Selfish Mind (16)

It was not a garden where she went for a walk every time, but a space on a narrow road on the other side.

Like a maze, the road was divided into several branches, so it looked complicated, as if it could not be found if one was lost.

She tilted her head because it didn’t match the place in the imperial palace.

‘Did I see this place even during the day?’

There’s no way something that didn’t exist suddenly, so she guessed she didn’t see it.

She slowly headed inward, sweeping the tree with her hands.
Darkness has already come to the Imperial palace.

The garden, which had lost its light, was hovering in disarray.
She was afraid, but she kept walking without going back because of curiosity.

‘What could it be? The reason she made this.’

She felt like she was hiding something somewhere, and she continued to go inside, being led by a strange atmosphere that kept pulling her.

‘Hold on.
Come to think of it, why aren’t there any guards guarding it?’

There were always guards belonging to the Knights Corps and members of the royal guards in the imperial palace.

During the day, there was no escort knight, Car, so they were watching her everywhere in the name of protecting her.

But she can’t feel any signs here right now.

No one saw it the moment she left the room.
It may be taken for granted that she did not encounter a person in this wide imperial palace, but she was different.

She was a Princess and was under surveillance and protection.
Until the day, it was full of Imperial guards watching her just by turning their eyes.

She was trapped in a maze and looked around, and she couldn’t see anything.
When she looked up and looked up at the sky, she could only see the stars with the bright moon.

However, nothing was colored around it as if it were eaten by darkness.

Everything was dark, as if there were no colors in the first place.

“…… Nox.”

It was a Latin word for ‘night’.

‘Is that why he said he’d appear at night when I call your name?’

It’s childish.

“But you must have thought of me when you saw it and called me.”

Suddenly, she felt his breath in the neighborhood.
Turning his head, she could see his silvery hair with a subtle moonlight.

She didn’t expect him to really show up, but at one call, he immediately appeared.
There was only one reason to call him.

“Well, think as you please.”

“I told you my name, but I didn’t know you would call me right away.”

“I can’t stand what I’m curious about.”

If he’s a devil, if he’s really a devil.
Can he sign a contract with herself? It was the same silver hair as her, but it felt somewhat differently.

How did it feel when she held it with her hands?

The afterimage of the day remained, so she clenched and unfolded her fist without realizing it.

When she was with him, there was a sense of silence, as if nothing existed around her.

“Why did you call me tonight?”

Already standing in front of her, he bowed his head and made eye contact with her.

Swoosh- His hair flowed down from his shoulder and touched her.
Again, it is a similar situation as then.

The long silver hair shook slightly in the wind.

“If you’re not going to eat me, I’m going to eat you.
You’re possessed by me.”

He smiled naturally and put his hand around his neck.

She said it out of anger.
She wanted to sign a contract, but she didn’t have a guarantee that he would gladly do it, and if it was interesting to her, she had to drag him out even more.

“You’re so pretty.”

He had a more beautiful face than a woman.
Silver hair with white skin that was more glossy than hers.

His body, which fell out well with his jawline, also needed no other words.
A lovely person no matter who looks at it.
It was an appearance that had no choice but to be left out.

Fortunately, she’s a little more rational than him.

The reason why he gave her his name, and the way he appeared as if he had waited for her to call him, maybe he was also possessed the first time he saw her.

If the expectation was wrong, he would not have put his hand on her waist and pulled it toward her.

This situation wouldn’t have happened now, coveting the inside of her mouth as if she wouldn’t let her lips go with her lips folded.

‘Yes, eat me, and make a deal with me.’

Nox slightly bit her open lips, and soon licked them slowly with his tongue, and came into her mouth, and gently brushed her teeth.


With the night air, she flinched at the body temperature of Knox, who was icy cold.

‘It’s cold.’

His lips were soft.
The two entangled lips were definitely hot.

The heat felt with his breath was bound with his breath.

‘Just be eaten by me like this.’

He might think he’s eating her, but does he know that she’s actually eating him?

Will he notice her hidden dark heart?

Because he’s a devil, so one never knows.
Maybe he’ll notice what she wants.

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