Why is he talking nonsense? Huangfu Jie was puzzled and thought desperately.

In fact, Zhang Ping is just lashing out, he can't afford to be angry and attack people, he feels vexed by restraining.
He makes up a mess of truth and falsehood.
First, he wants the adults to feel sympathy, and second, he wants the adults to raise their voice to those children.

Zhang Ping didn't expect to change Hong Xiu's point of view with these words at all.
He just hoped to do his best to help the child in the way he can think of.

Zhang Ping took the child back to the courtyard and heat up water to wash his face, wash his hands, and eat.
Then he made a decision that he thought was very wise.

Both of them were hungry.
Zhang Ping combined his food with the children's, “eat it.

Huangfu Jie saw that he took initiative to sit together and eat, and he did not object.
Of course, he would not object.
Just thinking in his heart that the eunuch still thought about his meal.

After eating and drinking, he wiped his mouth.
Zhang Ping packed up his lunch box and other things, and then he went back to the fourth Prince's room with a small incense burner, a small copper cauldron, and an incense stick.
He properly put the incense burner in place, and then he picked up the child who was going out and put him on the chair

“Sit down, I have something to tell you.”

Huangfu Jie looked down.
He was thinking that this man's true face was finally revealed.

Zhang Ping stared at the child's head and said solemnly, “Look up.”

The child looked up in fear.

“I'll let you choose.
Do you want me to be your servant or do you want me to be your big brother.
A Slave servant will serve you well, and he would not say or do what he should not.
Your servant's only duty is to serve you.

“As for big brother, if I were your big brother, I would care* for you, love you and teach you.
I will protect you from being bullied.
If someone bullies you, I will help you to beat him, no matter who he is, even if he is your father! You can choose, do you want me to be your servant or big brother? “1

Zhang Ping's obviously biased way of asking may be naive, but it is very important to him.

“Would Big brother help me wash my hair?” The child asked.

This condition is simple.
Zhang Ping smiled.
Until you have your wife to wash it for you.

“Would Big brother punish me?” The child asked again.

“Yes, if you do something wrong.”

The child is silent

“However,” Zhang Ping added, “I will not let my brother starve or hurt him all over.
If you do something wrong, I will punish you to write some sentences and memorize your lesson.
But I won't beat you, let alone starve you.

The child looked up.
“Is Big brother the same as Great Imperial Brother*?”

*)Da Huang Xiong (大皇兄)=Eldest brother the great prince

Zhang Ping smiled and shook his head.
“Of course, it's not the same.
He is your own brother, and I am your sworn brother.

Since then, the child has kept in mind that the biological brother is worse than the sworn brother.

“So tell me, which one do you choose?” Zhang Ping was inducing.

“Big Brother.” The child said without hesitation.

Very good.
“Zhang Ping clapped and shouted happily.
Later, he was not afraid that his father and mother said that he broke the ban with martial arts, but he let the fourth Prince choose him.
Since he chose to be his brother, he as the eldest brother should protect his younger brother and teach the martial arts heirloom of Zhang family, which was a matter of course.
Even if the heavenly emperor comes he'll  have reason!


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“I, Zhang Ping.
People from the village of Dingcun, five hundred miles away from the capital.
I'm the third in my family.
The villagers call me Zhang San.
I have two elder brothers and one sister, and three younger brothers.
Today, I accepted you as a godson*, on behalf of my parents.
It is better to hit the sun than to choose another day.
Shall we go to worship now? “

Huangfu Jie didn't understand what he was going to do, but he nodded.

Zhang Ping was happy to see him nodding.
Although this little ghost is not favored, he is still a prince.
If his father and mother knew that he had accepted a prince for them as a godson, what expression would they have? Haha!

“Come on, let's kneel together.
“Zhang Ping ignited the three incense sticks in his hand and gave them to Huangfu Jie.

Huangfu Jie took the incense and knelt down beside him.
Don't know whether to look at him or the incense burner

“What's your name?” Zhang Ping found that he didn't know the little ghost's name yet.

“Huangfu Jie.
“The child didn't ignore him this time, and soon said his name.

