Unanswered Questions (6)

Arthur whispered sweet words to her as he did then as if he were trying to remind her one by one of how he held her and what he whispered to her.

“This is an exception.”

“Did my guess hurt you? Because I said something?”

“So, love me as much as you can now.”

“As you wish.”

The tremors soon turned into strange excitement.
Arthur’s drowsy voice continued to grow in his ears, and his mind was confused by the soft touch.

“So now is the only opportunity.”

“What opportunity?”

“A chance to say that you love me.”


“I’ll overlook your lies, if you said you love me at this moment…….”

Arthur’s eyes looked strangely sad.
He spoke brutally, as he wanted.

“I love you.
At this moment, I’m serious.”

Again, she spit out her sincere heart to him.
It was a truth they both knew, but they turned a blind eye to what seemed like it.

Arthur opened her legs wide at the same time as she finished talking.
She was overwhelmed with excitement even though she could only feel his gaze.

He reached out and touched the already wet entrance.
The clitor*s, which had already swollen red, rose.

“Haha, yeah.”

With one hand, he opened her entrance and tapped around the clit*ris with his index finger.
Obviously, the clitoris wasn’t touched, but a similar strong pleasure came.
She shivered like she was having convulsions.

“I’m going to try something more fun.”

Arthur didn’t stop and ate her entrance.
He pondered something if he knew she was responding to powerful stimuli and new things.
Then it was the string tied to my hand that stopped his gaze.

“It would be quite fun to do it without looking at each other.”

“It’s unfortunate…….”

Not seeing that good body, and Arthur’s expression distorted by excitement were more stimulating than she thought, so it was a good excitement for her.

But she thought it would be thrilling to make a different attempt, so she nodded her head as if she accepted it.

He blindfolded her and covered her eyes.

When the sight was blocked, the nerves all over the body became sensitive and focused on sound and sensation.
Arthur’s fingers fumbled and headed down on her body.

“Hmm, ah.”

When she couldn’t really see it, she felt like her senses doubled, even with small things.
As she focused all her attention on Arthur’s touch, everywhere he touched, she heated up like a fever.

“I think I know everything now, even if you don’t see me.”

Along with Arthur’s confident words, a warm yet soft flesh was felt at the bottom.
Surprised, she tried to put her legs together, but his solid arms grabbed her knees and anchored them.

“Ha ha, aah, hah!”

The shudder spread throughout the body.
Her back twisted as she continued to feel such strong irritation that she didn’t know if it was pain or pleasure.

Slowly, Arthur’s tongue popped in as if it were violating her, touching her clitor*s.
When he moved regularly or irregularly, using the tip of his tongue from bottom to top, pleasure surrounded her.

Due to the continued stimulation, the vagin* vibrated rapidly and flapped as if it were looking for something to chew.
She wanted Arthur’s Pen*s to dig in her quickly.

“Hey, stop, huh, stop, hurry up.”

She moved her hips up and down as if begging.
Arthur never stopped pressing his tongue.
Instead, he slid his finger into the vagin*.

He moved his finger gently, as if scratching down the inner wall.
She couldn’t pull herself together at his touch of breaking through the vagin*s wall.

“Haha! Argh!”

Arthur lightly bit the swollen clitor*s and soon rubbed it quickly.
The urge to clench on Arthur’s finger and not let go soon contracted strongly.

“Arthur, hah”.

She, who was crying as if she was about to reach her peak, eventually moaned loudly and orgasmed.

She could feel Arthur’s fingers escaping with the hot heat at the bottom.
Suddenly, she raised her upper body, but she was laid on the bed by Arthur’s hand.

“Now, it’s time to give you your favorite thing.”

Arthur held her waist with both hands and entered her gently, opened the vagin*.
she trembled with the pleasure of being pushed back again as his pen*s penetrated inward.

Dancing with joy all over her body, she accepted Arthur.
Arthur hugged her and quickly raised his back, wondering if she could not stand it.

It was a rather violent gesture, but she gasped at Arthur’s movements, which had already reached its peak.

Puck, puck, puck.

She couldn’t close her mouth at the thick pen*s that penetrated strongly inside.

“Ha, ah, ah!”

The constant rush of pleasure piled up and swallowed her enormously.
She felt like she was going to let go of her mind as the orgasm continued to be bright due to continued friction.

Arthur stirred inside her repeatedly.
And she had to struggle at the peak every time.

They fully enjoyed this moment like beasts faithful to their instincts.


They met in the morning without sleeping properly, but their minds were clear.
It was because it was the day to go back to the territory.

It was also another meaning for her to go where Carl was waiting.

“Information about the door and the opportunity to meet Nox.”

For a while, Arthur was going to be busy with his backlogged work.
That means that surveillance of her is also inevitably loosened.

“I think a day goes by really fast.”

“So you don’t like it?”

“In the past, I hated the passing day because I thought I was going to die, but these days, I can’t wait for the next day.”

That way, she can live a better tomorrow.
These days, when she can only think about moving forward after seeing the life she wants and achieving it one by one, it was the perfect joy for her.

Has she ever had so much fun every day? No, she’s sure there’s never been one.

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