Fake and Truth (11)

Arthur murmured with his head buried in a playful voice.
At his first appearance, she raised her hand without realizing it and approached his head.

“Are you going to pat me?”

Seeing her hand, she shook her head.
When she was with him, she was in trouble because there were often situations where actions came out differently from what she thought.

She was aware that her heart was going to him without even realizing it.
But she tried to control herself consciously and ignore it.

‘It’s because I’m worried about what I’m doing right now.’

She was strangely conscious of what she heard from Carl.
There was something she didn’t tell Arthur either.

The suspicion that meeting Nox and perhaps the reason why she collapsed for a week were also involved.
No, this was almost a conviction.

She can’t speak because she doesn’t remember, not a fictional story that she made.

She hurriedly tried to put down her hand in the air awkwardly.
At that moment, Arthur grabbed her hand and made her hold his neck.


Surprised, she pulled back, and his other hand held her waist tightly.

“It’s hard to seduce like this.”

“……Don’t say nonsense and just sleep.”

“If you sleep next to me, I’ll think about it.”

Rather nervously, she escaped Arthur’s arms and held her hand, and led him toward the bed.

It is clear that he is crazy because he cannot sleep.
The dreamy eyes seemed to tell of the current fatigue.

“I think you’ve gotten weird since I haven’t seen you.”

“It’s not weird, it’s honest.”

As she approached the bed, she pressed his shoulder and made him sit down.
As soon as she tried to roll up the blanket and press Arthur’s shoulder again to lie in bed, Arthur’s hand hugged her waist again.


Arthur’s hands soon hugged her tightly and refused to let her go as she tried to raise herself, lying down in his arms.

When she slightly looked up and saw him, her eyes were already closed.
Except that the corners of the mouth were slightly curled up, it was tranquil itself.

Even if she tried to get away with it, she couldn’t have overcome his power.
Giving up, she relaxed and listened to his heart.

Boom, boom, boom.

She heard a heartbeat.
She thought it’s a bit fast.
She moved her hand to see if it was okay and put her hand on his chest, and it jumped faster than before.

“Oh, my.
Your heart is racing too fast.”


“Are you okay? You’re not sick?”

Perhaps because of what she heard from Carl, she was worried about him.
Hearing his heartbeat doesn’t make it beat as fast as Arthur is 1.5 times as fast as hers? It felt pretty fast.
No, is it double?

“…… Do not move.”

“Then let me go.”

“I don’t like that.
Because if I were around you, I’d feel relieved and sleep a little.”

“… Did you not sleep a wink?”

Arthur’s cold eyes opened wide.
The eyes slightly opened to look at her below, and then they looked at her and folded beautifully.

“You might really leave my side.”

Arthur’s hand, which was hugging her tightly with a slightly sleepy voice, slowly lost strength.
The mouth was also slightly curled up along the curved eyes while drawing the arc.

“I thought a lot about whether to follow you or wait.”

He meant it.
At this moment, Arthur was not telling a single lie.

When she found the iris in his eyes expanding, she got goosebumps all over her body.

“Or should I give everything I have to save you?”

“You don’t look like you’re contemplating.”

She reached out and stroked Arthur’s face.
His body flinched slightly.
He smiled lightly at the moment’s shaking gaze.

“You’re the one who will suffer more than anyone else if I die.”


“You know that I’m holding you and shaking you with my life as collateral.
Why are you telling me?”

She knows she’s the one who makes him suffer more than anyone else.
It was not what she wanted and she was not able to give it.

She couldn’t have it just because she wanted it, and she couldn’t stay still in his grasp just because he grabbed her.

Nevertheless, he wants her to find out why he told her that.

“Arthur, people are so cunning.”

“What does that mean?”

“I’m scared of giving my heart, but I’m happy to receive it.”

She slowly closed and opened his eyes, passed Arthur’s eyes, moved her fingers slowly along his nose and lips.
Arthur’s lips flinched every time her hand moved.

“Your mouth telling me honestly looks so pretty now.”

When she touched his lips with her finger, his lips opened slightly.
She thought the corners of her mouth were going up slightly, but soon licked her fingers that touched her lips.
It was her who provoked, but her heart beat like a burst at one of his actions.

“It’s dangerous.”

When she quickly pulled out her hand, Arthur quickly turned around and climbed up.
He grabbed her hand and took it to his lips, looked at her with his eyes down, and began to kiss her finger.

“I didn’t know you meant you were going to put me to sleep like this.”


“I warned you that I was holding it in.
So please bear with me.”

Arthur’s tongue licked her finger and kissed the back of her hand.
His breath touched her skin intact.

The room where the silence hovered was filled with Arthur’s breathing sound.
His lips soon overlapped her tightly closed mouth.

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