The New Continent

Unexpected Creatures

he had to do was tame two queens

[Jarvis Don underestimate these creatures unlike the ones from earth they are much stronger and won just submit to anybody you need to prove you can defeat them and then they will submit, after they submit they will automatically become a clan under you and will take the form of there master which is you this is so that you can develop faster and get stronger] Jarvis thought about what the system said and was excited to tame these creatures and receive the rewards.

” when the scouts return I want 5000 soldiers prepared to leave so we can go and tame these creatures so we can expand faster also order some people to construct a temporary home for them ” Said Jarvis Although he didn know if he was going to win its better to be prepared for if he does tame them.

Aasis left to go and order the construction and to tell Alena to gather 5k soldiers. Jarvis then looked at how many shop points he had and seen 10k so he brought a black Military outfit and a M9 as the only experience he has in shooting guns is with pistols he never shot an automatic so he will have to train in that later. The total cost was 5k for the equipment he bought it then put it on and it felt quite comfortable. He then placed the pistol in the holster that was on his hip and continued to look at the store for some abilities and he found one which he thought was good.

Sharpshooter which will increase gun accuracy and boost the amount of penetration by 15% which for him is a good boost it cost 5k though which was the rest of his points but he still bought it because thats what he needs. After finishing everything he went to the back of the Palace to test his shooting, When he was walking he thought that he needs to hire maids or maybe get some from the system. When he entered the back of the palace he had some soldiers bring out a dummy. Once the soldiers moved away he pulled out his gun and started shooting. All of his bullets hit the head and made a hole in the dummy he then shot other parts and the same thing happened. After testing his shooting he went back to check with Alena on how they should plan this battle.

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