“Huangfu Jie*? Good! Good name! Hearing the name, you will know that you will not be a nobody in the future.

*) he said 皇甫杰 (outstanding) instead of 皇甫桀

The child shook his head.
“Jie, Unruly Jie.
It means ugly and ferocious.” Probably many people had explained the meaning of his name to him, and he remembered it very well.

Zhang Ping was stunned and then sneered, “who said that? Jie also the same as Jie (Outstanding).
The person who named you must have a special meaning”

“What's the special meaning? “

Zhang Ping thought about it and began to lie to the child: “it means that you shouldn't mind your ugly appearance.
As the saying goes, All things in their being are good for something.
As long as you work hard, you will certainly become a very outstanding person in the future.
The person who named you really thought hard”1

The child was stunned.
really? Does the imperial father give him the name in the hope that he doesn't care about his ugly appearance and strives to be an outstanding person in the future? But if that's the case, why didn't the father come to see him?

The child's expression has not been concealed from Zhang Ping.
Zhang Ping doesn't want to see him sad, he also wants to help him build up confidence.
He continues to ramble, “is that the emperor's name for you? The emperor is really a wise man.
you think, you indeed don't look good.
If you don't look good and he still dotes on you, don't those concubines and princes hate you? He's trying to protect you, really.

The child looked up at him.

Zhang Ping nodded fiercely, “Really, believe me!”

The child always feels that there is something wrong with what he said, but there is inevitably a trace of happiness and hope in his heart.
Father, if he knew he was bullied, would he come to rescue him? Will it? It should be…

But Mother and HongXiu told him that the father emperor hated him so much that he didn't even want to look at him.
He was almost killed as an evildoer by his father when he was born.

The child suddenly laughed.

Zhang Ping was startled.
The child's smile looked strange.
But it doesn't matter.
He will be his elder brother from now on.
He can forgive no matter how ugly his younger brother looks.
Besides men, what's the matter with being ugly

“Come on, let's begin to worship.
You follow me.
“Zhang Ping, facing the copper cauldron and holding three sticks of incense, he said,” I Zhang Ping.



“Huangfu Jie.” Zhang Ping reminds him.

” I Huangfu Jie”

“We swore to the gods that we would become brothers from now on.

“We swore to the gods that we would become brothers from now on.

“In the future, no matter honor or disgrace will follow each other, misfortune and happiness will depend on each other, and we will never turn our back or deceive each other.
” Zhang Ping has a solemn look and powerful words.

Huangfu Jie repeated.
He didn't understand the meaning of this, and the ceremony of worship was very simple, but he felt a kind of solemnity that made him tremble from the bottom of his heart.

“If I violate this oath, let thunder strike, thousands of arrows pierce the heart, and die without a burial! “

The child was stunned, and Zhang Ping said, “if I violate this oath…”

“Wait! Forget it, you don't need to say it.
You are still young and don't understand the meaning, and when you grow up, if you really want to, we will make up for the oath again.” Anyway, I just need an excuse to uprightly train you as the second-best in the world.
The second excuse is that how he would protect a prince and protect his own brother is different.

The child looked at him, and then said, “If I violate this oath, let thunder strike, thousands of arrows pierce the heart, and die without a burial! “

Zhang Ping stared at the child for a while and nodded vigorously.

The child smiled.
He hoped that Zhang Ping would be satisfied with this oath.
If only he could be good to him with this oath, it doesn't matter how many oaths he made.
So what about a heavy oath? He doesn't know how long he will live.
During this period, someone can make him eat, dress and warm, which is the most important thing.

Zhang Ping naturally did not know the mind of the child.
Although the child may not understand the meaning of the vow, he was very moved to be able to say it.
Then he asked Huangfu Jie to kneel with him to worship heaven and earth and the gods, and then the two of them worshipped four times face to face.

After vowing to Gods, Zhang Ping took out a bamboo stick from his arms—this was given by the person in the royal dining room.
The servants in the palace were not allowed to carry sharp weapons, so they had to make do with it today.
Use a bamboo stick to poke the tip of your left middle finger and squeeze a little blood into the tree legged copper cauldron.

