Two days later, the cavalry great general Yan Jing goes to the palace to see consort Xian Fei1

Yan Jing took the tea and blew it gently , “so my lady is saying that, this child is not as mediocre as we thought he was?”

“mediocre or delirious.
It will take a lot of effort from my lord father” Xian Fei sat on the upper seat and bowed slightly.

“I dare not, my lady is very polite.”

“Father, there are no outsiders here …”

“No, to be careful is of the utmost importance.”

Xian Fei knew that her father was a very strict person and was no longer pushing.1

“Where is His Highness?”

“Just out there waiting.”

Yan Jing thought for a moment, “This is a matter that needs to be considered at length.”


Yan Jing raised his hand.
“This is not an ordinary thing.
I had only wanted to help him stand on his own to protect you both mother and son and the Yan family.
But now you say …”

Yan Jing shook his head and said, “originally, none of the princes regard the fourth prince as a rival.
Now, all the princes are still young and their confrontation with each other is not fierce.
However, the influential maternal families of all parties are fighting in secret.
If the fourth prince changes his cowardly facade, wouldn't he make people turn vigilant towards him? “

“My lord father what is your opinion?”

“Slow down.”

“Slow down? How slow is it? How long after will it come?*” Xian Fei sounded a little eager.
No wonder she was anxious; how many years had she waited, how many years had she suppressed?1

“I will send someone into the palace to teach him.
How many people are serving around him now?”

After a pause, Xian Fei replied, “Just one person.”

“Just one? He was surprised, but after a moment he regained his composure, “Can he be trusted?”

“This this……”

Seeing that Xian Fei couldn't answer, Hongxiu who was waiting next to her replied softly: “Trustworthy.
The child name was Zhang Ping.
He had been in the palace for one year.
When he arrived, he was arranged by this maid to serve his royal highness.
Later, he was sent to the internal servant warden for punishment because he offended his highness the grand prince.
When he came back, he became a little wooden, but it's okay to serve His Highness in his daily life.”

Since you said you could believe him, it should be fine.
But still, be careful.
You'd better find out where he came from, and I'll have someone verify it.”

“Yes, this slave understands”

“He has few people around him, so it's easy to get someone in.
But the problem is how to get people into the palace without raising suspicions.
” He's just sweeping his beard, into deep contemplation.

“Father, think about these things slowly when you get back.
Can you tell your daughter, apart from arranging someone to teach him, what are your other plans?”

“My Lady, this matter can not be rushed.
Especially in words and deeds, you must be cautious.
Wait for His Royal Highness to leave the palace when he is 15 years old, then …”

“By then it would be too late to make arrangements!” Xian Fei is angry, she felt that her father didn't want to help her wholeheartedly.
“Father, Do you think it's possible if you want to remain neutral? If you don't have a daughter in the palace as a first-class consort, If your daughter doesn't give you a grandchild, And maybe there's that possibility.


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The Crown Prince


Yong Qi is the eldest son of Emperor Yan had been crown as heir for next throne but in less than six months he has been strip off from his position.
Original title : 太子… 

“My lady, you needn't say much.
This old minister also understands the severity of this”

“Father, your daughter is not blaming you.
Don't be angry.”

Yan Jing shook his head, knowing his precious daughter's temper very well.

“I didn't say no to helping him, but helping him become a neutral prince, and helping him………that's a completely different story! Besides, we haven't made any preparations for nine years, and it's a bit late to start.
Not to mention whether it will be successful in the future, do you think His Majesty will be able to change his impression of him with his looks? Have you ever thought about how difficult it is for us to try to get things done without His Majesty's support? And at what cost?”

Xian Fei was speechless.

“So the first thing to do now is to train him, and let's not talk about the rest.
Only wait for the opportunity.”

“How long do I have to wait? Xian Fei's smile was somewhat bitter.

“You have to be patient and continue to hide your strengths, and order your highness to do anything in moderation, do not confront the princes.”

“The sandpiper and clams fight each other, and the fisherman gets all” Hongxiu said.

