Fake and Truth (10)

Carl took out the picture of the door that he continued to look at and opened it.

“If I remember correctly,”

Carl tilted his head and separated the shapes of the two different doors up and down.
And he pointed to the picture of the door above and said.

“I always checked when I heard screams.”

The pattern on the door on the day she collapsed matched the pattern that Carl had checked.
That means she saw what happened in the room in person.
Not anyone else but her.

“I have to remember.”

“It seems that the Princess’s memory has been intentionally erased.”


Nox might have seen and enjoyed her reaction that day.
He showed what she was curious about, but he erased it from her memory and took it.

“Is he the one you’ve been looking for?”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

“You must have found him.”

“It’s not like I found him, I got everything I was curious about.”

As long as she looks for her memories.

It may not be easy for her to find it, but she had to remember it by all means.

“First, let me find out more and tell you.
For now, I think it would be better to leave it alone.”


Carl’s words made her feel down.
Now she’s trying to solve something properly, but why is he suddenly cutting it off?

Carl, who read my expression, looked at the clock and looked at the door once.

“The Princess collapsed and he came at a fixed time every day.”

“I’m awake now.”

“He just came and left, and every time he asked about the status at the door.”

She thought he could do that enough.
Carl said Arthur stayed with her even during the week she was down.

He said she couldn’t take the medicine because she was unconscious.

Instead, Arthur always stayed by her side, checked her condition, and did not neglect nursing.

‘……She didn’t take any medicine?’

He said he refused, but he didn’t feed her even when she collapsed.
She couldn’t believe what Karl said, but he can’t tell her this as a lie.

Eventually, on the day she came to consciousness, he gave her medicine, but Arthur thought he had put up with it quite a lot.

‘It’s a bit sad to think that she stayed by her side, fearing she was going to die.’

Carl’s face, which did not ask the maid to do it, but only told her that he was in charge of everything from beginning to end, was full of unknown expressions.

He told her that Arthur’s face was shaded.

What he was afraid of was her death, so she could expect what kind of feelings it would have been.
Strangely, her heart ached and she felt pain.

“I’ll give you a moment.”


Carl bowed his head to her, spoke in a calm voice, and opened the door.

She could see Arthur standing around.
The expression full of dissatisfaction looking at Carl coming out of the room was a bonus.

“Fortunately, your face looks good today.”

“Don’t stand there grumpily and come in.”

“Never mind.
I’m here to see your face.”

Arthur and her exchanged conversations through the open door.
Feeling frustrated at what he was doing now, she got up from her seat and walked to Arthur.

“Come in or close the door.
Why don’t you just do one of the two?”

“…Can I come in?”

“When did you ever ask?”

Even if he asked, he came in at his disposal and seemed to be careful not like him.
There was only one thing he had to be aware of.

“Say it.”

“What do you mean?”

Pulling Arthur’s hand, she approached him closely.
As she twisted her head slightly and got closer, she whispered in his ear.

“That girl? What did you do?”


“Tell me the truth, or I’ll jump like crazy.”

“She’s still alive.”

Not yet.
Her face was distorted by the word “still”.
She didn’t think he said “still” in a good way, so she stared a little away from him in anxiety.

Patting his face gently, she continued to look into his eyes.
She stared hard, thinking that she might notice him hiding even a little.

“……You’ve become quite active since you woke up sick.”

“I think you’re hiding something else.”

“If I tell you the truth, you wont understand.”

“When did I not understand? You’ve never told me the truth.”

Arthur covered her hand with his hand and slightly turned his head to kiss the palm of her hand.

She narrowed her forehead due to his sudden behavior, but swallowed a dry saliva without realizing it in Arthur’s eyes.

“I truly love you.”

His eyelids closed slowly.
She felt strange at Arthur’s slightly twisted gaze.

Is it because of the distance that she got close to him after a long time? Or is it because of the way he looks at her?

“… Is work hard these days?”

She remembered what Carl said and looked at him, and she saw a rather emaciated face.

He looked tired to anyone’s eyes, whether he had a lot of backlog work or if he had accumulated fatigue because he couldn’t rest while nursing her.

“Why don’t you take a break?”

“If you put me to sleep, I’ll think about it.”

Arthur drew her hand with a little tiredness and made her hug him.
He bowed his head and buried it on her shoulder, and unexpectedly stood firm in front of the door.

“I think you’ll be more tired if you nap like this.
I’d rather you sleep.”

“I don’t think I’ll sleep if I go to bed like this, so you’d better just stay here.”

“……I don’t have a hobby of touching sick people, so don’t worry and lie down.”

“I’m saying this because I think I’ll do it, not you.”

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