Unanswered Questions (15)

“Don’t lose yourself.
Because you’re more precious than anyone else.”

She leaned against the door and sat down.
She closed her eyes and put her face on her knee.
She repeatedly spoke in such a small voice that Arthur could not hear.

“……Now I can’t believe what you’re saying to me.”

He knows everything.
If she excludes the last question, how can he be like that?

Her heart was choked up and her throat was filled with hot breath.
However, she tried hard to prevent it from leaking out.

‘I couldn’t have been happy from the beginning.’

The two of them, and no one else.

Misfortune took over her instantaneously.

In the thought of growing out of control, she shook her head like floundering.
She couldn’t breathe from the back of her neck.

Please stop here.
She wanted to tell him to confide in her.

However, she couldn’t spit it out because she guessed that the contract with Nox was related to her.

If she finds out, she’ll collapse, too.

“……get away from the door, and I’m warning you.”

Arthur’s cold, frozen voice was heard.
Surprised by the feeling of the door shaking against her back, she fell a few steps and opened the door with a loud sound, as if it were breaking.


Arthur’s eyes, like the beast she saw for the first time, flashed.
With a fishy smile, he took a step closer to her.

“You’re the reason I exist, and you’re the reason I keep living.”

And one more step.


“Isn’t the emotion really fun? When are you begging me to save you, and now you can’t give me anything I want because it’s worth living?”

Arthur’s hand, which came in front of her, grabbed her chin roughly.
Unknowingly, she groaned, Ugh.

It was an unfamiliar appearance to him, but she could feel the anger he was trying to suppress with her trembling fingertips.

“You don’t seem to know my worth, so I’ll have to tell you again.”


Seeing her distorted face, Arthur’s hand loosened up.
Anxiety poured into Arthur’s words.

When his drowsy eyes looked down at her, her mouth was burning.

“There’s no medicine starting tomorrow.”

“… What?”

“So come to me if you want.
You yourself, to me.”

Did Arthur notice it? That she hasn’t taken medicine? If the maid told him, it is not impossible.

But Carl was always watching from the side and it was just a day.
It is unlikely that he would have told him straight away in a moment.

“Do you think I’ll come to you even though I already know everything?”

“Once you spit it out, you can’t pick it up.
Mary, don’t be sure of anything.
Nothing is clear to you.”

There is nothing clear, but there is something that can be felt without saying it.
That Arthur is angry with her now and that his way is very childish.

The fact that he is using what he has to suppress the other person means that he has also reached his patience.

Growing emotions alone is much more burdensome than one thinks.

Whether it’s a good heart or not, if it gets bigger, it comes to an unbearable level.

“I’ve never been sure of anything.”

Since she came here, she has been doubting and doubting everything.
What can she be sure of?

Arthur covered her face slightly and soon reached out.

“Other than I love you, so think of this as my love, too.”

At first glance, it was warm, but Arthur’s expression returned as if when.

She got goosebumps all over her body with a strange feeling.
Arthur, who smiled at her every day, was not seen.
Instead, only Arthur, who expresses anger with hurt eyes, stood in front of her.

She tried to hide her feelings by biting her lips tightly.
Anxiety, fear, and unknown emotions swarmed her.

“Of course, I don’t know if I’ll give it to you just because you come to me.”

She reached out and tried to grab Arthur, but it was useless.
He walked far away toward the door even before she caught him.

Seeing her shaking eyes, Arthur left the room after raising the corners of his mouth coldly.

She couldn’t say anything to his satisfied face.


After that, Arthur really didn’t look for her.
It was her who was puzzled by his sudden change in behavior.

She tried to erase the thoughts that always lingered in her head because she didn’t want to care.
Unknown displeasure still lingered around her.


“Oh, Yes.”

Carl handed her a letter and said in a small voice that could be heard.

“She said she didn’t tell anyone.”

“…… Yes, I would say that.”

Who is it if it’s not a maid? Since that day, she investigated the maids of the whole castle, wondering if the story had flowed into Arthur’s ear, but nothing came out.

Of course, the maid may have lied to her as it is Arthur’s maid.

She frowned by crumpling the paper in her hand.
Nox, she had to meet him.
To ask the last question.


She felt pain in her heart, so she took a breath by touching her hand.
Surprised by the sudden change in her body, her gaze shook here and there.

It was a pain that she hadn’t experienced in a while.
It was her who hadn’t fainted or vomited blood for quite a while.


“It’s weird.
This can’t be happening.”

But why does her body hurt as much as before? Her head was pounding and she felt nauseous.
She continued to feel the pain of her heart twisting.

It has been six days since she took medicine.
Even after three days, there was nothing wrong, so she was relieved and moved on.

She thought her prediction was right, and Arthur’s words were just to scare her.
It was the same on the 4th and 5th days.

But today, pain suddenly came.

The pain she had so far doubled over her.
Her body plummeted to the floor and her vision blurred.

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