Selfish Mind (11)

When the guards let go of the Duke, he sat on the floor and put his finger in his mouth to calm him down.
Everyone came out silently and looked at the Duke.
No one has stepped up.

“The Duke of Bartis.
What’s the use of spitting it out?”

She smiled satisfactorily and said words to help herself towards him.

Nobles with expressions full of astonishment, or with fear that they might be next, were seen.

Why are you doing this to me?”

She really liked it when she saw him shaking and crying.
She looked through the nobles with a generous smile, ignoring his words.

“That’s what I want to ask you.
How ridiculous of you to have used a baron to kill me?”

This is a different story from the original.
In the first place, Mary had no choice but to love Gray.
No, it was made that way.

When She, the imperial daughter of this country, dies, it is the upper nobles who actually come to power.

Families who did not take over the blood of the Imperial family but were powerful enough to be on par with the imperial authority.

Representatively, two other families who have become the main pillars of the Duke of Bartis, who is constantly vomiting on the floor because of tears and runny noses in front of their eyes.
Darkness cast over their faces.

‘You didn’t expect it to come out like this.’

No, they wouldn’t have thought she would even know business.
Arthur said that it was a medicine made to forget the pain, and that he knew it was a poisonous herb, like a medicinal herb, but did not sanction it.
He was not interested in anyone else.

Arthur’s interest was only her, Mary Anastasia.

“You’re misunderstanding! We’ve never conspired like that.”

In fact, she doesn’t believe everything Arthur says.
But it was not her loss.

It doesn’t matter if they didn’t try to kill her or covet the throne.

They were people who would only interfere with her when she came to life.

Their greed is endless, and even now, they have coveted more and more money, honor, and strength.

You wouldn’t have known if she hadn’t looked at the number of soldiers or assets they had at first.

“The Duke of Hermann, the number of private soldiers you have, is more than twice that of the Imperial Guard, right?”

“That, that’s wrong information.”

“How am I supposed to know that with so many men, you haven’t tried to kill me and sit on the throne?”


“Ah, now that my father is alive, you may aim for my father, not me.”

Her father trembled at what she said.
The father’s eyes were bloodshot.
He didn’t know she would turn it upside down this much.

“Mary! There should be no lies in what you’re saying right now! This is a serious issue because it is the same as trying to rebel.”

He looked anxious when he saw her, who was ignorant and acted like a fool, swearing at the nobles.

If there is a lie in her words that reveals all the bare faces of the top nobles in front of everyone, this will rather pose a great threat to the Imperial family.

Other nobles who saw this would not stay still, so it was also understandable that her father did that.

Not only has Imperial power not stabilized here, but there is also no male successor they want.

“There’s no lie at all.
I will ask the Duke of Hermann.”


At the gesture, the guards stood on both sides of him.
Duke Hermann was intimidated and tried to pull himself back.

“I don’t want to do this either, so I want you to give me a proper answer this time.”

“Princess, I really…”

“Ah! Everyone might be curious.”

After clapping once, she smiled skillfully and nodded toward Arthur.

Then the locked door opened and a half-awakened boy walked in.
The pupils were hazy and the whole body was full of wounds.

“What’s that?”

“Is he even human? So terrible.
How could you do that?”

The nobles who saw the child sighed and turned their heads.
Some people were nauseous, and some people lost their minds because they couldn’t believe what they saw with their eyes.

“Do you remember that kid? The child was sold by his parents as a slave.”

At her gesture, the child trudged along.
It was hard to sneak out with the child.

She couldn’t bring him in here as he was brought, so she gave him simple treatment.

The face of the Duke, who was looking at the child standing next to her, hardened coldly.

“Duke, I have to say this.
Your death will be more painful than what you have done to this kid.”

“Hwa, Princess.”

“Can you see? There’s nothing left in the child’s clear eyes.
That’s right, this child was abandoned by his parents and didn’t have any money.”

The Duke stepped back and shook his head.
Her father also got up from his seat seeing no more and was furious.

“This is my fault.
It’s my fault for ignoring their arrogance.”

“That’s right, dad.
This results from avoiding what is in front of you.
So, father, you have to correct it right now.”

She didn’t deny what her father said.
Today, she was thinking of changing the law here before returning to the Bivlant Territory.

She was going to point out the problem of the successor that they talked so much about.
Before that, let’s clean up these dirty things first.

“If you’re more curious, you can read this document before you die.
Shouldn’t you see what they did before you die?”

She threw a bunch of documents in front of the Duke of Bartis, the Duke of Hermann, and the Count of Liber, who collapsed while vomiting.

And she smiled, giving her father the same document.

“Father, I want you to leave this to me.”

“……Okay, if you want to do that.”

They were eyes of resignation.
Whatever he said, he knew that she, who had already done something, would not listen.

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