In Arthur’s room without any colour, she felt a little bit filled with their colours mixing.

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He, who asked her to prove herself to be Mary, was completely focused on who she was today.

Arthur’s hand slowly came in through her legs through the open clothes.
Her body kept flinching at the relaxed touch without being impatient.


His slightly rough fingers felt the soft texture of her skin and dug inward, and her legs were unknowingly tense and she shrank.

Having struggled to moan, she saw Arthur looking at her with slightly open eyes.

His shirt, which had been neatly trimmed, was loosened one by one at the touch.
His good looking body unknowingly stole her attention and reached out.


Arthur bit her neck slightly with his hand that came into her clothes, perhaps because he felt her gaze.
His tongue slowly climbed down her neck and gradually went down.

The gaze persistently captured her in his eyes as if he would not miss each and every aspect of herself.
The corners of his mouth rolled up, making him look happy for some reason.

“Archduke Arthur…!”

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She hurriedly called him and held Arthur’s hand.
Arthur kissed her with a soft look.


Arthur passed by every single inch of her body.
It seemed that he was slowly trying to leave his marks all over her body.
Red stamps were left one by one where he passed by.

“Archduke Arthur Douglas”!

While moving up and down, she was surprised to see the marks left on her chest and body and called his name.

As if he didn’t care about her reaction, Arthur grabbed her legs with both hands and pulled them toward him to make her lie down again.

“You wouldn’t want to have sex with anyone other than your fiancé.”


“I don’t think you can do that anymore.”

Arthur smiled as if satisfied as he saw the mark on her body.
He didn’t budge even in her glaring eyes.

His hand moved a little faster than before.
At his touch, her clothes were peeled off.

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Arthur, staring at her body silently, suddenly held his breath tightly hugging her.

‘Oh, how was her body?’

After receiving the day of death, she couldn’t have a healthy body like other children.
Her skinny body came to mind, so she smirked and laughed without realizing it.

“What? Did you suddenly lose your desire after looking at my body?”

“Isn’t that possible?”

“I don’t like it even when I look at it, but when a man like the Archduke sees it, it’s even worse.”

She pushed him away and tried to get up.
However, the more she tried to escape, the more Arthur held her in his arms and did not let her go.
Somehow, she felt something hot in her face that touched her shoulder.

“…You must feel sorry for me, don’t you?”

She was angry.
She was ashamed and hated this situation.
She couldn’t wait to get out of it.

Arthur looked at her with more subdued eyes than before.
She could feel his hands shaking a little.

“It’s because I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

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“Didn’t you want it first?”

“That’s right.
I’ve been longing for you more than anyone else.”

Arthur began to covet her body with a little rougher touch than before.

She could feel her body heating up gradually at the sound of his moaning, which was getting rougher along with the exhilarating breath.

She doesn’t know where the shame had gone before, and she was leaning into Arthur’s touch as if she was familiar with it.

Arthur, who gently stroked her hair and fixed her face toward him, soon bit her lower lip and did not let go.

The saliva on the fallen lips stretched like a transparent thread and broke off.

Arthur grabbed her chest with one hand and bit her neck slightly, perhaps because he felt her gaze.
His tongue slowly went down her neck.

Her mind kept getting confused by the pleasure dominating the whole body.


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As soon as she was distracted, she felt something heavy between her legs.
Unknowingly, she opened her eyes and looked at Arthur.

“Well, wait.”

Perhaps she was scared at the moment, so she pushed Arthur’s waist away, but it was useless.
His slightly loosened eyes stared at her, and at the same time, his breath was felt in her ears.

“Hut, argh!”

Arthur slowly rubbed his pen*s against her so as not to be impatient.
As the sliding friction was added to the slimy liquid, the excited vagin* urged.

Arthur’s Pen*s, that touched the vagin*, slowly pushed in as if expanding the entrance.
She exhaled her held breath and made a nasal sound at the same time as she felt it.


She felt Arthur’s penis filling the inside slowly but not too slow.
As the genitals hotter than body temperature penetrated the inside, the heat rose and felt like covering her whole body.

At the same time, as she felt the joined part getting brighter, her body trembled with strong pleasure as the wrinkles on the inner wall of the vagin* fit Arthur’s.

Oh, oh, ah.”

A scream-like moan continued to burst out of her mouth.
Arthur moved his back slowly, tickling the n*pples while holding her chest.

The sound of friction between her and Arthur’s bare skin reverberated throughout the room.

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