Selfish Mind (15)

She could see her old father leaning against a chair with a worried expression.

As the human revealed only to her what everyone does not see, he spit out words with a deep breath.

“Mary, I don’t want you to get hurt.”

“That’s why I chose it.”

Her father still seemed unwilling.
What will happen in the future was so difficult that it was incomparable to the present, and patience was also needed.

“You really believe that you can correct it.
I can’t understand you these days.”

“Father, no, your Majesty.”

“What? Why are you?”

She, who had suddenly changed, did not seem to be understood for her attitude to want to correct the Imperial Palace now.
A deeper emotional valley was revealed in the eyes, but it was not directed at her.

Looking for her mother through her.

The two look quite similar.

Seeing that he is looking at her with a look that he hasn’t seen before, this time her father must have made a pretty hard decision.

“I’m afraid that you, who are not even physically strong, will leave my side sooner.”

He is the Emperor of a country.
But now it was just a human figure who was afraid of losing his family.
He had only one daughter.

It was heartbreaking that she felt like she was the one who stole all of it.
That doesn’t mean she’ll die again and call her in.

Anyway, isn’t Mary already in a situation where she doesn’t even know she existed?

So she has to live.
She will survive somehow.
Even if she’s trying to fool herself.

“Father, I’m not going to die.
It’s been a long time since I’ve abandoned the idea of dying.”

“But you….”

“I’m going to live.
At all costs.”

Even if she has to sell her soul to the devil that people talk about, or if it is Arthur, she will give anything if she can buy it and at any price.

“I couldn’t accept it because I thought I didn’t have a place.
For being a woman, even though it is mine and I should have it.
So, I will regain my rights from now on.
You just don’t have to stop me.”


“As always, you don’t have to do anything.”

The confrontation between the Imperialists and the aristocrats that has continued so far, and the one who has only sat on the sidelines between them.

Although not detailed in the book, nothing other than Mary was important to the Emperor.

Mary was the only one left after his wife died, so no matter what type of Emperor he was, it would have been difficult to grasp reason.

But if he were the Emperor, and if Mary was going to die anyway, he shouldn’t have done it.

He was also the father of a child, but he was the Emperor of the Arpen Empire of this country.

‘It’s not that I don’t understand his heart, but it’s irreversible now.’

She should keep it.
This country, and everything about it.

“So all you have to do is think of me as a daughter who always loves you, the only Princess, and a red-handed person.
Will you cheer for me?”

“……Yes, my only daughter.
I will mobilize all my strength to support you.”

“Thank you.”

She approached her father, hugged him lightly, and asked for forgiveness.

‘I’m sorry.
I’m not your daughter.’

Even if her end is death, she can’t die comfortably by his side.

The guilt that she has to carry for the rest of her life, living in Mary’s body.
Even those who ask for forgiveness were for her convenience.

Even she was colored with astonishment in a terrible and selfish mind.

Her father’s expression came to mind, but she shook her head and blew it away.
The time to be obsessed with the thoughts was also a luxury for her.

She was going to get busy from now on.


According to Mary’s memory, she would always spend time quietly in a greenhouse in the garden as a child.

She looked at plants or saw people with curiosity about other things outside of pain.

‘You were lonely since you were young.’

Those were unwelcome memories.
Mary’s memories, which sometimes pop out as she gradually gets used to being Mary, did not come out well for her.

It was also painful for her because she had more difficult memories than happy memories.

She didn’t want to be confused because they weren’t thrilled even now.

‘Let’s go out, it’ll be okay if we get some air.’

Squeak- The sound of the door opening in the quiet imperial palace spread.
She suddenly stopped acting in the feeling of echoing in an empty hallway in a large space.

She stared blankly at the hallway and walked along the hallway as if possessed.
Somewhere in Mary’s memory, she walked as soon as she could.

Perhaps because of the influence of the memory that came to mind, the body kept moving where it was unconsciously remembered.

She came out to get some air, but the purpose had already disappeared as soon as she opened the door.


She just walked like this to come to the garden? No, there must be something.

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