Selfish Mind (10)

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“They were used as a sex slaves and sent to other countries, and if they try to rebel or escape…… They would do unspeakable things, such as cutting off their legs, scorching their eyes, locking them in cages and arranging fights.”

“His Majesty the Emperor! This is a setup.
Why would we do that?”

She certainly warned him.
She doesn’t enjoy being cut off.
With a scant breath, she tried to hold Carl’s sword in her hand.


At that moment, she heard a scream close to the Count’s scream.
People also screamed and held their breath.

As she turned her head, she saw the count bleeding while kneeling on the floor, covering his mouth with his hands.

Arthur stood in front of him.
Holding a bloody sword, he was looking down at the Count, struggling with pain under him with a stony gaze.

“Arthur! What are you doing?”

“I just put the blood that was supposed to be on the Princess’s hand on my hand instead.”

Arthur calmly wiped the blood off the sword with a handkerchief.

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He knew exactly what she wanted.
If it weren’t for Arthur, she would really tear his mouth apart.

“Let’s continue.”

The people gathered at the banquet hall were quickly terrified by Arthur’s cold frozen words.
The Count’s wife was also so surprised that she collapsed on the floor and trembled.
Arthur smiled and returned the sword to Carl, and continued to talk.

Their eyes, which had compassion for her, had now turned into fear and horror.

She approached the bleeding Count and smiled as she walked slowly around him.

“That’s right.
Everyone wouldn’t believe it.
But isn’t it a ridiculous asset for a single Count to raise money? Or did everyone know about it?”

Duke Bartis is listening to her.
Soon, he asked for the right to speak in full courtesy.

She loved his attitude and decided to give him a chance at least once.
Even so, the results will be the same.
Wouldn’t it be more devastating to give a little hope?

“Princess, our family has supported the Imperial family for generations.
There’s no reason for that, and if I had done that, it would have already gotten into the ears of other people.”

“Is there really no reason for that? Duke, can you be sure that you’ve never been greedy?”

“It’s an honor for our family to be here.”

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He was citing the honor of the nobility.
She couldn’t take it anymore, so she laughed.

She felt sorry for those who shamelessly lied without changing once.

There is no need to honor them anymore.
If they didn’t take off the mask, she could take it off first.
She told them in a different manner and tone than before.

“Duke, the reason you keep this position is because my father condoned it.
Do you really think it’s the power of the Bartis family?”

“Princess, no more…….”

“You’re rushing my life.
It is foolish of you to affirm that there will be no one in this wide empire who is superior to your sons and family in many families.”

In order to maintain relations with the aristocracy, her father must have hired them knowingly.

It was obvious that they turned a blind eye to other people’s outstanding self-control even if they took control.
They are still overlooking one.

“You are making fun of me.”

“That can’t be true, right?”

“Bring it”.

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At her words, a guard carefully handed over something piled up in the fabric.
She spread it out.

It appears to be a medicinal herb, but it was a poisonous herb that gradually made one lose their mind and become addicted and made the ego disappear and become an empty state.
It was like drugs, but it was just a poison that made it possible to manipulate people.

As if hypnotized, they move according to orders and become irresistible.

“With this, the Arman family filled their private soldiers with slaves whom they secretly stole and fed them to control them at will.
Others might have seen themselves wanting to do it.
Above all, you killed people to remove evidence if you thought the information was going to leak even a little to hide this.
Am I wrong?”

She looked at them as she put the documents in her hand on the table.

Along with the noise of the nobles, it seemed confusing, as if they could not believe what came out of her mouth.

“Why? Can’t you believe it?”

She took the poisonous herb and held it out to Duke Bartis.
He unknowingly stepped back on the poison that came to him.

“If it’s not, eat it, that seems to prove it.
I think that’s the most definite testimony.”

“…That, Princess.”

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“What are you doing? Without trying it? This might be the herb you told me about earlier.
I won’t say I don’t know this.”

The poison was brought from none other than his estate.
It wasn’t just the Bartis family.
It was hidden and cultivated along with medicinal herbs in the private land of the Count Drove and Count Arman’s properties.

They won’t know.
That the distribution destination was none other than Arthur.

‘I didn’t know he would have reached out this far, but I wouldn’t have known if it hadn’t been for Arthur.’

Duke Bartis opened the distance from her with an awkward smile.

“What are you doing? Without holding him back? He says he doesn’t like herbs, so I’ll feed him.”

Guards approached and secured him firmly on both sides.
When one forced his mouth open, he shook his head desperately.

She smiled brightly at him and put it in his mouth to say it was a medicinal herb.


She forced him to close his mouth and swallow.
His whole body trembled and his face was pale.

“Let me go.”

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