If His Highness knew how to keep his sword in check, the princes would not easily touch him for my sake.
When we get out of the palace, and bestowed as a king*, at the time self defence would be no problem”

*) feng wang 封王, (of an emperor) to bestow the title of king on a subject

“What about me? I'm going to rot here? Waiting for someone else's son to become Lord of the World, waiting for another woman to become Empress Dowager, and I still have to bow down to those women and acknowledge my allegiance ? “1

“Fengzhi,” General Yan sighed, “I know you've been wronged.”

“Father!” Xian Fei cheeks streaming with tears

Huang Fu Jie have waited for half a day but his mother still haven't let him in

It wasn't until it was time for lunch that he saw Hong Xiu walking out.

Huang Fu Jie paid a visit to his maternal grandfather, which was his first official visit, and he was inevitably a bit nervous.

Yan Jing also carefully watched him from beginning to end for the first time.

During the meal, no one said much.

After the meal, Yang Jin said his goodbye.

Huang Fu Jie looked at him with bewildered eyes.

Before Yanjing left, he only said one thing to him: in order for the weak to fight the strong, one need to conduct well1

When Huang Fu Jie returned, he asked Zhang Ping what he meant by this.

Zhang Ping casually replied, “That's just to tell you to keep playing dumb.”

Huang Fu Jie pondered.

Zhang Ping patted his little head and laughed : “Don't think too much, save your life first.
Your mother and grandfather will arrange everything else for you.
You want to play slingshot?”

With that, he pulled out a slingshot from his arms and wave it at him.

“Yes! The boy immediately pounced on them, grabbed them and looked them over and over, Without a teacher, he took a chopstick as an arrow.

“Dong!” the Chopstick shot up the window ledge.

Zhang Ping was surprised, “Kid Maybe you're a genius for archery! !” He was able to shoot a chopstick out with a slingshot.
Although not far away, it landed without losing his grip.


Hearing the compliment, the child was happy to shoot another chopstick.

Unfortunately, it fell straight to the ground this time.。

Zhang Ping retrieved two chopsticks to comfort him:” it was normal, a man can lose his grip and a horse can lose his hoof.”4

The kid didn't give in and fought the slingshot.

Zhang Ping smiled and showed white teeth.
This is just like a normal child should be.
It is a proper life for a child to be spoiled by adults, to do some harmless little damage, to be fascinated by some toys, and to send out some fantastic and heroic words occasionally.
At least that's how the children of their family grow up.

At the time, Zhang Ping didn't take the oath that the child had said in his arms seriously.
He only asked Huang Fu Jie to be an ordinary Wangye in the future and reward him as a chief of the prince's palace.
But the ultimate goal remains the same, the standard is set higher and the motivation for work is great.2

But the child firmly remembered Zhang Ping's words: If you don't want to be bullied, be the best in the world! But before that, he needed to learn how to play dumb while thinking of saving his own little life, and of course Zhang Ping's.

Soon Huang Fu Jie experienced the importance of pretending to be dumb.

On this day, a teacher called Zhou Li during a lecture at the Imperial College asked a strange question, asking “Where does the rice come from?”

Huang Fu Jie felt that he had answered very well, but the teacher did not praise him, but praised the grand prince and the second prince.
Huang Fu Jie didn't feel aggrieved, because he was already used to Teacher Zhou Li treating him like that.
He even regretted a little that he shouldn't have said what was on his mind.

Sure enough, during the lunch break, the grand prince went to him especially.

“Fourth younger brothers is very thoughtful today. Royal brother admire you.
I heard you were on your knees the day before yesterday on your way back to the palace, begging your father, to ask him to let Captain Yang to teach you martial arts, is it true?”1

It's true.
In Zhang Ping's words, it's a cover up.
and Captain Yang is related with the fifth prince.

Everyone knows that among several princes, except the ugly prince Huang Fu Jie, the fifth prince is the one who is most unlikely to be crowned.
One reason is that his mother was born as a palace maid, and she was promoted to Zhaorong only after she gave birth to a prince.
Second, because the background of the Madam's family is simple, only one elder brother serves as the chief cavalry captain of the imperial secret guard in the palace.