Then he looked at the child.
The child obediently stretched out his right hand.
Zhang Ping hardened his heart and managed to make some blood dripping into the copper cauldron

Then Zhang Ping poured a glass of water into the copper cauldron and mix the blood of the two people evenly.

“There is no wine today, we will use water instead.
Come, drink half of this blood water.”

Huangfu Jie picked up the copper cauldron and drank half of it.

Zhang Ping took over and drank the rest.

He put the copper cauldron respectfully in front of the censer.
Zhang Ping turned and looked at Huangfu Jie seriously.
“We are brothers from now on.
Now you have my blood in your body, and I also have your blood in my body.
I'm your big brother.
You're my little brother.
I will be desperate to protect you, love you, teach you.
And you start today to learn how to be a person who is not bullied by others.
Come on, call me big brother.

“Huangfu Jie opened his mouth, which was not the same as before.
Now the feeling of these two words spitting out from his mouth is very strange.
Make him want to cry.
But he has no pain.


“Good little brother.” Zhang Ping held him in his arms.
“You will definitely not lose out as my brother.
Don't think that I'm just a little eunuch now, but in ten years I will definitely become the best martial artist in the world.
Don't worry, I will train you well.
You have to become the second-best master of martial art in the world.
By then you will not be afraid of being bullied by others.

Huangfu Jie stared at the blank wall, really? Will his new big brother be the best master* in the world?

Zhang Ping was satisfied.
He finally did one of the things he wanted to do most in his life: finding someone to be his sworn brother1

He just felt that this kind of thing of becoming a sworn brother was something a man should experience in his life, just like his father, like the legendary heroes.

He thought that he would never have this chance again when he entered the palace, but as a result, he came across a depressed prince who was in urgent need of family affection.
And this prince's situation is too in line with all the conditions that he wants for someone who would rely on him and to be someone hero.
This enabled him to find a motive force for survival in the palace, and he thought he had found his purpose of coming here.

In fact, since the moment he was castrated, he has been regretting that he took the initiative to become a eunuch in the palace.
He told himself that it was for his family, but sometimes he still thought that there might be other ways.
Well, this is Zhang Ping's psychological shadow.

Now he found balance.

The two children, one is not enlightened, the other hasn't grown any hair yet, so they make an impulsive bow to each other Well, Zhang Ping is very impulsive, Huangfu Jie is unusually passive

In the evening, Zhang Ping said a lot to the children, and the most frequently said is that the relationship between them is a secret.
Close the door and they are brothers, but go outside they will pretend they are not brothers.

The child didn't understand very well, but he also note it all

Huangfu Jie always regarded Zhang Ping as a weirdo.
In his opinion, this weirdo is very clever.

You see, he doesn't have to kneel down to him now to claim how he is a slave servant.
He even has dinner with him.
He will eat some of the food belonging to the emperor's son.
He also pulled some old quilt's cotton tires to make a set of knee pads on his legs.
He's not afraid of swelling his knees.
By the way, he also made a set for him.


Huangfu Jie squatted at the edge of the flower bed and thought: it seems that big brother is really better than slave servant.。

Big brother Zhang Ping would help him to wash his head and bathe once every two days and would catch lice for him.
His scalp and body are not so itchy anymore.

Big brother Zhang Ping, also cleans his room every day, lights a small stove for him to keep warm, and helps him light many candles in the evening

Big brother Zhang Ping will also take out his quilt to bask in the sun when the weather is good.
It's warm and comfortable to sleep.
If the weather is bad, he will put the quilt by the fire and bake it warm for him

Big brother Zhang Ping will help him dress and wash his hair and face.
Every time the clothes are clean and warm, and there is no torn place on them.
Before, it seemed that all his clothes were collected by special eunuchs, It's sent to a place called the laundry department for cleaning.
But every time it was sent back, he would wash his coat or inner jacket again.
But not now he dont have to.

Since his Big brother patted the little eunuch who collected his clothes on the shoulder and gave him his meals several times, he could change into neat and clean clothes every day.


