re you really curious about that?”

Is she really curious? What else should she be curious about other than what she needs now?

She had nothing to say if she looked like a wriggling bug to him, struggling to live.

“What’s more important than living and dying?”

“For example, the seat of the Emperor? The things you can get.”

“That’s nothing if you die.
Status? Fame? Authority? Wealth? It’s only meaningful when you’re alive.
It’s important for me to lead a life and to have tomorrow even when I open my eyes.
Other things are incidental accordingly.”

Nox kept smiling around his mouth to see if the answer was fun.
Even with her sharp voice, he did not care and encouraged the next answer.

As if to tell her more quickly, the eyes full of interest looked like Arthur.

“As long as I live, it means I’ll take care of everything else.
So you can answer the question I asked.
Whether the drug is something that can make me live or not.”

“Well, unfortunately, I can only answer in this way.”

“Answer me.”

“Maybe it’s the way or maybe not.”

Her face crumpled.
She didn’t call him that night, only to hear this kind of answer.
Of course, she didn’t mean to call him‌.

She didn’t expect to give such a sincere answer to the person whom she kissed and proposed a contract with.

Without realizing it, she looked at Nox with a sharp gaze.
He said he was greedy, but he doesn’t even know how to capture people’s hearts?

He said he was a devil, and he was someone that would satisfy her desires.

She was annoyed for no reason.
She wiped her lips with the back of her hand and turned around to get away from him.

‘I didn’t think much.
If he knew Arthur, he wouldn’t tell me easily.
This was to get somethin, like a fool.’

It was a blurred judgment of the moment.
She thought she was already fascinated the first time she saw it after saying she wouldn’t be possessed.

In any sense, he may have been imprinted in her head and walked into something magical that she couldn’t forget and couldn’t help but find.

A lot of time has passed and Arthur may now  find her strange.

If he found out that she met him, her weaknesses that she had difficulty hiding would be revealed.

Perhaps he already knew how she would have acted.

If that was it, if it was Arthur as he knew everything about Mary.
Even she, who entered Mary’s body, was always caught by him.

“Wow, but I can’t believe you turned around at once.
That’s too much.”

“Since I didn’t hear the necessary answer, what else is left between us? I just wanted to ask you something I was curious about in the first place.”

“So cold-hearted.”

“There’s no reason for the devil and warmth to go together.”

“Your lips are quite warm.
Of course, my arms would have been warm, too.”

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