“Great Imperial brother, the imperial doctor said that I was weak.
If I wish I could practice martial arts, my mother asked me to ask the emperor, saying that begging is the blessing of this foolish brother*.
If the request was not granted, it is the fate of this foolish brother …..
” Huang Fu Jie lowered his head and his voice got smaller and smaller, this answer was prepared a long time ago, Huang Fu Jie was not worried about being wrong.1

“My uncle would never agree!” The fifth prince dominated.

Huang Fu Jie looked up at the fifth prince, Huang Fu Liu, and stammered, “Fifth brother, foolish- this foolish brother wants to practice martial arts with you.”

“You don't think you'll get beaten up if you train with me, do you? Huang Fu Lie, who was a year younger than Huang Fu Jie, waved his small fist and threatened.

Huang Fu Jie flinched his neck.

“Did Imperial Father agree? There was disdain and a hint of worry in Huang FuHun's eyes as he looked at Huang Fu Jie.

“Father Emperor said he would consider it, and told me to learn more from my elder brother, the Great Prince.”

It's for your own good that Father says so.
” A gleam of joy flashed in Huang Fu Hun's eyes, compared to the second brother, his father still favored him.

“This foolish brother knows”

“Hey, ugly freak, if you promise to let me hit you, I'll go beg my father and uncle to let you learn martial arts with me.
Huang Fu Liu suddenly changed his words again after a while.”

Huang Fu Hun glanced towards him, guessing that he might be a child at heart and wanted to find a toy that wouldn't fight back.
However, he was still uneasy and secretly winked at a slave beside Huang Fu Liu.

“Ah? Oh, okay, okay.” Anyone with a good eye can see that Huang FuJie is not willing.

Huang Fu Hun saw that learning martial arts was not Huang Fu Jie's own wish, so he was even more relieved.

Zhang Ping walked into the classroom with a food box.
He saw several princes gathered around Huang FuJie to ask questions, but he did not dare to disturb, he obediently stood in the corner and waited.。

“Fourth brother, what you said in class today made your foolish brother enlightened.
I wonder which sage is teaching you? Can you refer the second brother to referrals.
Huangfu Jin, the second child, also came over and asked with a smile.

Huang Fu Jie is a bit flustered, if the eldest brother is a jackal, the second brother is a fox that can bite people, to these two older brothers, he has always hated and feared, most hated the eldest brother, most feared the second brother.

“No, not a sage.
Its- its…” Don't be afraid, Zhang Ping had said not to be afraid of them.

“Who is it? This Prince is also very interested.
” Huang FuHun joined to ask.

Zhang Ping stood anxiously behind him, but he could do nothing.

The day before yesterday, while I was waiting for the imperial father on the road, I heard what he mentioned when talking with a minister.
It seems that the minister mentioned something about the disaster “Huang Fu Jie seemed to know that he had made a mistake and covered his mouth with his hands.” I, I didn't mean to eavesdrop on my father's words.
I just overheard them.
I, I “

“So it was Father emperor.
Father emperor is right*” The second prince was one step ahead of the eldest prince smiling slightly


The great prince grunted coldly, ''Who is Father Emperor? How can he be wrong! “

Huang Fu Hun was angry that he was one step slower than Huang Fu Jin, and when he saw Zhang Ping hiding in the corner and didn't dare to come over, he scolded : “You stupid thing! When is the time to put lunch on the table? You want to make your highness hungry!”

“Yes, yes.” Zhang Ping was scolded, and hurried forward, but walked too fast and hit the corner of the table, making him groan miserably covering his hipbones as he walk towards Huang Fu Jie+

“Stupid thing, he's no use at all!”

“Yes, yes.” Zhang Ping bowed his head with a look of trepidation.

The other attendants also hastened to take their meals and prepare water after hearing the Eldest Prince scolding Zhang Ping.

Huang Fu Jie lowered his head, a glint of venomous resentment flashed under his eyes.

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