The New Continent

Unexpected Creatures

Jarvis Maximus woke up under a tree when he looked around all he saw was flatlands and trees. He sat down and processed the situation he was in Wasn this like when you get reincarnated in another world where is the system

Ding [Welcome Host I am the Empire building system although I am an empire-building system I can do things that don involve building an empire]

Jarvis nodded ” so let me guess I died and now Im in another world with this system ”

[you are wrong you are not in another world or you died you simply vanished in front of your two sisters and you are still on earth just on an unknown continent that will be revealed to the world in two years]

” So that means my sisters are still here ”

[Yes Host two sisters are here they are currently looking for you and are extremely worried though I can contact them and tell them you
e Ok]

” Can you bring them here with me ”

[You would have to do that yourself as you build your empire and conquer the island I suggest you get to it before the island is revealed because soon as the island is revealed the world superpowers will deploy teams to explore this island so the faster you move the faster you can see your sisters and don worry I can protect them until you reach them so no need to worry]

Jarvis thought and agreed with the system because this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and his sisters were just like him they loved to build empires and fight wars and become powerful on video games and if he could do that in real life then he was sure they wanted to be apart if it so he told the system to explain the abilities and what he needs to do to get started.

[Host can buy things from the shop which will be placed in his inventory to be able to use and also you will receive quest and rewards to help increase the speed you expand]

[Right now host has available modern era weapons but as you expand and increase population you can unlock more era weapons or you can improve modern weapons or make more modern weapons with researchers who will work to improve the empire]

[And any summoned people will be loyal to you unless there not summoned by the system]

Jarvis took some time to process all this information… after 5 min ” so do I have any starter pack or anything ”

[Yes would you like to open it]

yes [Starter pack opened obtained 1x City (can house 1 million people), 20x personal guards, 100k citizens, and 10k soldiers would you like to place down now as this is the perfect spot to build the capital as it is the middle of the island and has flatlands for miles around]

”Yes place both the city and then place the 100k citizens and 10k soldiers but first spawn my personal guards ”

A light shined in front of Jarvis and out came 20 personal guards all wearing black military fatigues and carrying M-16 Rifles each with a black back pack they all kneeled and spoke ”We greet his majesty ”

Jarvis nodded and got excited for was about to happen in the upcoming years

”You may all stand and guard me while I think for a moment ” They all moved out and formed a perimeter around him

” system spawn the city and citizens and soldiers please ” After that he saw a city being built in the flat area in front of him and around 100k people to his left and 10k to his right all wearing lightly armored black fatigues with a variety if modern weapons. He ordered the citizens to split into groups so he can who were important figures.

After 20 min the grouping were finished there were 20k construction workers, 300 scientist, 100 Doctors, 10k farmers, and some other professional people. He ordered them to enter the city and get to work he had thought and forget they need a currency to pay the workers so he made cryptocurrency which could be used with credit cards and phones and actual paper money was just simply called GP. He also decided to name his Capital Arcadia.

After the workers and citizens entered the town he looked at the 10k soldiers and told them to go to the barracks that he had seen when spawning the system. He followed the soldiers in escorted by his guards and went to the palace which was huge. The City was split into 4 parts the residential, the palace, the Military and, and science district. He went directly to the palace and was amazed at how big it was he walked through the gates and had been scanned buy a device so did his guards after it was over a door opened and they went into the building.

He was amazed at how many rooms were there. He went to the elevator and went to the top floor which was his throne room he sat on the throne and couldn help but feel how powerful he felt he wanted to know how powerful he was and asked the system

”system how powerful am I ”

[Host is 5x more powerful than the average human and will continue to get stronger the more he expands the Empire and conquer more land] [Host can also tame queens of hive nests from best spread out throughout the island which will help with building and military]

” So I can tame these queens and have there whole hive thats nice ”

[Host has also completed a quest to establish your first city do you want to accept rewards now]


[Host has received 100k population, and 5k more soldiers, and also got a special ability called Gods strength which will make you even stronger, also got a General summon and chancellor]

” A general and a chancellor ” He smirked and knew now he can start exploring the island.

” Spawn the general and chancellor I will save the 100k population for tomorrow but spawn the 5k soldiers ” He then proceeded outside and in-front of the palace was 2 humans who looked rather young and 5k soldiers.

Once they saw him they all kneeled. ” You can stand up I want the 5k soldiers patrolling around my palace and I will have a barracks built in a day or two for now set up tents. And general what is your name ” asked Jarvis ”My name is Alena your majesty ” He then looked at the Chancellor who responded with ”Aasis your majesty ” Jarvis nodded then said ”Alena I am giving the troops under your command I want you to guard the walls and make sure the city is safe, Aasis I want you to be my Chancellor and handle all Government affairs but let me handle the important things ” They both nodded then left to do there jobs Jarvis was feeling a little tired with all the things going on so he went to his bed to lay down.

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