ot glanced at her arms and saw the memorandum.

She gave Elliot the jewelry she prepared as a reward and walked through the garden.

“Elliot, don’t disappoint me.
I don’t forgive dogs that bite their owners.”

“Of course, don’t worry.”

Elliot smiled and nodded at her.

She just hoped that the child’s reflected excitement will be her luck.
She hoped her vitality will not lose its light with the wrong choice.

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When was it that she walked in the garden under the sun, she came here and stayed only in her room feeling worse.

Even so, it was only three days, but why does she feel worse after visiting the Grand Duke’s?

“Let’s stop and go in.”

“Princess, hold on a second! It’ll take a moment!”

Elliot rushed into the garden.
Because of Elliot, who had left before she could stop her, she was forced to sit in a visible chair and catch her breath.

‘How dare she ask me to wait? Should I just leave?’

The child’s face was too bright for that.
Her bright smile at her was somehow a little lovely, so she couldn’t go.

No, maybe it was because she didn’t have the strength to go back alone.

When she was under the warm sun, warmth permeated her body and felt empty.

She also wanted to stay in the green vitality of the grass and trees seen in the garden.

“Princess, look at this!”

“… Is this why you told me to wait?”

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“Yes, actually, I wanted to show you a pretty flower that resembles the Princess if we go a little further, but I couldn’t pick it up because it seemed like you were struggling.”

“Get rid of it.”

Like this.

When she hit Elliot’s hand, the flowers in her hand fell to the ground.

Even the petals that were attached fell off, making it a form of nothing to call them flowers.

“Why? Do you want me to die like this flower?”

“It’s just so pretty…….”

Elliot’s face was filled with embarrassment.
She didn’t feel good when she faced the child’s feelings that were revealed on her face.

‘What? But are you going to pretend to be a saint now? You don’t even want to do that anyway.’

She walked past Elliot, trampling on the flowers that fell on the floor.
Elliot bowed her head and looked at the flowers being crushed.

“Don’t follow me.
I’ll go back alone.”

Is it because of the sudden feeling of deterioration or because she’s been receiving sunlight for too long? Her head turned around.

She thought she was a little better, but her body got weird in the meantime.
Only the thought of going back to the room lingered in her head.

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