to help the Princess?”


After she collapsed and came to this castle and went through several times, Carl seems to have vowed.

It sounded like saying let’s reveal it to help her properly, and she doesn’t have to care because he knows everything.

She knew how heartbreaking it was to not have anyone to love, but she couldn’t comfort him.

She was the one who stole the body, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

“Then tell me what happened during the week.”

She escaped from Carl’s arms and sat in a chair.
Carl thought about it for a while and stood opposite him and bowed his upper body.

“Sit down, standing up is more annoying.”

“Then I’ll sit down for a moment.”

Carl’s eyes, sitting facing her, were red.
Unlike his calm voice, he could not hide his sad face.

“She’s a fake.”

“I know.
It’s only pretending to be her, but it’s not the real thing either.”

“Arthur must have noticed.”

She expected it, but she didn’t know he’d really notice it.
Then, why the hell were they together for a week?

“I don’t know what she was, but she was funny to watch.”

“Did you laugh?”

Nox and Arthur must be crazy.
How can they enjoy this situation? The two look alike but not alike.

At first, Arthur thought she (Mary2) was similar to herself.
But he was wrong.

She is creepy, similar to Nox.

“She didn’t smile for a week while the Princess was lying down.”

Carl made an impression without realizing it.
Looking at her still looking at him, he shook her head.

“I think it’s better for the Princess to not fall down again.”


“He’s been half crazy.”


“Even though he didn’t look well, he searched the entire castle to find out why you collapsed and stayed in your room all day without sleeping.”

Is it to make medicine? Since he said he studied, he might have tried to do something for her, but he collapsed.

“Yes, medicine.
That medicine.”

The medicine he gave herself as soon as she woke up.
It keeps getting caught.

“Did he feed me even when I was lying down?”

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen it.”

“Then why were you two fighting in my room?”

“No matter how much he investigated, he couldn’t figure out why the Princess fainted in the hallway, so he came to see me.
It was strange for me, too, because I lost consciousness even though I didn’t fall asleep every time.….”

It was clear what Nox did.
If so, she also followed him.

“Where was I lying down?”

“It was the hallway in front of the room that didn’t open.”

“I was lying down there?”

One thing was clear if she followed Nox.
He showed her something and made her forget.
And that’s probably one of the things she’s been curious about.

‘Secret room.’

And the blue light that kept popping up was telling her to hurry up and remember something.

Her mouth opened as if he couldn’t believe the appearance of the room rising with the closet.

“I think I went into that room.”

No, she went in.
Obviously, she remembers opening the door with Nox and stepping in the room.

“You couldn’t find a key or a way to open it.”

“Something keeps coming to mind in my lost memory.
But I think it’s related to the room.”

Nox wouldn’t need a key.
There was nothing he couldn’t do.
Can’t he do anything when he’s created people?

“The key wouldn’t have existed in the first place.
Because he’s not the one who needs that.”

Carl was lost in thought of what she said, and his eyes grew big as if there was something that soon came to mind.

He took out the paper, drew the shape of the door, and soon held it out to her.

“Do you remember when you first saw the door?”

“The one you drew for me?”

Since Carl drew it in quite detail, an image came to her mind at once.

Something changed when Carl traced his memory by comparing the two door paintings on the table.

“This, no way.”

The shape of the door had changed.
To be precise, it was the pattern of the door when the door was locked.


And if what this means is what she thinks, she’s right about entering the room.

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