The New Continent

Demon War 2 And The Forbidden skill

Jarvis who was now in his all-black victorian styled suit that was made out of Vibranuim and was in the Royal plane headed to the Border city where the Demons would Attack. He had the Royal airforce escorting him that consisted of 10 Jets and 20 dragonnewts who were as fast as the jets.

After flying for 40 minutes the plane landed and Jarvis exited escorted by his personal guards Ova, Alena, Alextra, and Armorra. He proceeded to the Military Operations Center that was a 3 story building and had rooms for people to sleep in it.

Jarvis headed to the Military operations center in a car escorted by some military vehicles and dragonnewts. He didn take a Pelican because he wanted to enjoy the view of the City and greet some citizens too as he knows that as the leader he needs to interact with the people sometimes. After 15 minutes of driving and greeting people, Jarvis made it to the Miltary operations center which was guarded by tons of guards for his arrival.

Once the car stopped one of the Guards opened the car door to let Jarvis out. After getting out all of his escorts followed him and proceeded inside the building.

Inside the building, Jarvis entered a room full of people on computers. Standing over and watching all the people was the commander of the Military center. Once Jarvis walked up to the commander he did a slight bow. Jarvis told the commander to be at ease and inform him of the situation.

The commander told Jarvis that the Demons had got here faster than they had anticipated and would arrive by tomorrow afternoon. Hearing the information had Alena take control of all the military forces in the city and station them in the appropriate places for the battle tomorrow.

Alena went ahead and started stationing the 50k man that they had ready in the city around the area of the city. She had some aircraft come and land at the airport so when the fighting starts she can send jets and Pelicans to assist the soldiers on the ground.

Jarvis had also requested some automatic machine guns to be placed down with the soldiers also.

Once done planning and stationing the soldiers with Alena Jarvis went to the room that was reserved for him. Accompanying him were Ova, Alextra, and Armorra. Once in the room, Jarvis got undressed and laid on the bed followed by his three women who laid with him. That night they all snuggled together awaiting the battle tomorrow with the Demons.

The next morning Jarvis woke up around 9 AM surrounded by women laying all over him. Usually, he would get out of bed without waking them but today he needed them awake and ready. So he shook them one by one to get up and get dressed.

They didn want to get up and wanted to stay like this forever but they knew they had a job to do so they reluctantly got up and dressed.

After getting dressed Jarvis and the girls walked out of the room to the command room where Alena was standing there looking at them and thinking she missed out on something.

Once Jarvis walked in everybody stood up and bowed then went back to their stations. Jarvis looked at Alena to find out where the demons were at

”Well the Demons actually arrived last night but they stopped to rest a couple of miles away from the city. And since this morning around 7, they have been sending scouts to the city to determine our weakness but we won let them get close so they can see how many men we got ” Said Alena

”If their scouting us that early we can expect them to attack very soon ” Said Jarvis

”Or maybe we should attack first for them trespassing on The Empires Land, ” Said Jarvis

”I believe we should we can allow them to continue to disrespect his majesty anymore than they already have ” Said Alextra

Jarvis was thinking about should he go ahead and do it since he could wipe them out with one bombing run. As he was thinking a soldier reported something

”Your Majesty we have an individual approaching the city gate and he appears to be a vampire, ” Said a soldier

”Ova go and stop this vampire ill be there shortly, ” Said, Jarvis

without hesitation Ova took off and went to the city gate to stop the Vampire. She brought 4 dragonnewts with her as an escort.

Jarvis got ten dragonnewts to accompany him along with Alextra and Armorra.



The Vampire who was approaching the city was wondering just what type of person could have built this type of city without them noticing. He was glad he was selected to go and negotiate with this city to see if they would submit or not. He had to admit that most cities rejected their offer to submit and were utterly destroyed as an example to other cities. He was thinking how before this the demon realm was split between many factions of races and constant wars but now they were united under a demon lord who was close to uniting all demons and ending the constant wars.

As the Vampire continued to walk he see three figures flying towards him in the sky. He thought it must be the leader of the city because of how high their power level was it was even higher than the Demon General.



Ova who was approaching the Demon landed right in front of him while holding her sword.

”May I know why you are approaching this city ” Said Ova

The Vampire had to admit that this woman in front of him was quite beautiful and wondered if he could get them on his side she might become another Demon General and he would be awarded for recruiting such a powerful individual.

But he didn know that Ova was only showing a small portion of her power as the stronger Jarvis is the stronger she is

”I am here on orders from the Demon General Victus to request that this city submits to the Demon Lords rule or else it will be destroyed, ” Said The Vampire hoping she would make the right decision

”Since you, demons don know that these lands belong to his Majesty Jarvis I will not punish you for such words but let me say this the next time you say such insolent words your head will roll ” Said Ova. The two dragonnewts with her grasped their swords as she said this ready to behead the demon

”We have never heard of this Jarvis person and assumed this was an independent city but still I urge you to reconsider your choice, ” Said the Vampire

Ova was about to say something back when Jarvis approached with his escorts.

”You demons think you can come in my lands and threaten me surely you are mistaken and this city will never submit to you Demons, ” Said Jarvis

”Listen you plebian I don know who you are but you think being surrounded by powerful people will save you well you are surely mistaken because when we atta…

Before the Vampire could finish his head was chopped into thousands of pieces cutting off his regeneration abilities and his body dropped to the ground.

Jarvis who had his sword in hand with blood on it wiped the blood off with a cloth while everybody stared at the demon who made the biggest mistake of his life.

After wiping his sword Jarvis ordered all the bombers to bomb the locations of where the demons were and all troops to advance on the demons.

Above the city, you could see hundreds of Pelicans flying over, and on the ground, you saw thousands of humvees leaving the city in a hurry.



Over the demon camp, the demons were getting ready to attack the city once the Vampire they sent to negotiate came back but the Vampire never came back, and overhead they heard strange sounds and seen flying machines flying overhead but before they could react the planes left and they saw some objects dropping from the sky and wondered what they were

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