Nova wrapped her arms around her stomach which was growling uncontrollably, she was starving and now blaming herself for rejecting the food Damien had offered her before.

”I should have just swallowed my pride and eaten, ” she mumbled as she sat down on the floor and groaned, she hadn eaten anything all day and it was almost evening by then… didn help the fact that she loved food.

She used her eyes to search around the room for anything she could eat and she spotted different varieties besides the food warmer that had been brought for her earlier, turned out that fruits were brought for her as well.

Her lips broke in a smile and she hurriedly stood up to carry the big bowl that was full of different varieties of fruits.

She went back to sit on the floor after she carried the bowl and started eating. She first started with grapes and ate them all. She had just bit through an apple when Damien opened the door and entered the room.

He was surprised to see her devouring fruits like a hungry lion when she had rejected the food he tried to give her earlier.

”What? ” She grumbled with her mouth full and returned her attention to the apple she was eating.

Damien bent down in front of her and spoke up ”Has anyone ever told you that you are a big drama queen? ” He asked her, his head was above hers so she looked up to glare at him with her big eyes.

”Get me real food, ” she ordered him which left a strange feeling in Damien, he didn remember ever being ordered till now. He gave orders, he wasn given. He gave another slight smile and admitted that he had to commend the strength of the mate bond. He spoke with Ash and told him to get someone to bring food for Nova through telepathy as he was nearby. Damien sat down in front of Nova on the floor as well and watched her eat the apples. Nova found him strange but decided to pay attention to her empty stomach for the time being.

Ash was surprised by what greeted him as soon as he entered the room, he was the one who lead the maid that was to bring the food to Damiens room. He looked at the both of them in surprise before clearing his throat and letting the maid in. Nova spared them a glance and hurriedly got up immediately she saw the tray of food that was brought for her.

”Thank you, ” she said with a big smile on her face as she collected the tray from the maid who immediately bowed and left the room, Ash trailing behind her.

Nova didn pay any attention to Damien and she went to sit down on the bed and started eating. Damien sat down in front of her again and watched her every move.

”You are their Alpha, you shouldn let them see you sitting on the floor or anything like that, ” Nova stated.

”Shouldn you say hank you to me too, with a big smile on your face? ” Damien inquired out of jealousy, it seemed like he was jealous of the maid because Nova wholeheartedly smiled at her and thanked her.

”Why should I? ” Nova asked back with a bored expression on her face.

”I am the one who ordered for the food to be brought to you, ”

”So you
e saying that… I should thank you for drugging me last night, impaling my self-respect by offering me money and taking me hostage too?…. You must be joking, ” Nova replied sarcastically and Damien lowered his eyes and started to scold himself for doing what he did the previous night. He realized that he couldn say anything and they both stayed silent while Nova ate.

Nova was savoring the heavenly taste of the dishes when she heard Damien speak up ” It was your first time, wasn it? ” Damien asked and she suddenly felt her food almost go the wrong way but she was quick to return it.

”Don ask me questions, just let me go, Im not your pack member for you to keep me like this, ” Nova retorted and Damien smirked.

”You need to remember that you
e talking to a Supreme Alpha, Nova. Youve just been offered to me by the Alpha of your pack to end this bloodbath. You
e mine now, mate, ” Damien announced to her and her eyes widened out of shock. She knew that her life as an Omega would be tough but she didn expect to be passed around like a ball.

”What do you even think… That I can decide to make you mine whether you want to or not. I get what I want, with or without negotiations, ” Damien said in a matter-of-fact tone as he brought his hand to hold Novas chin which she immediately shook away while giving him a death look.

”You know what I think, you can lock me up in here forever and force me to do everything but I will never think of myself as yours and you as mine either. I will never get over the disgusting feeling I have for you. I am not your mate… Im sure you got that, Alpha, ” She blurted out, adding more sarcasm to the Alpha in her statement.

She angrily stood up, walked to where the clothes that were left for her earlier were, picked them up, and left for the bathroom as if she was already accustomed to the room.

Damien had a look of displeasure on his face and his inner wolf was growling in his head. He couldn take the rejection from her but he didn want to let her go either, which was what Nova wanted. He shook his head and stood up to leave the room, who knew having a mate could be so head-muddling?

”Are you okay Damien? ” Ash asked when Damien entered the study, looking sadly furious, he was dealing with official work when Damien came in.

”Call Delia over, ” Damien ordered as he sat down.

Ash was about to say I told you so but decided against his first choice of words ” Its good that you finally realize that shes too stubborn for you to handle and you might need some help, ” Ash stated before contacting Irene and telling her to come over as soon as possible.

”Delia said she would be here as soon as possible. It might take a few hours though, as you know she is far away, ” Ash informed Damien and he nodded in response.

They both didn talk to each other till Ash spoke up to give Damien some advice.

”I don think you should spend the night with her Damien, she is already furious that you are not letting her go and you should understand that she is not feeling the mate bond its not her fault. You should try to stop being dominating, she doesn even fear you and this will only anger your inner wolf more, Goodnight now, ” Ash stated and left the study to go to the next floor, which was where he was staying.


Nova woke up very late the next day, Damien had let her sleep in all she wanted and she had to admit that she felt more relaxed when she woke up. She saw Damiens face hovering above hers and she scoffed, he was sitting on the bed with his legs folded, he had been watching Nova sleep for hours but he didn let anyone wake her up.

”Good morning mate, ” Damien greeted her and she set her lips in a thin line while glaring at him.

”Everything you need has already been prepared, ” Damien added and Nova stood up to go to the bathroom first.

Nova didn reply to Damien all morning even though he stuck to her like a leech and asked her a few questions.

Irene arrived toward the afternoon, Nova didn talk to anybody and stayed cooped up in the room. She wasn even arguing with Damien anymore, it was as if someone had turned off her stubborn switch. Delia was the Epilson of the pack, it was hard to tell whether she was middle-aged woman or and old werewolf as she looked radiant like always and her body looked like that of a young woman.

Irene didn knock on the door before entering the room, she spotted Nova sitting on the bed and playing with her hand.

”So this is her, ” Delia said as she entered the room, Nova was confused as Irene entered with Damien trailing behind her. Nova hurriedly stood up from the bed and shifted her gaze from Delia to Damien repeatedly.

”Hello Nova, Im Delia, the Epilson of the pack, ” Irene stated with a smile on her face.

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