Jarvis and his soldiers were going to the location where the Avotan creatures were spotted by the scouts. As he was walking Alextra was telling him the weakness of these Avotan creatures which was that their armor is weak on their head so any shot that goes through their head will kill them immediately.

Jarvis informed the soldiers of the Avotan weakness which will help greatly in defeating them quickly. As the soldiers moved through the dense forest they came across a small cliff that looked down into a cave where they heard creature noises.

Jarvis ordered half of the soldiers to wait at the entrance to draw them out while the ones at the top would shoot any who come out.

With the plan being set up Jarvis had Alextra and her clan be ready for close-quarters combat as they didn have any training with guns and Jarvis learned they are stronger with Melee weapons.

After half an hour of waiting everybody was in place and ready so John had a soldier throw a Grenade in the cave to draw out the Avotan.

AS soon as the grenade went off John heard screeches from in the Cave and then the Avotan came running out at full speed to see what was the cause of this only to be met with a bullet to the head. After seeing their brethren die the Avotan started aggressively charging the soldiers at the entrance and were making some ground.

Jarvis seeing this ordered the soldiers to continue moving back while the Nano cover them from any Avotan that gets close to them.

After 10 minutes of fighting the Avotan Queen made her appearance. Seeing The Avotan Queen Jarvis ordered everyone to hold fire as he wanted to fight her again.

But the Avotan had no plan to fight as she had seen the power of Jarvis from when he was fighting with The Nano Queen. So she lowered her head to show she doesn want to fight

”Oh powerful one I wish not fight you as I have seen your power, ” Said the Avotan Queen

Jarvis seeing this was a little disappointed that he didn get to fight her but he can complain as he is powerful enough as it is.

”Since you have seen my power then you don have any problems serving under me do you, ” Asked Jarvis

”I have no problem all I ask is for my clan to live on and we will be your subjects ” Siad the Avotan Queen

”As long as you prove yourselves worthy of being my subjects then I can promise you and your clan that you will enjoy being under me, ” said Jarvis. He then began to explain to her and the remaining members of her clan what will happen once they accept being his subjects.

The Queen and her clan accepted without hesitation because they learned they will get even stronger by being his subjects so they accepted.

”Since you are my subject I will give you a name so how about Armorra, ” Said Jarvis

”It is a wonderful name I accept ” Said Armorra.

Jarvis then named the rest of her clan and left back to the city.


Once Back at the City Jarvis asked Aasis to sort the two clans out and give them some temporary houses as he would have Houses built near the Palace for each Queen he has. The total number of Avotans numbered 3,500 while the Nano numbered 3,000.

Jarvis was informed that there are other clans of Avotan and Nano out on the continent. Jarvis would send people to invite these clans to live under either Armorra or Alextra. He planned to have one queen for each individual race so they can be united as one.

Jarvis was currently in his room as he was exhausted after all that happened today but he had to accept his two rewards first

[Quest completed tame the Nano queen Reward: 2x scientists with IQ of 400 and a random ability pack]

[Do you accept]

Jarvis picked yes

[you have gained the ability Gods Barrier which will protect against any attack even Nukes but the host needs to expand more and get stronger as right now you can only protect yourself against missiles]

After the brief explanation of his new ability by the system, 2 scientists appeared in front of him. Both were women with long black hair, purple eyes and were Dark-skinned and had excellent curves, big breasts, and are wearing a white lab coat with long black heels.

They both looked at Jarvis and smiled at him with a little lust in their eyes which cause him to shiver as they could seduce any male.

”It would seem that his Majesty is very Handsome, ” Said one of the women as she got on one knee to kneel ”I hope we can offer our services to his majesty and be of use to him, ” Said the other women

Jarvis was in a daze but was snapped out of it soon after. ”Yes I hope the both of you can be of use to me as right now what we lack is technology so I hope you can be of assistance to me, ” Said Jarvis

”Of course we can be of assistance to you your Majesty, just give us the necessary people and resources and we can help boost tech extremely fast, ” Said one of the women

”Before we talk any further may I ask your names ” Aske Jarvis

”Of course your Majesty how rude of us, My name is Lara and this here is my sister Ava, ” Said, Lara

”Well nice to meet both of you, ” Said, Jarvis

And so they talked for a while before Jarvis made both of them the head of research and would have a big laboratory built for them in the future.

After Lara and Ava left Jarvis proceeded to accept his next rewards

[Completed quest tame Avotan Rewards: An ability pack and a Random character Summon]

[Do you accept]

Jarvis picked yes

[successfully acquired the ability to control different elements such as water, fire, earth, lightning, etc.]

[Host have also summoned a lightning dragon which can take the form of host]

Jarvis was about to jump with excitement but suddenly felt heavy and seen a weird mark appear on his hand then after a while he passed out on his bed.

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