Unanswered Questions (1)

His touch was relentless.
There was no hesitation, no sign of stopping.
She just felt his thirst for her.

Grasping Arthur’s hard chest, she pushed him slightly to catch her breath in a rather rough kiss.

“Will it be okay?”

At her sudden question, Arthur’s hand dug into her thigh and stopped.

“At this moment when I’m thinking of another man, there’s no guarantee that I won’t continue to do so.”


In other words, she might think of Carl even at the moment she shared her body with Arthur.
It was the worst she thought, but she just said it honestly because it wasn’t too much.

She can continue pretending not to know, but she didn’t want to.

Arthur’s forehead has been skillfully narrowed.

Sliding down.

Arthur kissed her forehead lightly without saying a word and straightened up the rolled skirt.

He lightly lifted her lying at the desk, sat her in a chair, and organized the documents as if nothing had happened.

“Are you offended?”

“When we go back to Viblant”.


“At that time, you’ll have to focus entirely on me.”

Arthur, who regained his expression before he knew it, calmly spit out his words.
Now she can imagine a little bit whether she can see the hidden expression or what he is thinking inside.

‘Contrary to what he said, he was angry.’

She pretended not to know and stared at Arthur.
Seeing that he doesn’t make eye contact, he seems to have quite a temper.

After organizing the documents one by one and putting them on the desk, he left the room, saying he remembered something he had forgotten.

Thanks to him, she could review all the documents comfortably.

Looking at the window, the sun went down and the night came.
While shrinking in the cool wind, she opened the window wide and slightly leaned out at the thought of an instant.

She called his name quietly, recalling him like the night.


After a short time, she opened her eyes and looked around, but Nox was not seen.

Just in case, she looked under the window and at the sky, but she couldn’t find his shape anywhere.

“What? He said he’d appear whenever I called his name.”

He, who seemed to appear right in front of his eyes as he did then, did not come‌.

“Nox, Nox, Nox, Nox.”

She had said it several times, but only the icy wind lingered around her.
She thought hard, but she couldn’t think of any other way.

“Princess! It’s dangerous!”

The guard who found her downstairs shouted in surprise.

She shook her hand as if she didn’t care, but the Guardsman, who had contemplated, reached out to her as if he had misunderstood and acted as if to calm down.

“Ca, calm down!”

Calm down?

Seeing him giving a glance to the side, she guessed he thought she was going to jump.

Do you think I’m crazy enough to jump off here? Otherwise, why are you making such a fuss?

“I’m not jumping, so don’t make a fuss.”

“Ar, are you serious?”

She, who was lazy to answer, slowly leaned back toward the direction she had gone out.

She heard a commotion from the bottom, but she closed the window and sat down in a chair.

“What the heck?”

In the end, Nox, who didn’t show up in the end, didn’t feel bad.

“How can I meet him again if he doesn’t come when I call his name?”

The only way to call him out was to call his name.
She got goosebumps with an unknown feeling.

“What is this? This dull feeling.”

Perhaps because of the temperature, the chill down the spine gave a bad feeling.


Arthur, who was with her during the day and left his seat, came to mind.
At the same time, Nox, who did not come even if he was called, was strangely irritated.

Is this a coincidence?

“I should go back and say it again.
It’s dangerous because there are a lot of people watching here.”

Otherwise, she may be misunderstood for acting strangely.

She quickly folded the papers, she went back to bed and begged for patience.
Apparently, Arthur wasn’t coming back tonight either.
If her expectations are right, he will be with Nox now.


It was so bright it was blinding.
She crouched down and dug into the blanket because she didn’t want to get up.

“I don’t want to wake up.”’

Perhaps because of excessive work for several days, she felt heavy.
She melted helplessly into a strong force as if someone was weighing on her above, or as if the bed were pulling her.

Knock, knock, knock.

She sighed deeply at the sudden knock and woke up.
If she didn’t answer, they were about to wake her up until the end, so she gave up and answered in a dreamy state.

“Princess, are you awake?”

“Yeah, come on in.”

As expected, it was a maid.
She was glad to see her after a long time.
Of course, she didn’t make it obvious.

It seemed the same for the maid.
When she saw herself face with a better complexion than before, she had a bright smile.

“You’re going to leave tomorrow, so I brought this because I thought it’d be nice to read before that.”

The maid gave her a book.
The cover was stamped with Imperial seals.

When she looked at her with a strange expression, the maid only said a short word that her father had told her to deliver.

“Okay, thank you.”

“Should I help you prepare according to your schedule today?”

“I’ll call you if I need you, so don’t let anyone in until then.”


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