Selfish Mind (6)

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As the day dawned, the maids sent by Arthur entered the room.
It was to attend the engagement banquet.

They silently helped her with her attire.
Gold patterns were drawn on her favorite blue dress.

Perhaps thanks to dressing up after a long time, she felt strange.
She looked carefully at herself in the mirror.

Along with the silver hair shining in the light, she could see the transparent silver eyes so that she could see inside.

She gained a little weight than before, but she was still skinny.
Unlike loose clothes, the clothes fit her well, whether or not it had been tailored to her.

“Then, should we go now?”

When she left the door, Arthur was waiting for her.
Carl also stayed in front of the carriage while waiting.
She got on the wagon under Arthur’s escort.

“How do you feel?”

“I’m a little excited.
When I imagine their expressions, it makes me smile.”

“I’m happy that you look happy.”

Soon after, in the departing carriage, she looked through the documents once again.
Arthur looked at her still and listened to her.

He remained obedient, as if he would follow what she wanted to do.
She laughed at the attitude that it didn’t matter what way.

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“Then what if I trip over you and fall?”

“Do you think I’m a person who can show their flaws?”

“If work is involved, I may know their existence.”

Arthur seemed to think quietly, but soon smiled softly.
Confidence prevailed on his face, as if it could never be.

He wouldn’t be so sloppy, but if he was caught faking anything, there was a high risk that her side would suffer.

“Make it clear.
I win this game, right?”

“Of course.”

There was no hesitation or anxiety in his words.
Arthur’s eyes were also unshakable.

It just looked like it was boring.
She shook her head and sighed.

“I believe you won’t let me down.”

“I told you, didn’t I? It’ll all work out the way you want it to.”

Arthur was confident again this time.
She turned her eyes to the papers, remembering it in her head.

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Now she has no choice but to believe it.
She may see blood today at the place where the grand banquet is held to announce her engagement.

It depends on what they choose, but she will strengthen her position at this time.

As the only Princess of the Arpen Empire, as Mary, she will find her way to live.

When she entered the Arpen Empire, everyone welcomed her.
Listening to the cheers of the people, she put a false smile on her face.
It was just the beginning.

She got off the wagon, grabbed Arthur’s hand, and entered the Palace.
She was guided straight to where her father was and greeted him.

“Mary, your face looks good.”

Her father welcomed her as if he were relieved of her complexion.

When he checked with his eyes, tears welled up in the corners of his eyes to see if he was relieved.

‘You probably didn’t believe it.’

There was no one to save her.

No one was trying to cure her illness or prescribe medicine.
Therefore, it was close to a miracle that she regained her health to this extent.

“Yes, thanks to Grand Duke Arthur, my health has improved a lot.”

With a smile, she slightly grabbed the Grand Duke’s arm.

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It was also to show her father their friendship with each other, but it was also to let him know it was because she wanted to go to him.

He must have suspected her sudden change in attitude, so he will be relieved if she shows this much.

“Everyone is waiting.”

“I see.
I’ve been waiting for this day, too.”

Her father looked at Arthur at her meaningful words.
It would be to ask him what she means.

But Arthur also shrugged and smiled as if he did not know.

Everyone’s attention was focused on the words that announced the entry of the imperial family.
When her father entered and sat down, everyone greeted him with courtesy.

Arthur and her also sat next to her father.

Although she did not show it, everyone complained about the appearance of Arthur and her in front of her eyes.

She wouldn’t have believed it.
There will be people who thought it was just a made-up story, and there will be people who laughed at it again, this time thinking it was her whim.

‘They’re all here.’

Fortunately, it was confirmed that the families on the list attended.
She kept her expression, lowering the corners of her mouth that were trying to go up.

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In a little longer, she’ll see their faces distorted as they cover it with fans and look at her.

‘I can clearly see what you’re thinking inside.’

Even so, she could see the expressions of those who laughed, saying that she was the Princess who was about to die.

She is engaged, but they will think that she is not a threat because she is in a dying body, anyway.

Looking at them, who thought they just had to endure it until then, she tried to keep smiling.

What will they do when the power they firmly believed collapses?

They would have heard rumors, too.
There was no way that they didn’t know what happened to Gray and where he is now.

They are not fools, although they deliberately spread rumors.
She’s sure they believed there was something else and suspected it.

When her father raised his hand, there was a moment of silence.
Soon after, when Arthur announced his official engagement, everyone wore a mask and congratulated him.

“Congratulations on the engagement of Princess Mary Anastasia and Grand Duke Arthur Douglas!”

The engagement ceremony of the Princess, who is about to die, is clear that everyone is cursing inside.

She also had a false smile and accepted their congratulations.

Soon after, she went down to the middle of the banquet hall to dance with Arthur, and they danced together to the music that was being played.

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