The New Continent

Attacking and Taming

led by the queen. Jaris seeing the queen fight decided to join in too and ran straight for the queen. And now with his stronger body, he reached the queen in no less than 1 minute and punched her right in the face causing her to fly pretty far. The queen got up and ran back towards Jarvis a swung her hand at him causing him to block which got the queen thinking how he was going to die as when she killed those other soldiers they died with one swing. But what surprised her is that Jarvis successfully blocked the shot and counted with a punch to her face which caught her off-guard.

Seeing the queen on the ground Jarvis ran up to her and started punching her all over her body which caused her great pain.

After fighting the queen for a couple more minutes she fell on the ground defeated. The other Nano seeing their Queen beaten stopped fighting and yield. Jarvis ordered his soldiers to do the same.

The Queen looked up at Jarvis and spoke which surprised him

”I yield, ” Said the queen while taking deep breathes as she was tired

Jarvis looked at the Queen and spoke ”I see you are strong and I require strong subordinates so If you come under me as a clan I can promise you protection and a place to live all I ask is that you obey the laws of my Kingdom and obey my Command ” Said Jarvis

”I will Agree as long as my people are safe I will do what I have to, ” Said the Queen

”Very well I will now attempt to subjugate you so be still ” Said Jarvis as he asked the system to commence the Subjication process.

[Commencing process….. Nano queen will be subjugated and will take the form of the host and will acquire abilities after she awakens her power]

Now standing in front of Jarvis was a dark-skinned woman with large breasts, Long black hair, and a slender body standing 5ft 5in.

”How could this be why do I look like you and feel much stronger than I originally did ” Asked the Nano Queen

”I have an Ability that after subjugating intelligent creatures I can tame them and they will take my form and become even more powerful than they already were ” Said Jarvis

” I see with this power me and my clan can serve you better and help you in your troubles, ” Said The Queen

”And now that you
e tamed I will name you so how about Alextra, ” Said John

”Alextra I Like the sound of so I guess My name is Alextra now ”

”I look forward to your service in the coming years ” Said Jarvis

Alextra nodded and then went to tell her clan about what happened as they were confused about how they turned into the very creature they were fighting. But after Alextra explained everything they all kneeled to Jarvis for not killing and swearing allegiance.

Jarvis was excited now that he has a clan under him. After naming all of the clan Jarvis proceeded to the next Creatures the Avotan with the help of the Nano. He couldn wait to tame them too further increasing his power.

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