The child felt his hair, it felt much slippery and darker than before.
Suddenly I thought that big brother told him that dirty hands can't touch randomly, and put his hands down again.

When it comes to clothes, when big brother Zhang Ping comes, his new clothes also increase.
Big brother said that it was collected according to one's status attributes.
The people who served before didn't work hard and didn't get what they should have.

Brother Zhang Ping will not let him have a cold meal, every time he eats the food in his mouth, the meal is hot.

Big brother Zhang Ping now attends classes with him every day, saying that he is his eunuch.
At noon, he will go to pick up Chinese food for him.
Before, he only looked at what others ate.
Although the eldest brother said that he didn't eat as well as several other princes, he was very full.

People in the college will bully him, but every time big brother would help him.
Big brother took his place as a horse for people to ride; Big brother received his Imperial brother's fists and kick; Big brother was slapped in the face by the eldest imperial because when the eldest brother pushed him to the ground, he said that great imperial brother did not look benevolent the second imperial brother.
Then the second brother prince also beat Big brother and said he was talking nonsense.

In Ruihua palace, Big brother Zhang Ping was beaten for him.
Because his mother called him one day to test his poems, he couldn't answer.
His mother wanted to punish him, but big brother said that it was his fault as his attendant.
The master didn't read a good book because he didn't serve well.
But later his mother punished him not to eat, but Big brother gave him his meal.

In the fifth month of the elder brother Zhang Ping's arrival, he received his monthly silver.

“Your Highness, if you have time to squat there and play with mud, why don't you come and squat in the horse stance.
Hurry up, squat for as long as one incense burns, before you are allowed to eat.

Huangfu Jie looked back and saw his elder brother Zhang Ping carrying the food container into the yard.

Hmm …
Big brother also has some bad things.
Since they became sworn brothers, he made him do martial-art squats every day, and he has also made him meditate at night.
After thinking about it, Huangfu Jie or obediently go down to the locust tree squat.
Half a year passed, he has squatted like a decent figure

After squatting and eating, Zhang Ping sat at the desk and said to the child: “Tomorrow I will take you to the library, as a prince you can go in and borrow books.
I went to my friend in the book and ink department to help, I wanted to ask him to bring the book out, but he said that it was very strict.
He was just a little eunuch.
It was a major crime to be found that he had collected books privately.
So tomorrow you will borrow the book yourself.

“What book? “Huangfu Jie asked as he spread out the paper for calligraphy practice.」

“The art of war”。

The art of war? Huangfu Jie looked at him.

“Little fool, why are you not enlightened? You are the grandson of the general! There is such a good backstage you do not use, no wonder others are riding on your head.
“Zhang Ping hates it.
God of heavens, by all means, don't give him such a weak and inept person or else he'll have to think about kidnapping and running away with the child.

“My grandfather doesn't like me.

“So what?” Zhang Ping stared.
“It is one thing that he doesn't like you.
You are his grandson, and you are the only male grandson.”

Zhang Ping knocks on the child's head, hoping that he would be smarter.

“Your grandfather doesn't like you.
In addition to your ugliness, it's because you don't fight for it.
Of course, I can't blame you.
You are still a kid.
Even if you want to fight, no one will teach you.

I don't know what your mother thinks.
What's wrong with having an ugly son? It's said that the son doesn't think the mother is ugly, and the mother shouldn't think the son is ugly! But Zhang Ping didn't say that.
He always lied to the child that his mother had hidden his love deeply and was strict with him, hoping that he would become talented soon.

“I don't know how to set up a battle.
I know nothing about the art of war.
You can only find General Yan to teach you.
Don't look at me like this, kid.
It's very important for you to have the military power if you want to get ahead and if you want to be bullied.
But if you want to hold the power of war, you must learn how to fight.
What I can teach, at best is just let you run through Wulin*.
What is Wulin? I'll tell you later.

*)Wulin = Martial arts

“In a word, you can only consult your grandfather about the military.
To get your grandfather's attention, you have to show him.
Look for a military training book, find an opportunity to talk to him, let him know that you want to be big and powerful and you want to protect yourself.

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