The Supreme Alpha’s Possession

The man in the darkness

h her fingers and she immediately looked up.

He had bent over for their eyes to be on the same level, his face was close to hers which made her able to see his features better, she internally wondered how she was able to keep eye contact.

”Im sorry sir, ” she apologized again and she saw him give a little smirk.

”The damage is already done and Im afraid that Im quite upset about this, youll have to express your apology in other ways other than speech. This is my favorite suit after all, ” He stated in a calm but matter-of-fact tone, and Novas eyes wandered around for what to do now.

”I could wash your suit, I once worked as a laundry woman, ” she suggested and she noticed that the smirk on his face got wider.

”Other ways…. ” He drawled and then she started to feel his hand trail up her hand, she immediately started to feel disgusted by his perverted thoughts. The other werewolves in the room looked on as they wondered what was wrong with the man as he never acted that way.

Novas eyes filled with anger as she stared at him while his fingers trailed upwards till they reached her face. As soon as his hand touched her face, she didn know the type of rage that surged through her and she raised her hand to slap him through his face… as hard as she could. She heard all the werewolves in the booth except for the man she had just slapped growl loudly but she didn want to care as she never got calmed down easily once she was angry.

The man didn stop looking at her, even though he was quite surprised when she slapped him but he didn let it show. Nova noticed that he was fully smirking now and she got confused when he raised his hand as if to control a group of people. She looked to her right and widened her eyes when she saw a fully clawed hand almost reaching her face but hanging in the air, turned out that he had stopped the seemingly angry werewolf from tearing her apart.

She started to feel scared but she stood her ground and returned her eyes to his face.

”I told you that Im sorry, it doesn mean I would offer myself to you, ” she gritted through her teeth, sounding confident even though she knew she would most probably get herself killed if she continued talking.

The man didn answer but instead beckoned to one of the other men in the booth ” Liam, ”

She kept glaring at him but she saw a man step forward from the corner of her eyes, the man slightly bowed and listened.

”Get Isaac for me, ” he ordered without breaking the eye contact between him and Nova.

Isaac?… Isn that my boss? She asked herself.

”Yes Supreme Alpha, ” the ordered man bowed again and left the booth.

Supreme Alpha? Nova asked herself again but shrugged it off.

They all remained in the same position, apparently waiting for the next move from the man who, by what Nova had just calculated, seemed to be their boss.

Not long after, the man who had just gone out of the booth came back with her boss trailing behind him. The man returned to where he was standing before while her boss stood a few meters away from the both of them just like the other men in the booth.

Isaac, Novas boss bowed and saluted the man ”You called for me, Supreme Alpha, ”

The ”Supreme Alpha ” kept quiet for a few seconds before speaking up ” How much for a night with her? ”

”Im no whore, ” Nova immediately retorted, feeling more disgusted by him as seconds passed.

”You don need to pay to have her, Supreme Alpha Damien, ” Isaac immediately stated before she could complete her statement.

Nova squinted her eyes after hearing the name Isaac said. Supreme Alpha Damien?! she screamed in her head as she finally realized that she had passed her boundaries way too much this time around. There was a bloody clash going on between her pack and the Sun Peak pack, the largest pack and to which Supreme Alpha Damien was the leader.

She gulped as her eyes started to now look everywhere but into his.

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