Fake and Truth (12)

Arthur’s tongue, which was gently sweeping over her lips, patted and stretched out with a bite on her lower lip.
Without realizing it, she was out of breath and grabbed the blanket tightly.
Impatiently she slightly opened her mouth to his tongue.
He swept her teeth, shook her mouth, and hugged her back strongly.


Arthur’s subdued voice cooled the back of his neck.
His instinct flashed along with his suppressed emotions.

His mouth dried up as he was slightly loosened and longing for her, his drowsy eyes were revealed so clearly.


When the hot breath touched the back of her neck, a moan that she held back burst out.
She hurriedly tried to cover her mouth, but it was blocked by Arthur’s hand.
Both hands were held and raised above her head.

Arthur’s eyes gradually went down from eyes to lips and neck.
She turned her head because she felt like she would be fascinated by the way he looked at herself.

“Look at me.”

“It’s up to me wherever I look.”

“Can’t you look at me other than somewhere else?”

Her head twitched.
It fell down.
At his sudden attitude, she turned her head with a puzzled look and looked at him.
Arthur’s hand, which was holding her hand, loosened up.

“When will you look at me?”

“I’m still looking at you.”

“I wish I could always be where you see me.”

“Come on.”

“It’s not Carl, and it’s not who you’re looking for so much.
But me.”

Arthur’s hand, which had been loosened, felt strong power again.
Unlike before, she even felt horrified by Arthur’s eyes.

She couldn’t hear anything else.
‘He’s looking for it so much’.
Arthur also knew she was looking for Nox.
She just closed her eyes pretending not to know.

“Why didn’t you pretend you didn’t see it?”

“As you said, people are so cunning.”


“When I didn’t know, I didn’t have any greed, but after I found out, I was too greedy.
I don’t want you to see other people, talk to them, or recall the memories you shared.”


Arthur buried his head in her arms.
After a few minutes of no movement, he turned around and whispered in her ear.

“So, I’m not going to just watch anymore.”

“Oh, Arthur….”

Arthur’s lips took over the back of her neck.
Her body shrank with a sneaky feeling, but she couldn’t do anything.

His hands were shaking.
His breath shook irregularly.

He’s crying.

Why? Why is he crying?

A moan burst out of her mouth with the feeling of sucking the back of her neck.
Arthur’s one hand slowly came up, digging into her clothes.
Long fingers carefully climbed up and headed inward.

“Are you crying?”


Arthur’s finger, placed above her thigh, hardened on the spot.
Arthur’s lips, which were heading toward the chest from the neck, were also removed.

“If you’re scared, I’ll stop here.”

Arthur’s hand, which held her hand, was completely exhausted.
Tapping on her clothes.
One by one, drops of tears fell.

“It’s not the first time.
It’s the second time.
What are you afraid of now? You slept with me in the name of confirmation.”


“Arthur, I have no reason to reject you.”

It was true.
To be honest, sleeping with him was not a bad memory for her.
She felt his touch and sincerity toward her.

She doesn’t hate Arthur either.
To be more honest, it bothers her and she keeps thinking about it.

“If you’re just trying to hold me because you think I’m going to leave, this is not right.
You can hold me if you want me because you love me.”

“I… You…….”

He’s afraid of her leaving.
Her body, crouched like a coward, soon hugged her a little harder.
With his face buried in her arms, he breathed without moving.

‘It really became what I wanted now.’

How much she wanted him to want her.
She needed him to achieve everything to survive.
And she thought she finally got him.

It was his usual words, but it wasn’t just his eyes that seemed unusually sincere today.


There was a tremor in his voice.

With his honest words, the sound of his fast-beating heart kept lingering in her ears.
Arthur was changing because of her.
He’s not lying.
He’s serious.

“Every day is full of thoughts about you.
I’m going crazy because I’m afraid and anxious about you leaving.”

She raised herself and lifted Arthur’s chin.
Tears were still flowing down his eyes.
Was a man crying in bed so hot? Without realizing it, a smile leaked from Arthur’s appearance.

“That’s all that matters.”

She covered her mouth with Arthur’s lips and penetrated his mouth.
Whenever she intertwined, the room was filled with rough breathing.
Arthur slightly kissed her shoulder with the clothes coming off one by one.

Arthur, who took a deep breath in her collarbone and looked up at her, soon took off his shirt.
The solid body, which was revealed intact, wrapped tightly around her waist and lifted her up.

As one hand ruffled his messy hair, Arthur laid his body over her.

Long, thick fingers swept down her thighs and slid down in her clothes like a storm.
Arthur grabbed her flinching body a little more carefully as it reacted to his hand.

When his solid body touched her, she could feel the movement of his muscles vividly.

Whenever she breathed in, moans leaked out of her mouth naturally along with the muscles of his upper body that moved.


“……I will do everything for you.”


“You just stay with me.”

He chewed her lips hard.
He didn’t say anything else to her.
It was just a word.
Even if he didn’t say it, she was next to Arthur now.

But did he notice it, too? That her heart is not like that.
The fact that if she gets what she wants to get, she will leave him mercilessly.

Even though he knows, he won’t let go.
Loving a person is not at her disposal.
Therefore, love is a cruel and harsh emotion.

Behind happiness is a consideration, understanding, and tens of thousands of other emotions.

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