Its been 1 year since Jarvis has been on this new continent and he had progressed so much as he has built 8 cities around the continent having a total of 9 cities in all.

He now has a 555k population in his capital as he had a 50k population in each city and 5k soldiers in each city to protect the civilians.

Jarvis also had the research team come up with a transport ship based on the Pelican from his favorite game Halo. He was surprised when the research team actually succeeded in making one that could fly. This made him wonder what other technology they can develop from Halo so he showed them different things from Halo and wondered could they make them. Most of the things they said they could make but they also said that the Spartan armor with a personal shield could also be replicated and used to replace the standard army of the military.

Jarvis was excited so he tried to make all the blueprints he can from what he remembered from the websites he looked at when he was in the U.S.

The number of resources in the cave was plentiful so Jarvis used it to make more transport vehicles such as humvees which were dramatically improved from the U.S. Humvee by increasing speed and armor though all he really did was build all military vehicles out of Vibranuim as it was such a good metal that could literally deflect bullets. Military jets were also produced using Vibranium and the Navy was currently being built up as he had 100 ships built right now and more on the way. The Navy had 3 Aircraft carriers within the fleet but Jarvis knew that he needed something else so he had a project underway to construct 4 of the Heli carriers from Marvel being built.

During this year every imperial city was connected by communication towers that were so advanced they covered almost the whole continent and every City was improved to look futuristic. Jarvis also had additional houses built for when he would get the 10 million people from the quest that he has yet to accept. He saved all his quests until he completed them all so he can get all the rewards at the same time. Jarvis also had introduced the wrist tech that Lara and Ava came up with to the public which was quickly bought by everyone so now every citizen had a wrist device.

Alextra and Armorra also had returned with more than 10k each of clansmen who joined them after witnessing their power so Jarvis gave authority to Alextra to name them. Though he had to make sure they would all turn human so he asked the system and was informed that any Queen who is a subject of Jarvis can name her own race and they will turn human but also the Queen will grow stronger as she will have more people in her clan.

This made Jarvis excited as now he will have more powerful subordinates. Jarvis had three clans under his control and 2 of them had over 15k clansman while the third one was a clan the Jarvis had put directly under Ovas control. It was a group of female Lizardman who were running from what they call A demon Lord as he controls the Northside of the continent with an Army of demons. The Lizardman numbered 500. Jarvis asked them to serve him and he will offer them protection. They accepted without a thought as they had seen the massive city and armored man and could sense how strong Jarvis was.

After accepting the proposal Jarvis named all the Lizardman himself and after 2 days each lizardman evolved into a dragonnewt having human faces with dragon wings and tails. So, Jarvis, had them train under Ova as she was his personal guard and companion and she was a dragon her self so he created his first Order called the Dragon Knight who only answer to him or Ova.


Ova and Jarviss relationship has been intimate lately because Ova had been sleeping with Jarvis every day of the year and since Jarvis is expanding his empire he is getting more powerful every day which caused Ovas dragon senses to increase eventually becoming infatuated with Jarvis to the point she couldn take it anymore so one night when Jarvis was in the shower she also went in and was surprised at how big he was Jarvis who had also seen Ova was about to say something until Ova tackled him to the ground and began rubbing her pussy against his dick which caused it to become bigger eventually standing straight up. Jarvis tried to push her off but the feeling of her wet pussy on his dick felt too good so he couldn hold back. That night Jarvis and Ova went on for hours eventually finishing after 8 rounds.

From then on Ova and Jarvis have been having sex at least 4 times a week. But she wasn the only one because Ova had got along well with Lara, Ava, Alextra, Armorra, Alena, and Aasis to the point where she told them about Jarvis and how good he was. The 6 girls were intrigued but wondered whether Ova would let them join sometimes but they were surprised when she invited all 6 of them which resulted in Jarvis taking all of their first times and their relationships also increased drastically.

Many Harems wouldn work because girls don always like to share but the girls in his harem don mind as they know that someone like Jarvis will never exist again so they didn mind sharing him. Though he wasn a horn dog who would ** anybody such as the maids were left untouched and the guards also but the dragonnewts had been looking at Jarvis lately with lustful eyes some have even been showing their curves to impress Jarvis.



Now it was the last month before the start of the second year and Jarvis was going to accept the rewards that he completed

[Mission completed Host has received 10 million population, 20 million food, and 20k system points]

Jarvis accepted the rewards and summoned the 10 million population that took 5 days to organize and get them into different cities and find them jobs

After settling the 10 million people Jarvis continued with the quests

[Since host has built more than 6 cities you will now receive a daily population of 10k citizens and that will increase the more cities you build]

[Host has reached more than 10 million population and has been awarded 30k system points and received a super A.I. named Ana that will have a core that needs to be built in order to use]

[Host has impressed The Goddess Named Vaelia who has blessed the Host and as a result, you are now 5% God and in order to increase it you must impress the Goddess even more and build a temple in her name so people can worship her]

Jarvis was staring into space for 20 minutes straight at such good rewards he got he just can wait until the continent is revealed in 1 more year as he knows many countries will try to either negotiate or invade them.

But for now he would focus on the so-called demon lord who controls the north side of the continent

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