A Man Called the Devil (9)

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“Didn’t you hear rumors about me?”

“I heard it.”

Arthur answered casually.
His expression still looked pleasant.

“I can see how low my reputation is.”

“I know.
But Mary, don’t you know that?”

He cut the meat and put it on her plate again.
smiled gracefully and stared at me.

She frowned at the spotless meat on the plate.

‘…It’s clear that you’re teasing me.’

She was even more offended to see the cut meat with the piled vegetables.

“I am not as well-reputed as you are.
Someone else told me that I was a devil, right?

At Arthur’s words, she could now see why he was doing this to her.

It was clear that he was still sour about what she had told him in the carriage.
Of course, it wasn’t empty talk, but she didn’t know it would come out this cheap.

“I don’t know who that is, but you saw the person very accurately.”

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She put the plates aside and snorted.
She should go to her room and eat separately.

“But the devil would never be this childish.
So don’t worry, because you’re not a devil.”

Arthur’s smiling face hardened at what she said.
Looking at his expression, she smiled and took a sip of the drink.

“The banquet will be held as soon as possible.
I have something to take care of.”

She was going to stay calm until Carl found out what she wanted.

Maybe it’s because they thought she was dying, or because she has been quiet, they seem to have forgotten her.

Like Mary, she won’t become a villain just to tease others and make them remember her.
She will tell them who she is.

She was going to make them feel slowly what happens when they run around without knowing what kind of evil woman she really is like.


Carl returned faster than expected.
Of course, as always, he was unconscious.

“Can you please do something about this?”

The appearance of Carl struggling, her expression crumpled.
It was a reaction that came out of itself because she knew that feeling.

“It’s not possible.”


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“Is there any reason I should pay attention to him?”

Arthur looked down at Carl in a pretty crooked tone.
She woke Carl up because she didn’t think he’d listen to her no matter what she said.


“You too are suffering.
it’s okay?”

Arthur’s eyes widened as if he didn’t like her sweet voice.

It was worth knowing what she was thinking because she pulled herself close to Carl.

“…Let go of this, alright?”

“Can’t you say it here? I just have to open my mouth while talking.
Do I have to move my body?”

Arthur was determined, as if he would not let go.
He seemed to be in a good mood these past few days without Carl, but she seems to be quite bothered to see him frown as soon as he faces Carl.

“Ha… … Did you ask me to recognize Carl?”

“Here you go.”

She opened the envelope after receiving it.
She could see the name of a fairly prominent family.

However, she tried to ask Carl because she was not familiar with information about the power or family here.

“Drov, Arman, Bartis? Somehow, this list doesn’t seem to be about very pleasant families.”

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Arthur bowed his head and spoke in her ear.
Her body flinched without realizing it.

She turned her head and looked at Arthur.
The eyes were definitely hardened while looking at Carl, but the corners of the mouth were up.

“Do you know these families?”

“Do you need information?”

“As much as possible.”

About eight families, led by three families, seemed to be the main focus.
Arthur picked up the documents and nodded at her.

“I’ll tell you, so follow me.”


“Isn’t the Grand Duke better than a single escort?”

That was obvious.
She didn’t really like his attitude, but she needed Arthur’s information.

“Carl, good job.
Get some rest now.”


Carl said nothing else.
He just looked at her silently.

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Carl, who was looking at her following Arthur, quickly approached her as if he remembered.


She stopped moving at Carl’s voice and looked back.
He agonized over his mouth and finally handed over a piece of paper.

“What’s this?”

“…… It’s the date of the banquet.”

When she opened the paper, she saw the date of the banquet officially announcing her engagement with Prince Arthur.
It was a week later.
It was a faster schedule than she thought.

‘Isn’t it kind of fast…?’

Recognizing this look on her face, Carl carefully brought it up.
He told her that her father wanted to pull it a little faster and that it was set for a week after another nobleman tried to stop him.

“Why? Is he afraid I’ll die before that?”


“You should’ve told my father, I’m very healthy and well.”

Carl bit his lips slightly at her words and tightened his hand.
It was clear that he didn’t like these words.

“Don’t worry, I won’t die.”

Carl still didn’t seem to believe her.
But she was no longer bound by the idea of dying.

As long as Arthur has shown her that she can live, she will survive.

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