of waiting Alextra and Armorra were kneeling in front of him waiting to hear what he summoned them for.

”I summoned you both here today because I want you two to scout the surrounding area and find any other clans of your race and bring them under your control, ” Said Jarvis

”your Majesty it will be done but some clans won be easy to take ” Said Alextra

”Don worry because with your new strength you can beat any other Queens of other clans and have them serve under you ” Said, Jarvis

”If that is the case then we can also use this chance to test our new strength and abilities, ” Said Armorra

Alextra agreed and they both left to complete their mission. Jarvis was looking through the system store to find anything that he would need in the future as right now he had 0 Funds but once he has 5 cities he will have some so all he needs to do is wait.

After browsing through the system Jarvis decided to exercise to test his strength and so he has something to do.

Jarvis was outside and picked up a tree that was planted in the ground only to find that it was as light as a feather to him. So he continued lifting different things testing his strength only to find that there was nothing here that he couldn lift.

Ova who was walking through the Palace after coming from touring the City had suddenly seen Jarvis exercising. She was amazed at how perfectly built his body was as it was not too muscular and he had an 8 pack which was not something a normal person could get. She had seen his whole body except the one part that had a bulge in it. From the way it looked, she knew that it was pretty big.

Jarvis who noticed her staring had stopped working out and went to talk with her.

”Ova how was the city I hope you enjoyed it though in the future it will look different from now and much better, ” Said Jarvis

Ova who was in a daze over his body suddenly snapped out of it and answered his question

”it was amazing and the buildings were sturdy and the City clean also the people were nice to me as well, ” Said Ova

”Thats good because in the future I am going to need you so I need the people to be familiar with you also I sent two of my subordinates on missions to conquer the surrounding clans of creatures so we can expand our Borders some more ” Said Jarvis

”I was planning on sending you on a mission to find some land that is good for building Cities on but you were out ” Said Jarvis

”I can still go as I want to explore more of the Continent and see what other creatures are lurking around ” Said Ova

After talking for a little Ova left to go to explore the Continent while Jarvis went back to the Palace to sleep as it was getting dark. The Guards around the Palace were all females in their 20s and fully trained.

Jarvis before he went to bed took a quick shower as he didn want to go to sleep dirty especially after he exercised for a while and had been outside. After taking the shower Jarvis laid down in the bed exhausted and fell asleep. Later on that night Ova came back after she got tired of flying around only to find Jarvis sleep so she took her clothes off and got in the bed and snuggled up to him.

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